Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

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Forging a great career path starts with choosing the best school, but what’s best for one person may not be for another. As a student interested in pursuing a career in counseling, you already know where you want to go‚Ķbut how do you get there? What is important to you? Looking for a school near you? One that is affordable? Or are class size and research opportunities more crucial characteristics?

We’ve evaluated over 200 master’s in counseling programs in the United States and used our rigorous six-point metric system to rank what we believe are the top 20 counseling programs in the country.

Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

However, since we know that every student has their own educational requirements, we have also included detailed information about each school so that you can choose the program that is best for you!

Top Counseling Psychology Masters Online Degrees & Graduate Programs 2022+

MA programs in Counseling Psychology are for professionals who have an interest in both general and counseling psychology. Graduates can work in a variety of fields with a variety of job titles, including school counselors, geriatric counselors, and sports psychologists. Some may work under the title of counseling psychologist.

In general, counseling psychologists focus on improving their clients’ daily functioning and performance. They study each client’s behavior and thought processes and guide them toward achieving their goals and improving their mental and/or physical performance. The result is often a more fulfilled life and stronger social relationships.

Counseling psychologists can work as independent consultants or as employees of large corporations. They may work with professional clients interested in improving their behavior and mindset to advance their careers or with clients struggling to overcome serious issues such as marital discord, family dysfunction, or addiction.

For many students, earning a master’s degree in counseling psychology is a step toward advancing their careers and earning a higher salary. Many students want to move into research-based careers, while others want to deepen their understanding of human psychology to help their clients achieve more and live better lives.

Top Master’s In Counseling Psychology Programs

There are many options for Masters in Counseling Psychology programs in the United States. Below are our top 20 master’s program choices for students interested in counseling psychology with more details on each school to help you find the right program for your needs.

The University of Pennsylvania offers the M.S.Ed. in Counseling and Mental Health Services program through the Penn Graduate School of Education, or Penn GSE. Students who wish to be admitted later to the Ph.D., Ph.D. in Psychology, or Ph.D. in Education. programs engage in classroom learning while receiving up to 10 hours per week of hands-on experience. Graduates can also apply for admission to Penn GSE’s career counseling program, one of the best in the country.

In addition to the traditional counseling program, Penn GSE also offers an “Executive Model Program” for professionals working through the School Counseling and Mental Health Program, which offers the same courses and training opportunities, but does so during concentrated summer sessions and the weekend.

Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

The traditional and executive models offer both school counseling certification and mental health counselor licenses, with most students pursuing both tracks to expand their career opportunities. Emphasis is placed on person-centered counseling that emphasizes diversity and social justice. Students are typically interested in professional careers or research related to psychology, mental health counseling, or school counseling. Most students attend school full-time, but university employees may attend part-time.

Jobs For A Master’s Degree In Psychology

Northwestern University’s online Master of Arts in Counseling program allows students to receive the same level of education offered to on-campus students with the ability to take courses online. The program is a hybrid of home learning and personal experiences.

This CACREP-accredited graduate program is dedicated to inspiring mental health counselors to become more self-reflective in their work. Students interested in the program may wish to move into consulting in other areas or strengthen their qualifications in a specialized consulting area.

Northwestern University has a high graduation rate and students can choose from several completion streams. The accelerated track accelerates the learning process, allowing students to graduate faster. The Bridge to Counseling program is dedicated to students transitioning into counseling in other fields. Other options include the traditional track and the part-time track for working professionals.

Complete the M.Ed. from Lehigh University. The Counseling and Social Services program allows students to apply for the Licensed Professional Counselor or LPC designation in Pennsylvania. The MPCAC-accredited graduate program consists of 20 courses plus a minimum of 100 hours of fieldwork and a two-semester internship.

Types Of Psychology Degrees

Students typically work 15-20 hours per week during the internship. Fieldwork is often done at Community Voices clinics with public school students, college counseling centers, or mental health clinics. Some students also take advantage of research opportunities throughout the program and then go on to pursue a doctoral degree.

All students benefit from Lehigh University’s low student-faculty ratio, which allows faculty to take on mentoring roles to help students excel. Most students take four courses per semester, including the summer, and complete the M.Ed. program within two years. Graduates often get jobs as consultants in hospitals or organizations.

Columbia International University’s Master’s in Counseling program has an impressive placement rate for students. Graduates often work in religious counseling centers, hospitals, mental health facilities, universities, public or private schools, and drug rehabilitation programs. Some even go on to doctoral studies or find positions at universities.

Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

This CACREP-accredited graduate program is dedicated to Christians who wish to become qualified mental health counselors. It focuses on personal and spiritual development as well as professional skill development, scientific research, clinical experience and interpersonal communication.

Best Graduate Programs In Counseling Psychology 2022

Columbia International University has lower tuition fees than many competing master’s in counseling psychology programs, but it is also a longer program to complete. Students are required to complete 60 credit hours, which may take three years or more.

Northeastern University’s Master of Science in Counseling Psychology program sets students on the path to becoming a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) in Massachusetts. Students can specialize their courses by choosing concentrations for further study and research. They can also gain experience in multiple professional settings by doing fieldwork in various clinics throughout the program.

Students in this graduate program are expected to engage in experiential learning in real-life contexts. Students are often matched with federal prisons, victim assistance programs, mental health centers, complementary medicine clinics, rape centers, and battered women’s shelters. Other clinics are available, depending on the student’s professional interests.

Northeastern University has a high graduation rate and admits approximately 20 students to the Counseling Psychology program each year. Most students graduate in two years, but part-time students may take longer.

Careers With A Master’s Degree In Counseling Psychology

New York University has much to offer students completing the Master of Arts in Mental Health and Wellness Counseling program. The school has a high graduation rate and a low student-faculty ratio. New students may begin the program each fall and are allowed to attend full-time or part-time. An online study opportunity is available and international students are encouraged to apply.

In addition to core courses and electives, students participate in counseling labs and internships. Internships allow students to immediately apply learned concepts while developing new assessment, practice, case conceptualization, and advocacy skills. The program focuses on issues of power and privilege to help students develop skills relevant to the modern world.

This program requires the completion of 60 credit hours. It is accredited by the MPCAC and prepares students to work in community mental health programs, trauma-focused programs, addiction treatment centers, and many other professional settings.

Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

Students admitted to the Johns Hopkins University MS Counseling Program must choose between two concentrations: Academic Counseling and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. The school counseling concentration prepares students to become MSDE certified and work in K-12 schools. The Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration prepares students for a wider variety of clinical settings and allows students from many undergraduate programs to apply.

Pdf) Insider’s Guide To Graduate Programs In Clinical And Counseling Psychology

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration requires students to complete 60 credit hours. The Academic Orientation Program gives students the option of 48 or 60 credit hours. Both programs accept full-time and part-time students and allow up to five years to complete the program.

The evidence-based counseling program at Johns Hopkins is nationally recognized. The program allows students to work with outstanding faculty while learning and growing at a world-renowned institution. The school has a high graduation rate and a low student-faculty ratio.

The M.S degree in Counseling Psychology from California State University is a good option for students looking for low tuition without sacrificing educational quality. The program is designed to prepare students to become Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) in California.

The course is relevant to students interested in non-profit, public and private work settings, including but not limited to prisons, mental health clinics, nursing homes, hospitals and schools. Students gain real-world experience through experiential learning at the College’s Counselor Training Clinic, which provides affordable services to the surrounding community.

Ms Program In Counseling Psychology

Students must complete 60 semester units to complete this program. All students must pass the Comprehensive Counselor Readiness Evaluation (CPCE) in order to graduate.

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