Fulbright Scholarship For Afghanistan

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At the end of more than four decades of war, Maryam Jamie wanted to dedicate her life to helping Afghan refugees, the world’s largest foreign group.

Fulbright Scholarship For Afghanistan

It was her hope that the 23-year-old human rights lawyer applied for this year’s Fulbright Scholarship, a life-changing opportunity to pursue a master’s degree in law in the United States and bring back the much-needed international legal specialization. Original Afghanistan.

The Fulbright Scholar Who Escaped Taliban Rule By Just 10 Days

In April, he told her he was one of 100 applicants to be selected as a semi-finalist for a popular US-funded program in Afghanistan. All Jamie has to do is sit down for an online interview. Six months later, when her country is in turmoil as a woman living under Taliban rule and her security is in jeopardy, Jamie is still waiting to hear this interview.

She and several other Afghan Fulbright candidates for five years said they withdrew from the United States after the Taliban’s surprise return to power in August. Program officials have not provided any updates on the scheduled interviews in June, but they have been postponed until September. The United States blamed the delay on “logistical constraints introduced by the Cove Pandemic.” With both deadlines expiring, applications for U.S. responses are even more disappointing because the time limit for universities to apply and the required tests such as GMAT and TOEFL will soon expire.

“We don’t have time to impose a strict ban on Taliban insurgents and women’s emancipation,” said Jamie, who spends most of her time indoors in western Herat, Afghanistan. “We don’t get any information. We don’t even know who is doing what for us.

The State Department, which regulates the Fulbright program through the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, declined the interview request. Scholarships are still being evaluated, the statement said.

Fulbright Applicants Stayed In Afghanistan, But Program Is In Limbo

“We are closely monitoring events in Afghanistan and reviewing the future of the Fulbright program.” “We are committed to the aspirations of Afghan students and scholars and appreciate their continued interest in the semifinals in their studies in the United States. We recognize that this is a challenging time for Afghan students and their families.” .

The Institute for International Studies, a New York-based nonprofit group that works with the State Department to run the Fulbright program, declined to comment.

Some semi-finalists, including Jamie, have launched a Twitter campaign to draw attention to their situation with the hashtag # SupportAfgFulbrightSemifinalists2022. The State Department launched official Twitter accounts and a follow-up to Jamie and others on the social media platform after the Fulbright program.

The program is likely to fall victim to the turmoil that followed the sudden withdrawal of U.S. troops and the withdrawal of U.S. officials. Thousands of Afghans who worked for the United States or were harassed by the Taliban were expelled. The Fulbright program was run by the US Embassy in Kabul, but was relocated to Qatar.

State Department Delivers Crushing News To Fulbright Scholar Hopefuls In Afghanistan

Some Fulbright Afghan aspirants said embassy officials had privately told them that the meeting could not take place without a memorandum of understanding between Biden’s government and the Taliban. This could be a challenge until the United States formally recognizes the new Afghan government – even if it is not without prejudice. Although it has no diplomatic ties with the Taliban government, the UK is known for its international scholarship program, the Chevrolet Scholarships.

“We don’t know what Afghanistan will be like in the future, but education should be,” said Hussein Ahmad, a seven-year-old Fulbright semi-finalist who wants to study computer science at a university like Georgia. Don’t be influenced by politics. ” . Tech or Cornell, so he can help expand internet access in his country.

“Education should not be influenced by politics,” said Hussain Ahmad, a seven-year-old Fulbright semi-finalist who hopes to study computer science in the United States.

Ahmed added, “Fulbright should have the opportunity to study in the United States as well as for Schizophrenic scholars in the UK.” Scholarships were awarded before the change of government. They don’t have to kill our dreams.

Hopeful Fulbright Scholars In Afghanistan Await Update From State Department

It is not clear how many finalists or students fled Afghanistan before the Taliban took control of Kabul on August 15. Student groups such as Fulbright Assn. The State Department and Congress are urged to ensure the safety of all Afghan intellectuals and their families. The State Department said this year’s Fulbright recipients – those known before the Taliban came to power – are on U.S. campuses and include “the largest Fulbright student body in Afghanistan.”

Founded in 1946 after World War II to promote peace and closer ties between the United States and the rest of the world, the program has produced nearly 400,000 full enlighteners in 160 countries. Fellows include graduate students, teachers, artists and other professionals, as well as dozens of other heads of state, Nobel Prize winners and Pulitzer Prize winners.

Although the United States has not sent aid recipients to Afghanistan, the Afghans involved in the program have long had significant influence in the war-torn country. Roya Rahmani, Afghanistan’s first female ambassador to the United States, and (unfortunately for some) former President Ashraf Ghani have held a number of high-ranking government positions, including those under the Taliban. They have fled Afghanistan in disgrace.

Nasir Kayhan was sent to Western Michigan University in 2016 for a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a degree in Academic Leadership. It took him two years to deny him the opportunity to study in Afghanistan and allow him to embrace new cultures and languages ​​and make friends.

Fulbright Scholarship 2022 2022 For Afghanistan (master Degree)

Kayhan, who has visited 27 states during his time in the United States and is now a UNESCO project officer, said: “It was a life-changing experience for me in all areas. I have no doubt it will. Changed the lives of semi-finalists.

Kayhan, 34, said the timing was particularly disappointing. Being selected as a semi-finalist is a special honor, and placement in the Fulbright program is almost guaranteed, if not as an alternative.

“They were on the verge of relocation, where they will stay in Kabul until the situation calms down,” said Kayhan, 6, who moved to the Pakistani capital Islamabad. “They were over 70% there.”

The end of this program will be especially devastating for women facing a new era of discrimination by the more conservative Taliban. The leadership has not yet allowed girls to pass the sixth grade, not allow them to return to school, and barred women from entering universities unless they are separated from the men in the class.

Fulbright Scholarship 2022 For Afghanistan

Jamie said his female friend, who is in the final stages of graduating from Herat University’s law program, said his alma mater would no longer receive diplomas. The Taliban have ordered that the women be barred from the camps until further notice. The legal program, which for years had struggled to gain international recognition, turned into a sharia school.

“It’s so hard to be a woman,” Jamie said. “We hope to be robots here; do what you are told, and hide yourself from head to toe.

Violation of women’s rights in Herat, the site of the first organized protest for gender equality, is particularly severe. The city is home to several prominent female activists in Afghanistan, who are now closely monitored by the Taliban, Human Rights Watch reported. Herat also publicly closed the bodies of four people said to have been abducted by the Taliban late last month.

Jamie, who is afraid of going abroad for fear of punishment, agrees in the high country. She is the youngest of four sisters and hopes the Fulbright program will grant her a scholarship. He wants to go to Harvard or UC Berkeley to get a law degree and return to Afghanistan.

Full Funded Fulbright Scholarship 2022

“If the Taliban continue to rule Afghanistan in the coming years, I’m sure it will be a dream come true to pursue the goals of our profession,” Jamie said of Afghan women. “But I will not give up. Thank God there are still many international NGOs who want to work with us. Although we are not officially allowed to work with the government, we can.” I was able to participate in a Taliban-controlled area, and I was able to conduct remotely independent research, so I obtained this document through the Fulbright program.

Times staff writer Pearson reports from Singapore and Yam Kabul. Washington Times staff writer Tracy Wilkinson contributed to the report.

Marcus Yam is a foreign correspondent and photographer for the Los Angeles Times. Since joining in 2014, he has covered many topics, including humanitarian issues, social justice, terrorism, foreign conflicts, natural disasters, politics, and portraits of celebrities. He won the Platzer Prize for Breaking News in 2022 for his portrayal of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan as a human cost of historic change.

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