Merit Badge Counselor Directory

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Merit Badge Consultant is a key player in the ScoutsBSA Excellence Program. Regardless of your area of ​​expertise or interest – whether it is a specialized craft or hobby (basket weaving, leather processing, coin collecting), a profession (veterinary medicine, aviation, engineering) or perhaps a life skill (cooking, personal management, communication) – As a brand consultant can You play an important role in arousing a scout’s curiosity about that particular topic. As a brand consultant, you offer your time, knowledge and other resources so that the scouts can explore a topic that is interesting to them.

If you are not officially an icon consultant yet, it’s easy to become one. You simply need to register with Boy Scouts of America through the Transatlantic Council. You do not have to be a consultant for merit branding.

Merit Badge Counselor Directory

Counselors with merit marks are expected to complete the BSA Youth Protection program. This training is available through the BSA Online Learning Center. Boy Scouts of America is committed to creating a safe environment for young adults and adult leaders to enjoy the program and related activities. BSA youth advocacy training helps to preserve this environment.

Merit Badges & Counselors

Registered consultants will be contacted every autumn to confirm their desire to become consultants in the coming calendar year. Official lists of merit advisors are maintained by the Transatlantic Council and can be found in the squad’s Scoutbook accounts. IMPORTANT NOTE. To become an official insignia consultant to the Transatlantic Council, you must be registered as a consultant with BSA and the Transatlantic Council. In addition, if you are registered as a consultant with another council, you will not be on the list of TAC consultants.

For more information on becoming a badge advisor, see the Badge Advisor Guide or the official Boy Scouts of America page. To learn more about the Merit Badge Program, see section 7 of the Promotion Guide, Merit Badge Program.

If you would like to add or update the list of badges you are already teaching, please submit another Merit Badge Consultant form to your district supervisor. Congratulations! Now that your division has completed its annual reorganization, inventoried its division and taken steps toward excellence, you have some time to relax. With all that behind me, I know what you’re thinking, what should I do with all my free time? You could consider sending your unit to winter camp at Camp Sheppard, exploring spring campsites and hikes, getting ready for summer camp, or best of all, registering all your adult leaders as a reward advisor.

That’s right, brand advisors are in high demand in our district. Not just to complete our incredible two-year Merit Badge Fair, but to help your scouts advance to Star, Life and Eagle. Without the adults who teach the valuable life / professional skills offered by the 137 merit badges currently awarded by Boy Scouts of America, we would not be able to announce that we are achieving the “Scouting Goals” through character, citizenship and fitness development. Follow this link to see what credentials are available to you to become a consultant.

Worksheet For Building A Merit Badge Counselor List

This is how easy it is: 1) Designate a device connector like Insignia; 2) Download and print the file “MBC Information Form”; 3) Distribute the form to all your registered adult leaders (Scoutmaster / Coach, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Committee Members, Charter Organization Representative, Commissioner, etc.) during one of your troop / team meetings; 4) Collect all forms back to the meeting; and 5) Submit the forms by scanning and emailing the stack to Barrett Taylor, Advisory Board Meritorious Badge Registrar, and Paul Monahan, Coordinator of Meritorious Badge Advisors, for processing. All adults in your active unit are invited and encouraged to register as a Merit Badge Consultant.

Let’s better serve our area departments by providing more consultants who offer different brands. If you or your leaders are already registered as counselors, ask them to consult with their Scoutmaster or committee chair. They regularly receive a list of all currently registered curators in our district. If any changes need to be made to the list of district counselors, please email [email protected] as soon as possible to make changes.

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