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This informative video explains how Overseas Study works in WU, how to navigate program choices, how to find your resources, how to use them, and how to outline the application process.

This form gives us information about what you are looking for in a study abroad program. We may contact you with resource information based on how you respond, so you can check how your interests match the programs. It helps you identify the people and resources available to support the application process.

Apply To Study Abroad

Apply To Study Abroad

OIE Study Advisor Abroad: This is an opportunity for you to ask questions, discuss program details, and review eligibility and policies. Our goal is to help you in the discretion of the program and make a strong application.

Free 12 Month Study Abroad Planning Timeline & Packing List

Educational Advisor: Meet your educational advisor to discuss what kind of courses you need or want to go abroad. Talk about how studying abroad will fit into your overall degree plan.

Sign in with your WU credentials. This is where you get WU permission to study abroad with WU sponsorship. Your application will be for a specific program, but you will also list other programs in the application.

Financial Aid: For all sponsored events, you will be billed regularly for WU tuition and use your standard financial aid. How does your financial aid work or can you add help? Contact WU Financial Aid Consultant.

You no longer need a passport to go through the application process. You will need to complete the application for passport in the application.

International Education: Study Abroad Application Materials

Do it now – even when you are applying to study abroad. There is a long wait for the passport process. Your passport is required for registration with the event host / provider, obtaining a pre-departure visa and other procedures.

You must hold your valid passport (preferably 6 months after your event deadline).

To participate in WU-sponsored events, all participants must be fully vaccinated with the full initial regimen and booster. Discounts may be extended to out-of-campus learning programs whenever possible. In addition, any restrictions, inspections or other requirements set by the government, consulate, region, carrier, organization and host program must be complied with.

Apply To Study Abroad

Ask any questions about any aspect of your interest in studying abroad at OIE. The committee must accurately assess your intentions. After you submit the application, consider the credit requirements, financial results, and program “fit” and changes.

How To Apply For Semester Length Programs

Visit the OIE website, take the first step, and use your OIE Advisory Session. Still have questions? Advice. Our office is open all year round, including summer. If you feel unwell, stay home until the Covid-19 test is negative. Check out our latest COVID-19 update.

The application process varies depending on whether you want to apply for foreign exchange with one of our partners, the Global Intercompass program, the short-term program offered by your professors, the internship or another opportunity.

Note that you will only be allowed to apply for one active semester period for each period (i.e. you will not have one semester exchange application and one separate study application abroad for the same initial period), or you may not submit a separate application. Application cycle for the same start-up period (i.e. you cannot apply for Semester 1, 2023, Cm1 + Cm2, 2023). You are permitted to apply for the Global Intercompass program with a second semester length of application.

Run a series of information sessions abroad to help you learn more about the exchange application process and make sure you choose the right option for your application. It is important that you follow the foreign advice regarding your application, as it evaluates all overseas applications abroad to determine which host university you are enrolling in.

Getting Started > Au Abroad

A video and video of a regional consultation session for the area of ​​the organization you wish to place as your first priority in your application. These information are available on our information session page.

You can start research using the program page here. On this page, you can learn more about all the foreign universities collaborating for the Semester Exchange Program.

You should also review the minimum entry requirements to ensure that you meet all the minimum eligibility criteria for studying abroad for the semester.

Apply To Study Abroad

All students are committed to inclusion and you can read more about student diversity, inclusion and our focus area here.

Application Process And Deadlines>study Abroad

It provides specialized information to guide students with disabilities, LGBTQIA + students, and women traveling alone, as well as some information, resources, and advice on how to manage your safety and well-being while studying abroad. .

You should consult your professor or school about the progress of the course to discuss the possibility of getting a semester program abroad. Each faculty has its own process for handling curriculum instructions. If you are a dual degree student, you should contact your managing faculty / school and non-managing faculty / school to discuss applying for a semester program abroad.

When transferring, you must study the full-time load at your host organization (equivalent to 18-24 credits), however your teacher may ask you to take 24 credits. Please note:

Considering your advice and professors abroad, you should select the three most suitable host universities from our partners page to be listed as your preferences for the semester exchange program.

List Of Documents Required To Study Abroad

You will need to submit a study plan for specific units taught at your first priority university. Watch the video “Putting the Learning Project Together” and download the step-by-step guide and worksheet before you begin.

MAP brochure tab. If the information provided is insufficient, do a Google search for the unit code with the unit title and organization name.

After a thorough search and still can’t find the outline of the unit, you can fill out the unit request form and contact your partner abroad to request additional information. If you are not applying for an International Study Abroad (ISA), do not contact the partner organization directly.

Apply To Study Abroad

Once you have responded to all the requirements in your application (including submitting your study plan), you should press the blue ‘Submit Application’ button at the top of your application in MAP. Applications that are still ‘pending’ within the time limit will be automatically marked as ‘Failed’.

How To Apply For A Passport To Study Abroad — Academic Studies Abroad

Note: Education plans will not be evaluated until you submit your application to MAP. The faculty will not consider incomplete study plans.

If you are a student of University Malaysia, check out the Malaysian website for more ideas you need to know.

Since foreign universities operate on different calendars across the country, applications are evaluated on a rolling basis. Each university has its own enrollment deadlines and procedures and the IEC works through them on a regular basis. Program Finder Courses, Course Descriptions, Scholarships, Financial Aid Internships, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Pre-Departure Information Arrival and Departure Frequently Asked Questions

How frustrated would you be if you were allowed to take a few minutes to stop studying and living in the city of your dreams? Well … if you forgot to apply for a passport, that last sentence would be very realistic.

Find A Program

People think that it takes a long time to apply for a passport, but in reality it is a matter of filling in some information, taking your photo and waiting for the government to process everything. The waiting part is the longest: 8 weeks to be accurate (unless it’s fast). So don’t delay! Instead of watching the last episode of Friends on Netflix, go to this site and start applying for your passport. Netflix will be available tomorrow, but you won’t have a window to get a passport in time to study abroad.

The airline will not let you board your departure flight! You can’t actually use this passport to get a visa, so in most cases you will have to study abroad and get a new one soon.

This time! You may need a valid passport 3-4 months prior to departure to complete the required pre-departure steps confirming your legal ability to apply for a visa!

Apply To Study Abroad

Open your passport (if you have one) and check the expiration date. Then go to the ASA website and find your program and dates and count the months from the end of the program to the expiration date of your passport. 6 months or less, you will need a new passport (

Plan And Apply

So, if your passport expires 6 months from today after returning from abroad, renew it now and use the fast service that takes 2-3 weeks instead of 8!

Important Note: Even if you are disappointed with where you apply, always ask for a quick service. Your assistants may be looking at your departure date and not recognizing that you are applying for a visa, which requires a valid passport.

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