Bsa Robotics Merit Badge Requirements

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One. Explain to your advisor the most likely hazards you may encounter when working with robots and what you should do to anticipate, reduce, prevent and respond to these hazards. Describe suitable protective equipment and clothing that should be worn when working with robotics.

B. Discuss first aid and prevention for types of injuries that may occur while participating in robotic activities and competitions, including cuts, eye injuries, and burns (chemical or heat).

Bsa Robotics Merit Badge Requirements

C. Robots can use three different modes to move instead of wheels or tracks. Describe when it will be appropriate to use each method.

Robotics Merit Badge

3. General information. Discuss with your advisor three of the five main areas of robotics (human-robot interface, mobility, manipulation, programming, sensors) and their significance for the development of robotics. Discuss the three areas when they are related to a simple robot system OR talk about each area in general. Find at least one photo and / or video to help your discussion.

One. With the permission of your consultant, choose a task for the robot or subsystem you plan to build. Include sensor feedback and programming in the assignment. Document this information in the robotics notebook.

B. Design your robot. The design of the robot should use sensors and programming and have at least 2 degrees of freedom. Documents designed in the robotics notebook using drawings and written descriptions.

(1) Option 1. Calculate a robot to perform the task you have selected for your robot in 4a. Include an example of your programming source code in the robotics notebook.

Robotics Merit Badge Helps And Documents

(2) Option 2. Create a flow chart of the steps required to program the robot to complete the task in 4a. Include procedures that show activities based on sensor input. Enter this in the robotics notebook.

E. Test the robot and record the results in the robotics notebook. Have suggestions on how to improve your robot, as well as photos or sketches of your finished robot.

B. Share your robotics notebook with your advisor. Talk about how well your robot performed the task, the improvements you would make in your next design, and what you learned about the design process.

One. Participate in a robot competition and report to your advisor on what you saw and learned about the competition and how the teams are organized and managed.

Hints On How To Get The Robotics Merit Badge

B. Learn about three youth robot competitions. Tell your advisor about these, including type of competition, time commitment, age of participants and how many teams are involved.

7. Careers. Name three career opportunities in robotics. Choose one and discover the education, training and experience required for this profession. Discuss this with your counselor and explain why you may be interested in this profession.

The Robotics Merit Badge brochure and the new interactive digital merit badge brochure are packed with resources to help you learn about robots. Here is an example of what these booklets contain:

Robot kits available through BSA will meet the requirements of Robotics merit marking requirements. Your municipality, robot club, museum or university can also help.

Robotics Merit Badge

Do you have questions about robotics? Are you stuck with a technical problem you can not figure out? Experts Tarek Shraibati, Rick Tyler and Kenneth Berry are here. soon they have to add robot construction to the list. Scouts of 2011, through the introduction of the Robotics merit badge, have the opportunity to design, build and demonstrate a robot of their own creation.

STSA’s merit mark is part of the new BSA curriculum: science, technology, engineering and mathematics. BSA’s focus on STEM takes a fun, adventurous approach to helping scouts develop critical skills that are relevant and essential in today’s competitive world. The new merit badge is one of 31 STEM-related scout badges that scouts can earn.

“The Robotics Award for Merit is an example of how scouts stay true to their roots to help prepare young people,” said BSA Scout Chief Bob Mazzuca. “Although the Boy Scout’s guiding principles – service to others, leadership, personal achievement, and respect for outsiders – will never change, we continue to tailor programs to prepare young people for success in all areas of life.”

This merit mark took about 14 months of development and input from over 150 young members, industry leaders and professionals across the country. To get the mark for robot technology, scouts must understand how robots (actuators) move, how they perceive the environment (sensors), and how they should understand what to do (registration). Scouts spend about 14 hours meeting the requirements of this badge, including designing a robot and demonstrating how it works. BSA expects to earn more than 10,000 robotics credits in the first year.

Boy Scouts Robotics Merit Badges

BSA has developed the robotics merit mark due to the widespread impact of robotics and the role that STEM will play in the lives of young people. Robots are used in almost every field – in medicine and manufacturing, law enforcement and search and rescue, and space and underwater exploration. They appear regularly in everyday life, whether it is vacuuming, lawn mowing and / or cleaning the pool. Even some video game controllers are considered robots.

American Boy Scouts prepares young people for life by offering the best youth program in the country for character development and value-based leadership training. The Scout organization consists of 2.7 million youth members between the ages of 7 and 21, and more than one million volunteers, in nearly 300 local councils across the United States and their territories. For more information on American Scouts, please visit To get the mark, scouts must meet a number of robot-related requirements (PDF). They design, build, program and test a robot. They then show the robot and share their technical notes. Finally, they participate in a robot competition or research robot competitions, and they explain how robots are used today. For many scouts, this is exciting, since they grow up in a world where robots are so widely used.

The Robotics merit badge is part of American Boys Scout’s new emphasis on STEM. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The American Scouts’ focus on STEM helps Scouts develop the critical skills needed in today’s competitive world. With the addition of this new robotics merit mark, 31 STEM-related merit marks are now in line with the BSA marks.

“While the guiding principles of schooling – service to others, leadership, personal achievement and respect for outsiders – will not change forever, we continue to tailor programs to prepare young people for success. With them in all walks of life,” BSA That’s what CEO Bob Mazzuca said in a statement.

Robotics Merit Badge Workbook

This is good news for scouts and technology. Boys love technology, and these exciting new areas are great challenges for scouts who want to get ahead. As a result, I hope to see more technological merits in the years to come. Technology is a work area with unlimited possibilities.

If you want to learn robotics and meet some of the requirements of this brand, go camping. Our summer camps in LEGO Bot Robotics or LEGO Robotics are a great place to start. Unfortunately, our camps do not cover all aspects of Robotics Badge revenue, some of them do. To see exactly which check out this blog article specifically describes the areas of the robotics brand that cover our camps.

Are you a scout looking for this new Robotics of Merit brand? Have you already achieved that? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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Boy Scouts Of America Introduces Robotics Merit Badge

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Junior Robotics Badge Requirements

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