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Introduction – Qualification Goal I Today Compassion for Scout Position Expectations Introduction Pete Scout Presentation Ed Trevisani March / April 2017 BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

# 2a write a short resume before the first day of teaching # 3 – write a 5-minute talk – prepare for the talk Day 2 # 5 – attend a public meeting – report on the meeting Day 2 # 7c – prepare a brochure – bring it to 2nd grade. Day 1 Covers # 1d, # 2a, # 4, # 6, and # 8 Day 2 Covers # 3, # 5, # 7c, and # 9

Bsa Communication Merit Badge

15-30 minutes 1d-Ways of communication 30-1: a-Sharing about ourselves – e.g. Curriculum Vitae 1: 00-1: Introduction 1: 20-1: Teaching and Discussion Plan 1: 40-1: Camp Program 1: 55 -2: Summary and Day 2 BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

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4 Agenda Day 2 – 2 hours 0-15 minutes Overview of the day min # 3 – Give 5 minutes Speech 45-1: 00 # 5- Give a copy of the Mtg report 1: 00-1: 15 # 7c – Enter a brochure copy 1: 15-1: 45 # 9-Communication Career 1: 45-2: 00 Summary and Signing of the Blue Card

Requirement 1D Provide as many ways as possible to communicate with others. When would each method NOT be appropriate or effective? Types: Written, Spoken, Image Categories: One-Way, Two-Way, Nonverbal Devices: Let’s Watch BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

Newspapers Phrases Body Language Poetry, Smoke Signals Fax Instant Messaging Chat Rooms Sign Language Telephone Radio CB Talk Two Way Radios Talk Teach TV Music What do you notice in these two columns? Verbal and nonverbal. What are the two communications? What are one-way communications? When is the best time to use. When no? What’s wrong with this picture? (2 errors) BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

Everyone has 3 minutes to talk to the other person.

Communication Merit Badge

Learn more about a person Find out what they think about things that matter to you? Interviewing a person for work? Or do you manage the project for you? What skills will help you in the Eagle project? There can be several reasons… .Just make sure you have a PURPOSE! BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

What is your full name and professional title? what are your responsibilities You have a family? What are your hobbies? Did you go to college? Where? What was the hardest challenge of your life? If you could plan a week when you went anywhere, where would it be? Why is this so important to you? where did you live? Volt? ALWAYS MAKE COMMENTS FOR INTRODUCTION BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

Choose a Skill to Teach – Examples: Knotting First Aid How to Speak How to Set Up a Tent How to Set Up a Campfire What would be the teaching aids needed to learn a skill – Get to Know a Skill

Make sure every element of this camp program supports the highest Scout traditions. 1. At the Campfire Planning Meeting, complete the top of the Campfire Program tab (via). 2. In the Campfire Program Planner (below), list all units and individuals participating in the program. 3. Describe the title, description, and type of song, stunt, or story they plan. 4. The MC organizes the songs, stunts, and stories in the appropriate order in terms of timing, diversity, fluency, and acting. 5. The campfire commander prints a campfire program sheet (above). BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

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CAMPFIRE PROGRAM Place __________________________ Date ___________________________ Time ___________________________ Camp director’s approval: _________ ____________________________ or Story by _______________________ Time 1 Initiation – and Fire 2 Greetings – Introduction M.C. 20 21 22 BSA Team Closure 171, Mooresville, NC

26 Summary and Day 2 Agenda Day 2 – 2 hours 0-15 minutes Day Overview min # 3-Give 5 minutes Speech 45-1: 00 # 5- Give a copy of the Mtg report 1: 00-1: 15 # 7c – Provide a copy of the brochure 1: 15-1: 45 # 9 – Communication career 1: 45-2: 00 Summary and signing of the blue card

Day 2 Agenda Day 2 – 2 hours 0-15 minutes Day Overview min # 3 – Give 5 minutes Speech 45-1: 00 # 5 – Summary of mtg visited 1: 00-1: 15 # 7c – Give a copy to brochure 1: 15-1: 45 # 9 – Communication Career 1: 45-2: 00 Summary and signing of the blue card

