Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities

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The Canadian University Globe and Mail series of more than 60 universities across the country provides snapshots of many factors, from educational experiences to campus emotions.

Located in Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma University is located in the heart of Ontario’s Great Lakes. Algoma has less than 1,500 students, making it the smallest university in Ontario.

Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities

Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities

This means that the school does not have many resources to devote to research or financial aid, but students can rely on small class sizes and personal university experiences.

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Sixty-two percent of undergraduate students enrolled at Algoma graduate within seven years, but those who do rate well on their overall educational experience, and 88 percent find employment within two year.

In June 2016, in response to the decline of the steel industry, Algoma announced that it would provide steelworkers with the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education and seek employment opportunities in the industry or other fields. In partnership with Essar Steel Algoma Inc. And TenarisAlgomaTubes University will provide free tuition to eligible employees of those companies.

Located in St. Catharines 60 minutes from Toronto and the Niagara Escarpment (UNESCO World Heritage Site) Brock University feels rural with access to the big city.

One of the newest buildings to emerge is Brock’s new art school in downtown St. Petersburg. Catharines, which opened its doors to 500 students in the fall of 2015.

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Located in Ottawa, Carleton University’s campus is nestled between the Rideau River and the famous Rideau Canal. It is known for its journalism and political science programs, and students benefit from the schools’ strong roots in the nation’s capital.

Eight percent of Carleton students continue from year one to two years, but only 69 percent of seven-year graduates are below the provincial average. Graduates highly value their overall educational experience and 93% are looking for work in their field Within two years.

In September 2015, the Urbandale Center for Home Energy Research opened its doors on the north side of Carleton’s campus. It looks like a typical two-story house, but serves as a place for research on energy efficiency, solar potential and greenhouse gas reduction.

Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities

With campuses in both urban and rural areas, Guelph attracts students interested in subjects ranging from the arts and sciences to business.

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It is probably best known for its veterinary and agricultural science programs. Guelph’s agriculture program is ranked 24th in the world by the QS World University Rankings and aims to increase its ranking in the coming years. The department recently hired several new faculty members and a new dean.

More than 80 percent of students complete their program within seven years, and 95 percent of new graduates find work within two years, one of the five highest rates in the province.

In May, fourth-year agricultural and crop science Evan Van Moerkerke qualified for the Canadian Olympic swimming team and competed in Rio. The 22-year-old paid tribute to some of his dedication to farming.

The school made headlines this year when it announced that from September 2016, all undergraduate students will be required to take at least one Indigenous Content Credit. It is the only university in Ontario to do so (although Winnipeg University recently followed suit).

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Lakehead Professor Dr. Pedram Fatehi, head of Canadian research in green chemistry and processing, received more than $814,000 in investment through the province’s Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation to fund five years of research. The research will focus on ways the paper and mining industries can reduce their impact on the environment, and it will bring 16 jobs to Lakehead.

Laurentian University is a small school located in Sudbury known as the “Capital of Northern Ontario”. Just a short drive from the city center, the campus borders five freshwater lakes and a large conservation area.

With a large Francophone population, the city’s bilingual culture is reflected in Laurentian’s program, with more than 40 percent offered in English and French.

Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities

Laurentian has an impressive ratio of one college member for 18 students. Seventy percent of its students graduate within six years, and 97 percent find work within two years of graduation.

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In June, Laurentian adopted a preferred name policy. A new policy adopted to support members of the transgender community allows students to register using the name of their choice instead of the one on their birth certificate.

Hamilton McMaster University is known for its academic focus, especially among top Canadian and international medical schools. In 2015, the QS World University Rankings ranked McMaster 33rd internationally in the medical field. Recognized as a research university, McMaster’s research budget is the second highest in the province, behind only the University of Toronto.

Students come to McMaster University with an average GPA of 88 percent and an above average of 80 percent who graduate in seven years. Ninety-five percent find work within two years of graduation. Most seniors say they are likely to recruit McMaster again.

For smaller universities, Nipissing, which has branches in North Bay, Muskoka and Brantford, has a good record. Both first-year and postgraduate students at the Liberal Arts University rated their overall learning experience above the provincial average, and 96 percent of students found employment within two years of graduating. . However, Nipissing puts a smaller portion of its budget into financial aid for its students than other Ontario universities, and students graduate with higher levels of debt than the provincial average. .

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Universities are also struggling with debt. In June, the Nipissing board approved the 2016-17 school budget, which featured a projected deficit of $4.7 million, building on a trend. However, the deficit is smaller than in previous years and the school has allocated higher funds to student services, scholarships and bursaries.

Founded in 1876 and recognized as a university in 2002, the Ontario College of Arts and Design is Canada’s largest art, design and media university.

The OCAD U student body reflects Toronto’s diversity, bringing in the average student from more than 50 countries. 22% of OCAD U students speak a language other than English.

Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities

OCAD U offers 17 undergraduate and six undergraduate programs, and despite the provincial average tuition fees, the school’s budget is minimal for financial aid for its students.

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Called the Regent Park Proud project, students came up with ideas for large-scale recycled bags and hats by a sewing team of members from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology offers a wide range of science and technology programs, from nuclear engineering to information technology to forensic psychology.

UOIT has 11 Canadian research chairs and more than 70 specialized research facilities and laboratories. But UOIT students are not only found on campus: the university is proud to have more than 300 industry partners, which allow most students to participate in internship and training programs. It advertises its approach to training and education as “market oriented” and 96 percent of new graduates find work within two years.

This year, UOIT signed a memorandum of understanding with Beijing Polytechnic University (BPU) and North China Electric Power University – a partnership that will allow both undergraduate and graduate students from China and Canada to have New opportunities for change.

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With more than 40,000 students and more than 450 programs in 10 faculties, the University of Ottawa is not only an impressive English-French university, but also a large law school.

The university allocates a high percentage of its budget to financial aid compared to other universities in the province. Per student spending on library services is also higher than the provincial average.

The U of O created 10 TD scholars for community leadership between 2003 and 2015, trailing only major players U of T and Waterloo, Queen’s and Western universities.

Admission Requirements For Ontario Universities

In June 2016, University of Ottawa Professor of Neurology, Mark S. Freedman, along with colleagues from the Ottawa Hospital, discovered what appears to be an important treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS). Treatment involves removing and then rebuilding the patient’s immune system, which has been shown to slow the progression of early MS in some patients and even lead to a complete recovery.

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Ninety-five percent of students come from outside of Kingston, but when they arrive most live within a 15-minute walk of campus. The students’ neighbors are famous for their eloquence and school spirit.

Students work hard while playing. Attending universities with an average high school GPA of 89 percent of Queen’s students continue to be recognized as achievers through their degrees.

Ninety percent graduate in six years, the highest graduation rate in Ontario. The school has established 19 TD Scholars for Community Leadership since 2003.

It wasn’t just the students’ performance that set the princess apart. Graduates rate their overall learning experience higher on average than students from other countries

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