Educational Technology Websites For Students

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The list is in no particular order of priority. We’ve divided our list of the best education websites into different topics such as early years, science and maths, arts and MOOCs.

Here is a list of e-learning sites for students ages 2-5. These guys? Learning sites are used by thousands of learners.

Educational Technology Websites For Students

Many parents choose to homeschool their young children. These platforms are also good homeschooling sites with e-support and comprehensive resources.

Best Educational Technology Websites For Teachers And Educators

This is an educational site for children aged 2 to 7 years. It offers comprehensive, 650 lessons across 8 levels and covers reading, math, science and art and colors. The first month is free and $7.95 per month after that. It is free for individual teachers in US and Canadian public schools, private schools, and early childhood programs. Teachers can register at:

At National Geographic, you can watch educational videos, play games, and learn about animals. You can subscribe to National Geographic kids magazine and buy educational books, DVDs and toys.

PSB Kids is one of the best e-learning sites with videos and games for young children. It also includes apps, ebooks, and music albums for kids to learn while having fun.

FunBrain is a great educational site for preschool, kindergarten and 1st-8th grade students. There are books, videos, and games that teach the concepts in a fun way. They have a dedicated math section where videos and games help students learn and explore math concepts. The website is free.

Great Steam Websites For Teachers And Students

These guys? The educational site also includes nursery rhymes, nursery rhymes, interactive books and games. Their products are available through their website, apps and DVDs.

Agnitus is intended for children up to 5 years of age. It contains over 1000 learning activities on the alphabet, music, the world, shapes, colors and foundational skills. It is available on desktop computers, Android and iOS devices. It provides a detailed skill report with your performance in each subject.

If you are looking for a collection of e-books for your little ones, you will love Farfaria. You can download their app to read 1000’s of books for kids.

Educational websites for kids in science and math are available from a variety of content providers. We have selected several e-learning sites for this list based on the quality of their content and the clarity with which they teach concepts.

Top Teacher Approved Websites For Kids

Khan Academy is one of the widely used free education sites for kids. Here are free video lessons for Mathematics, Science & Engineering, Computing, Arts & Humanities, Economics & Finance and Test Preparation. The platform allows you to systematically learn, evaluate and track your progress.

BrainPop is used in the UK and US. They have 2D videos, assessments, and other learning resources for K-12 students. You can subscribe to their content online as a home, classroom or school user. The subjects they offer include Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, English, Arts and Music, Health, Engineering and Technology.

Pixelsed has 3D animated videos for science, math and earth science for grades K-12. You can sign up on their site for 7 days of free access to their videos, resources and assessments. You can get an annual subscription to their beautiful 3D learning videos that simplify their learning concepts. This is a great classroom and homeschooling website.

ClickView is also a repository of science, math, language arts, and social studies videos for grades K-12. If the school subscribes to the ClickView license it is only available to teachers and students.

Best Websites With Educational Apps Reviews

Twig World has 3D learning videos for Science, Math and Earth Science. Its well-planned lessons take you step-by-step through the learning concept with the help of short animated videos. It can be subscribed by home learners and schools. and Twig-world are both good homeschooling sites and have similar content. However, pixelsed has a better learning platform with assessments and other e-learning resources.

Mosaic features learning videos, images, worksheets, 3D interactives, and audio for students in grades K-12. Teachers and students can access MozaWeb’s e-books, web application, 3D simulations and more. Subscribe. These tools are high quality and effective for classroom teaching. Mozaweb’s 3D interactives are fun to use and learn.

Wolframalpha Mathematics, Computing, Weather and Meteorology, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Art and Design and more. Contains learning and analysis tools for practical study of various related topics

Free Classroom Management Tools Any Teacher Can Use Common Sense Education

Program learning is the new literacy. Thanks to institutions like MIT, there is a revolution in the market of resources for learning to code. Today, there are many great and free educational sites with invaluable resources for learning to code for kids and adults alike.

Scratch by MIT is a revolutionary coding platform for kids ages 8 and up. It includes drag-and-drop code blocks to create games, animations, interactives, and program robots and drones. This platform is free to use. The growing global Scratch community provides a great opportunity to share your work and knowledge, get feedback and collaborate. It is the leader in free coding for kids websites.

ScratchJr is a simplified version of MIT’s Scratch. ScratchJr teaches coding concepts to kids ages 5-7. It includes stories, games and more. It has a simple interface with code blocks that you drag and drop to create. One of the best free educational sites for kids.

Codemonkey is another great coding platform. There are 400 activities where kids can code the monkey to bring back the bananas stolen by the gorilla. Award points for motivating learners through step-by-step coding activities. A fun website for kids.

The Student As Content Creator

Tynker is used by children ages 7+ worldwide. It first teaches the basics of coding, then moves on to Python and JavaScript. With Tynker, you can learn to develop apps, games and STEM projects, and learn to program robots and drones.

Like Scratch, FreecodeCamp democratizes learning to code. It is also one of the free educational sites for kids. It contains practical step-by-step tutorials for HTML5, CSS, Responsive Design with Bootstrap, jQuery, Front-end Development, JavaScript, Algorithm Scripts, JSON, Saas, React, Backend Development and Automated Testing. This allows you to gain experience creating projects for NGOs.

With, you can learn and teach coding. They have K-5, 6-12 and university level coding classes. If you don’t have much time, you can join a one-hour code class to learn different aspects of coding. Teachers with no experience can access detailed lesson plans to teach and become coding experts.

It works on Apple platform iOS devices. It teaches you the basics of Swift coding. You can code 3D characters to move and achieve action goals. Once you’ve mastered the basics, iOS apps, games and more. You can join the developer community to create. Students can use it to program a variety of drones and robots that are compatible with Swift Playgrounds.

Educational Websites For Learning At Home

With Codeacademy, you can learn HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, Java Script, Saas, Website Development, Website Hosting, Python, ReactJS, AngularJS, Ruby, GIT, SQL and Watson API. Here are practice lessons and quizzes that will help you learn various skills in a few hours.

If you want to read and learn, you can go to Learn Code The Hard Way, which has books and videos on Python, Ruby, C, SQL, JavaScript, UNIX, ReGex and Design.

HTML Dog contains tutorials, techniques, reference materials, and examples for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. A short and sweet website and a good reference point for learners.

This is a very simple hands-on learning website for learning beginner, intermediate and advanced Ruby programming. The website is free to use.

Best Educational Websites For Kids

TedEd Thinking and Learning, Psychology, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Literature and Language etc. An excellent platform for you to learn various lessons worth sharing is his ?Where do new words come from?, ? The science of fog? and ?Language of Lies? This is what sets this platform apart from others.

Because of the variety of topics, including many arts subjects, we have placed this website in the Arts section rather than the Science and Maths section.

This is an interesting Youtube channel where you can learn about various topics through 5-15 minute videos. You can explore topics such as sociology, film history, movies, calculus, Boolean logic, 3D graphics, philosophy, mathematics, anatomy, history, biology, and literature.

Pobble is a website for kids that teachers can implement in classrooms to encourage students to write. You can share student works with other students around the world. Other students can read and comment on the work. It encourages students to write more. You can also share work with moderators to get feedback. Students? Work can also be shared with parents.

Kids Safe Search Engines Infographic

Justin Guitar has guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Justin teaches learners techniques, theory and songs through his detailed and well-scripted videos. One of the best guitar learning sites for kids and adults.

Learn music theory with free online lessons, exercises and tools. It is a comprehensive website with well-planned lessons and interactivity to aid better learning. You can also download their premium apps for iOS devices to access advanced theory lessons, exercises and tools.

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