Computer Programs For Esl Students

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As an online English teacher, setting up a fun but organized virtual classroom can be a mystery. You may have a gold mine to plan your lessons and alert students, but you’re not sure which online programs are right for them. If that was a challenge for you, don’t worry! We are here to help you by showing you the best tools for online English education.

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Computer Programs For Esl Students

When English is virtually taught, technology is essential for successful completion of tasks, from planning classes to storing materials to sending exams to students. Fortunately, there are many programs, applications, and platforms available today that help online teachers improve their student experiences and facilitate their long-term work.

Esl / El Civics

Although many of these online tools are free, most of them offer a paid version if you want to unlock more features and get better quality service. The good news is that you don’t have to be proficient to use these programs or platforms – you can easily learn along the way if you discover them yourself or watch online tutorials.

Learn the basic online teaching tools and skills needed to use them in a virtual classroom by obtaining a special certificate in English online education.

Whether you work for an ESL company or teach English as a freelancer, you will definitely need to equip yourself with the right tools to hold classes. Demolish these digital programs according to their functions.

While many online ESL companies have their own online English teaching platform to manage and lead lessons, most virtual teachers use video conferencing programs to communicate and discuss with students.

The Best Digital Tools For Teaching English Online

Although teleconferencing programs have different features, they at least allow you to use your camera, share the screen, and chat with students. In addition, they must be stable, usable and able to accommodate groups.

The most popular video calling software, Zoom is great for English online education because it is easy to use and offers the following features:

Zoom is available in a free version that you can use for individual lessons with no time limit or for group lessons up to 40 minutes.

Another communication platform is Microsoft Teams, which is often used by professionals. So if you have business English students, maybe this software is already installed on your computer!

Call Use In The Esl/efl Classroom

Niels, a business English online teacher from Peru, teaches with Microsoft Teams. “I use this app because it relates to many other applications and I can use my digital pen and avoid typing so much,” he said.

You can use all the features of Microsoft Teams and have an online discussion with the free version with an unlimited number of participants. In the meantime, you can upgrade to the higher version to get cloud storage and Microsoft Office applications.

Especially as distance learning became fashionable during the pandemic, online ESL teachers turned to classroom platforms to better manage their students. Imagine these programs as a one-stop shop where you can assign homework, post ads, and give feedback to individual students.

By choosing the best organizational platform, make sure that you and your students can easily access or navigate it. You should also easily share materials or documents, either by email or by link.

Information Technology, Computer Software, And Active Learning Methods As Classroom Resources For Adult English Learners

Although Google Classroom has a free version, you can choose to upgrade to get more space – which can be useful if you have a lot of files!

Another free online educational tool for classroom management and collaboration is Edmodo, which can be used not only by teachers and students but also by parents and school administrators. The program works with any browser, so you don’t have to download and install it separately.

Make your presentations, infographics, and other materials more compelling by personalizing them with collaborative design applications and workspaces. You can also use these tools to brainstorm with students or assign group tasks, such as making a presentation.

A good design tool should be usable and provide some options for the structure and style of your content. Collaborators must be able to share and access the workspace.

English As A Second Language Lab

From posters to zoom backgrounds to slides, Canva allows you to design a wide variety of graphics. Among its many fun and useful options, it allows you to:

The Canva is free to use and you can enjoy basic editing features. In the meantime, you can also get the top version which gives you access to several templates and design tools.

Google Jamboard is a free, collaborative digital tablet that makes it easy to illustrate and showcase ideas or content. As an interactive tool, you can share your Jamboard with many other users simply by adding their email address or sending them a link to your workspace.

Although Google Jamboard does not offer templates to base your plans, the sidebar offers the following to create and display content:

English As A Second Language (esl)

Refreshing a virtual classroom can be a challenge for teachers, especially if they need to be creative to shape the teaching background and attract young people. If you’re looking for a digital device that does all of this and more, you can rely on your webcam and streaming apps to add filters and effects to your videos.

Make sure your webcam software is compatible with the video conferencing platform used for the lessons. In addition, webcams can usually slow down your computer due to high CPU usage, so make sure your desktop or laptop meets the system requirements for the platform.

Today, ManyCam is the webcam application for most online English teachers. You can use it to add items to your instructional background, play games, display virtual objects on the screen, reward your students and more!

ManyCam offers free, standard, studio and enterprise versions. While you can use the basic features of the program with its free version, you can enjoy more features and add more video sources by upgrading to the higher version.

Brock Esl Students Learning English In A Virtual World

Do you hope you can make learning more attractive to your students? Why not turn tests into games? To do this, you can take advantage of interactive programs that make it easy to create your own quizzes and turn them into fun challenges for your students.

An online, game-based learning platform, Kahoot! allows you to quickly and easily create and share your own educational games. Teachers can use it as a warm-up activity, to review the concepts they teach, or as a form of assessment. Plus, it’s completely free to use!

Shella is an English teacher for Taiwanese elementary school students from the Philippines. When they switched to online classes this year, Kahoot! it has become a favorite digital tool, not only to motivate its students, but also to check that they have understood the lesson. “I would tell them I would know if they listened to class because Kahoot! the points show me! ”shared it.

If you want to make learning and parking more fun for your students, the Quizlet may be the online platform of your choice! This free educational program makes it easy for teachers to create cards, study guides and interactive games for all ages and levels.

Esl (english As A Second Language)

Working as an online English teacher may require you to be up to date with technology trends. Using the best digital tools for your lessons, you can simplify processes, increase productivity, facilitate learning, and keep your lessons professional in the virtual classroom!

In his hometown of the Philippines, Krzl worked as a writer for a television station before moving to Chile seven years ago. After earning her TESOL certificate, she worked at language institutes and then decided to become an independent English teacher for business professionals. When you don’t have classes, you surf, travel or take photos on the beach along the long coast of Chile.

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