Homeschool Curriculum For Visual Learners

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Do you know your child’s learning style? If you’re not sure who your child is, read on to learn how you can identify your child’s learning style. Then use the information to choose the best curriculum for your kids and get tips on how to help them learn. Learning about different learning styles can help you educate your children for years.

Learning your child’s learning style and choosing a curriculum that best suits his or her learning style can help your child succeed academically.

Homeschool Curriculum For Visual Learners

None are really limited to one learning style, and many people have more than one. However, most people have preferences. Determining which learning style your child prefers can be easy, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy to implement. If you are a homeschooling mom of many people, you may find yourself teaching many different learning styles at the same time.

The Best Homeschool Curriculum For Visual Learners

You can read below about the most common learning styles, materials that work well, and tips on helping your child succeed.

These children learn best with sound. They process information by listening and thinking in words rather than pictures. Auditory learners really love lectures! They would rather listen to a lecture, talk or read aloud than write a textbook.

When it comes to reading, they prefer to read aloud to memorize or to read. Hearing children prefer to record lectures rather than write notes. These children love music and often have a natural musical talent.

These children benefit from information that is processed by hearing, and they usually think in words rather than pictures. They often remember what you tell them and retain most of the information they hear during a lecture. If given the opportunity, they prefer to listen to lectures rather than watch videos or read transcripts of it.

Homeschool Curriculum For Kinesthetic Learners

Reading aloud helps them remember information, and watching podcasts works better than going through written notes. Since visual cues are not a strong suit for these children and young people, they may not be able to read facial expressions or body language very well.

Visual learners absorb information better when they can make a visual connection. Children who are visual learners learn best from what they can see. These kids do well with lots of pictures, graphics, videos and charts. They prefer to make visual presentations rather than write reports.

Children who learn visuals believe that art is important and remember material best when they can see the “big picture.” However, they may have difficulty remembering small details.

These children sometimes have difficulty learning to read, write and spell. Phonetics can be difficult for them, but new vocabulary can be easier if they can draw pictures next to each word. Similarly, diagrams in math classes can be useful for remembering formulas. Keyboarding is easier than typing for visual learners.

Easy Ways To Homeschool The Visual Learner

These children are often gifted in the emotional, spiritual and creative realms, but may struggle to learn to read, write and spell because phonics does not play a huge role in their learning ability.

Kinesthetic learners are children who learn through practical experience. These are children who need to be touched, to be physically active while learning, and to have tactile stimulation. Kinetic kids really like to learn things by doing them. They are not afraid to try and fail.

Children who learn best in this way often need to be physically active to best retain information. He likes experiments, shows, role-playing games, games and dances. Anything that allows them to move is better.

Many children with ADHD, ADD and ODD are kinetic learners. Parents often find that they do better in homeschooling where there is room for movement-based learning. These babies are naturally playful and find it difficult to sit still, but they learn on the go.

Homeschooling Different Learning Styles And Homeschool Curriculum

Ultimately, many homeschooling parents teach their best learning method, but it’s important to teach your child’s learning style, not your own. There are many options and resources that can help you teach what any learning style best describes your child.

Take the time to consider all of your options before choosing a curriculum for your homeschool. Attending homeschool conferences, reading blogs and viewing reviews, talking to course providers, and talking to other parents can help you learn what to expect and what’s available for you and your child.

Is your child a visual, social or logical learner? I know this is all a lot to think about, but once you understand how your child learns best, the possibilities are endless for them and they can enjoy the best personalized learning.

Finally, if something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to turn up mid-year and choose a curriculum that best suits your child and their particular learning style.

History Curriculum For Hands On Learners

Studies show that if you like it, you’ll love the following articles. I’ve collected them all here for you! These 3 easy ways to homeschool a visual learner can help your child. Visual learners may struggle with traditional teaching methods, but that’s why they can thrive in homeschooling. You are the best choice for your child, and these tips can help you homeschool your visual learner.

Most people are a mix of these 4 categories. However it depends on various factors such as the material and who is teaching it. As a homeschooling teacher, it’s important to know what your children’s strengths are and where they struggle. The Social Science Research Network says that 65% of people are visual learners. Since this is a general category, we’re going to look at three ways you can get the most out of homeschooling for visual learners.

There’s a reason why so many infographics go viral. Information, especially data-driven information, can be difficult for a visual learner to understand and retain. However, visual learners can easily maintain the diagrams, charts, and graphs used to demonstrate the subject matter. Include an image or video in a lesson to show off their strengths.

Children growing up today are surrounded by new technologies and countless media options. Instead of reducing your kids’ screen time, use technology. You can incorporate more fun educational opportunities into your curriculum. Some of the best educational apps for kids cater to visual learners. Since they look more like games, your kids will enjoy learning.

How To Choose A Homeschool Curriculum

Incorporating video content is another fun way for your kids to learn. It can also be one of the most effective ways of teaching information to visual learners. offers a diverse homeschool curriculum here that includes thousands of educational movies and series, documentaries, and more. As a homeschooler, you have more freedom to combine education with quality family time. An educational movie night is a great way to make learning fun. This is true even when you are teaching subjects that do not translate to a visual medium such as video. Visual word puzzles such as crosswords, cryptograms and even hangman games are another way to make vocabulary learning fun, simple and effective.

Presenting the information visually will help the visual learner understand it better, but will also make it easier to embed it in their mind. You can achieve this by giving your children markers of the same color, using a whiteboard and color coding different elements in your lessons. This will give them an additional visual context as they take their notes. Flashcards are a tried and trusted method that also helps retain information. You can incorporate the use of flash cards not only for convulsions before the test, but also for reviewing the information after the lesson is over.

Remember that no child learns exclusively from one style, so find out what your child responds to the most during your lessons. Then try using some of these tips for your visual learners. This can help you make the most of homeschooling your kids.

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We use cookies to ensure that we provide you with the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. OkNo Privacy Policy Visual learners are those who learn by watching. Graphs, charts and graphs are especially helpful for visual learners. They may also enjoy learning through videos or lectures that use visual aids. Using colored markers to highlight text or create mind maps can help them learn better.

Some of the best video-based curriculum options for visual learners in a variety of homeschooling methods include classical, traditional and eclectic approaches to learning.

If you prefer parent-led education, there are also homeschool curriculum options that are great for your visual preschool, elementary or middle school student.

In this post, we’ll cover the best curriculum and learning models for your visual learner, as well as ways to support your visual learner with parent-led curriculum and video-based instruction.

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Abeka is a great Christian course for teaching phonetics. in lot

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