Scholarship For Master Degree In Germany

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If you want to study in Germany on scholarship, please read this article. Because in this article, we will explain in detail what the DAAD 2023 scholarship is, its benefits and the step-by-step application procedure.

DAAD Scholarship 2023-2024 is a fully funded scholarship for international students. This scholarship is available to pursue a master’s or doctorate at top German universities. DAAD scholarships cover monthly payments of 861 euros for graduates or 1200 euros for doctoral students.

Scholarship For Master Degree In Germany

Scholarship For Master Degree In Germany

Well-trained experts networking with international partners play an important role in the sustainable development of their country. They are the best guarantee of a better future with less poverty, more education and health for all. With its development-oriented postgraduate training programs, DAAD promotes the training of specialists from developing and newly industrialized countries.

Master’s In Germany

The scholarships offer foreign graduates from all disciplines from developing and newly industrialized countries the opportunity to pursue a master’s or master’s degree at a state or state-recognised German university and, in exceptional cases, obtain a doctorate and university degree. /PhD) in Germany.

You can request up to three lessons. If you are applying for more than one course, please list the courses in order of priority in the DAAD application forms (see 7. Selection of the host university/institution in Germany) and do not change the priorities in the respective application form.

Note: Some courses may require additional documentation. For detailed information, please refer to the relevant course description in the Prospectus and on their respective websites. Complete applications must be submitted in English or German for consideration.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have a copy of each document in your application available, as these documents (such as PDF files) must be uploaded to the DAAD Portal in case you are recommended for a DAAD scholarship!

Daad Scholarship 2022

Why is Germany a great place to study? Find out why in the heart of Europe, tuition-free Germany can be the perfect place to earn your degree abroad.

Germany is the world’s most popular non-English speaking destination and has some of the highest ranked universities in Western Europe. In 2020, the Times Higher Ranking placed LMU Munich 29th in the world, Heidelberg University 37th and Humboldt Berlin University 49th, while many other institutions ranked 100th.

Known for the quality of its teaching and cutting-edge facilities, the German government is also committed to higher education. Research projects funded by the German state are carried out annually, allowing students to carry out their own individual projects and cutting-edge research.

Scholarship For Master Degree In Germany

You may have dreamed of studying in Europe, but you are worried about how to finance your education. Germany might be the right place for you! Undergraduate education in Germany is FREE. Yes, you read it right! Even as an international student, you do not have to pay any tuition or tuition fees, as registration in Germany is free.

Daad Scholarships 2022

In fact, at the end of your undergraduate studies at a German university, you can be selected for a master’s course, which is also free. You can save extra money for accommodation, educational materials, socializing and getting to know nearby places without tuition fees.

After graduation, international students can stay in Germany for up to 18 months to seek employment; this is quite a generous amount of time compared to many other European countries, such as the UK, where they can stay for three months after graduating. In 2020, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) reported that around 50% of international students resided in the country after graduation, reflecting the appetite and demand to stay in the country for work.

Universities also have excellent links with companies, which gives them an edge when looking for internships or placements. According to the Times Higher Education Global Employability University Rankings,

Student life in Germany is undoubtedly impressive. Most of the big German cities such as Berlin, Munich and Hamburg are centers of culture, art and music. There is so much to see and do, whatever your interests, this is the perfect place to be an inquisitive international student.

Sbw Berlin International Scholarships 2022 In Germany Fully Funded

Whether you’re into sports, politics, history, or the arts, you’ll find your niche and a crowd with similar interests as you. Thanks to a strong economy and infrastructure, it is served by reliable, safe and fast public transport, which means getting around is a breeze. You can explore impressive architecture, medieval castles and parks during the day and enjoy the high life in the main cities at night.

Germany is a breeding ground for students and international multiculturalism. International students from all over the world are naturally drawn to the country, with the large number of university courses taught in English and no tuition fees. More than 300,000 international students studied in the country last year, and that number is expected to grow further. It is also located in the heart of Western Europe, providing easy access and travel to other countries in the region where you can discover new cultures and visit attractions. The demand for online studies has been growing steadily in recent years, and German universities are taking notice. The topics now offered online range from business management to information technology. Additionally, programs taught in German and English are offered online from German universities, giving more international students the opportunity to study from the comfort of their home country.

The selection of master’s programs offered online is numerous and exceeds online degree programs. Therefore, students wishing to pursue an online master’s program have an advantage in terms of study options. There are different types of online learning, and some even combine in-person and online courses for students who want a mix of both learning styles. You can read more about the different online courses in German and their styles in our online study in Germany article.

Scholarship For Master Degree In Germany

The main purpose of this article is to provide students with an overview of the master’s programs available online for international students. Whether you are looking for an English-taught program or a German-taught program, there are numerous online master’s programs available in many different fields. You’ll find the pros and cons, tuition fee information and application steps, as well as featured colleges and degree programs in this article. Don’t wait any longer, start below!

Online Master’s Programs In Germany: The Guide (2022) 🎓

Various degrees and subjects are available for online education in Germany. Our StudyFinder has more than fifty different online master’s programs taught in English. From chemistry to human rights and business management, there are a variety of subjects of study and some specific degree programs. Below are a selection of outstanding degree programs:

Alternatively, you can click here to view all online master’s programs available on StudyFinder. It’s important to remember that an online degree program doesn’t mean you compromise on the quality of your education. Many top German universities offer online degree programs. Be sure to check them out in our Online Universities in Germany article.

Note: Due to COVID-19, many traditional “face-to-face” training programs have gone completely online. This means that international students enrolled in these programs will start distance learning programs from their home country, as distance education students are currently not eligible for visas. Read more on our Covid-19 update page.

International students have unlimited options when it comes to studying in Germany. Besides studying in English-taught degree programs, you can also apply for German-taught study programs! In fact, international students can apply to any undergraduate program they want as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for their master’s program.

Getting Master’s Degree With Scholarship In Germany

To search for online master’s programs taught in German, students are recommended to use an alternative platform called Hochschulkompass. Here you will find search filters to search for various degree programs. This also includes a specification for online degree programs and master’s programs.

Students are often reluctant to enroll in online programs because they believe it will affect the credibility of their degree. It’s the opposite! Online degree programs are just as reliable as traditional classroom degrees, and there is essentially no distinction in diploma. Even the best universities in Germany offer online master’s programs, check out a few for yourself below:

As you may have heard, education in Germany is free for all students. State universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees. As most online training programs are specialist degree programs, they are not usually free. Because more equipment is required to maintain an online course (for example, simply purchasing platform access to enable online learning), online education programs are likely to charge a reasonable tuition fee. Tuition fees vary between degree programmes, but below is an overview of tuition fees in German higher education:

Scholarship For Master Degree In Germany

Remember to look for programs that best suit you and your study interests, so don’t skip tuition-paying programs. Many private colleges offer scholarships for students to use for tuition costs. If you are interested in a program that charges tuition fees, you have many financing options.

Study In Germany I Join Bachelor Degree

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