We learned the importance of effective listening We mentioned a variety of ways to communicate We shared something about ourselves in some form We chose to learn to campfire Careers in communication

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ATTITUDES Attitude is very important. One aspect of a confident presence is credibility and persuasiveness. Worried. Too confident, speak honestly and wholeheartedly. Connect with the audience. BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

EXAMINATION Practice, practice, practice. As you write, give your presentation and speeches aloud. Use a mirror for your audience. Try it in front of family and friends Meet your audience. If you know your audience’s faith, morals, and values, you will see what point of view you can convince them of. Write and Remember Your Speech The first thing you need to do when writing a speech is to take a survey. Grab the audience’s attention by engaging your speech emotionally. No one will be interested in your performance unless you are. Talk about something that really interests you to reflect your true emotions and heart … BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

Do not hide behind a rostrum, wear a cap or chewing gum. Don’t look over the audience’s heads and don’t imagine them naked (stupid myths). Don’t look at “dancing on your own feet”. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! Do not put your hand in your pocket or hide your arm. BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

November 4, 2017 # 7c – Effective Writing Sort Create a curriculum to help you stay on track, identify key points and conclusions. Keep in mind the basic structure of the essay: Introduction: Give the reader an idea of ​​your intent, including a statement to discuss. Points: Provide evidence to support your idea. Use specific examples and avoid generalization. Conclusion: Summarize and interpret the evidence presented in the body. Writing skills are essential for high school, college, and workplace success. Whether you’re writing an essay, an online review, or a research paper, you should be able to comment in writing

Boy Scouts Of America Communications Merit Badge

November 4, 2017 Effective Writing Making a Proposal Write an approximate proposal – a preliminary version of the essay. Keep these tips in mind as you write: Keep your audience in mind. Write to the average reader, i.e. a person with average intelligence and a relatively healthy basic education. Use the appropriate vocabulary. Learn the vocabulary of your subject. Write more The more you write, the better you will be. And as your skills develop, so does your enjoyment. Here are some writing projects to consider: Keep a journal of your thoughts and the events of the day. Start a blog about topics that matter to you. Write to the editors of the websites, magazines and newspapers you read. If you used to write – no matter what type of writing – it is easier.

It is well known that communication plays a vital role in the operation of any governmental, commercial or industrial organization. A nationwide study shows that the basic skills a competent employee needs for placement, success, and promotion are primarily communication skills. The business and communications professions include: Sales Representative, Managing Manager, Human Resources Manager, Public Information Officer, Industry and Labor Representative, Negotiator, Corporate Communications Director, Customer Service Representative, Newsletter Editor, Communications Coach, Human Resource Manager, Broker and Customers. (See also Law, Media, Public Relations, and Advertising.) BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

HIGH-TECH INDUSTRY The relationship between computerization and communication has become the subject of extensive research by communication professionals. Many communications departments offer specializations in information science, theory, and human information processes or communication technologies, often dealing with computer-aided communication, compressed video, and teleconferencing. The technology and communications professions include: communications technology trainer, CCTV producer / director, systems analyst, technical copywriter, language specialist, speech synthesizer, cognitive researcher, audio and visual computer visualization specialist, and performance evaluator. BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

TEACHING Teachers of any subject must effectively organize and deliver the curriculum to students. Communication skills are essential to facilitate comprehension and comprehension, be it math, science, reading or English. Great teachers are great communicators. In addition to teaching, there are other professions related to education. Educational career: teacher (primary and secondary), school counselor, pedagogical researcher, audiovisual specialist, pedagogical administrator, school / university information specialist, university intelligence director, university information center director, education tester, development assistant, basic education teacher, graduate officer , College Placement Officer, Director of College Admissions and College Recruiting, BSA Troop 171, Mooresville, NC

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