National Merit Semi Finalists 2013

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The top two Lawrence Free Scholarship players sitting in the front row are Lawrence Chen, Xi Lee, Logan Brown and Dewey West. In the back row from the left are Nathan Lane, Hannah Smith, Carl Palmqvist, Alexa Harmon-Thomas, Alexander Houston, Aaron Gerke and Neila Mandal.

Eighteen high school students have reached the semifinals of the national scholarship competition, acknowledging the country’s best scholars.

National Merit Semi Finalists 2013

Today, the Metitz National Scholarship Corporation announced a half. Including 11 students from the Private High School, two from Lawrence High School and five from the Siberian Bishop’s Academy.

Area Students Named National Merit Semifinalists

“We thank these outstanding students, their families and all their teachers,” said Lawrence Mayor Rick Doll. “It’s a great achievement for these students as they continue their studies and careers.”

Don Shawang, principal of the Siberian Bishop’s School, said the second half of the school had 18 percent of its 28 students.

“It’s a very fast school,” Shawang said. “I am very involved in this course and I am teaching philosophy and I am very interested in these students.”

In the semi-finals nationwide, about 15,000 will be selected as winners in February based on their education, school and community participation, leadership skills, employment and awards and prizes.

Twelve Richland One Seniors Named 2022 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalists

There are three types of bursaries in the competition. All winners will compete for one of the $ 2,500 $ Rate Bursaries, which will be awarded based on state representation.

There will also be about 1,000 scholarships offered by about 240 companies and organizations, which will be awarded to the final winners who qualify.

In addition, about 4,500 scholarships funded by universities and colleges will be awarded to about 200 of the final winners of the grant center.

According to the National Standard Scholarship Corporation, a second-year student must have a good grade point average in high school, be certified and required by the high school principal, write a note, and get a SAT score certifying a student’s achievement. even in a qualifying exam. ยป

Whs Has 8 National Merit Semifinalists

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