Recommendation Letter Sample For Student From Professor

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Whether you are a student or a teacher, sometimes you need to receive or write a letter of recommendation. See our four examples, templates and writing tips for help.

Knowing how to write a letter of recommendation as a teacher or professor is important. Many of your students come to you throughout your career and ask for advice or letters of recommendation for university or employment as they strive to advance in their careers.

Recommendation Letter Sample For Student From Professor

For help, here are four examples and letterhead templates that you can easily copy and paste into Microsoft Word or Google Docs to speed up your writing process.

Student And Teacher Letter Of Recommendation Letter Samples

If you are a high school teacher, sometimes you need to write a letter of recommendation to a student applying for college. But you may not know everything you need to know to ensure your students have the best chance of being accepted to a top university.

This template shows you how to write a recommendation letter for college, making sure you follow all the tips. When writing, keep in mind that you need to focus on the following:

I am very pleased to recommend Jonathan Baker for admission to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut. I have known John for 3 years and I am happy to serve as an AP physics teacher and robotics club consultant at Greenwich High School. At the time, I saw that Jon was becoming an outstanding man who excelled in his scientific and personal activities.

As John’s teacher and mentor, I witnessed his incredible ability to understand advanced physics concepts quickly and then apply them skillfully in real -world situations. His final year robotics project was impressive: he designed, built and programmed a robot that could climb from any surface, no matter how smooth.

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John’s academic success can only be matched by his personal strengths. His compassion and charisma transcended the years of his life and was loved by his friends as well as by all who had enjoyed his education. Whenever a student is having a hard time or feeling frustrated, he or she never lacks words of encouragement and a smile.

I highly recommend accepting Jon into your mechanical engineering program. I am sure he will be included in your university community. Please contact me if you have any questions about your past personality or academic work.

Make sure your students have financial support to continue their education by writing a scholarship proposal letter.

It makes me happy and proud to recommend Thomas Schreiber for the Rhodes Scholarship. I knew Thomas for 2 years and enjoyed serving as his professor in the Taiwan History course on Taiwan Straits politics and relations, as well as advisor to his dissertation at the University of Minnesota. After reviewing the criteria for the River Scholarship, I strongly believe that you will strive to find more deserving and needy students than Thomas.

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The Rhodes Trust is looking for students who have exceptional academic abilities as well as the motivation to use those abilities to their full potential. Since I got to know him, Thomas has shown his superior intelligence and thirst for understanding the culture and consciousness of his contemporaries on several occasions. In particular, his dissertation – on the complexities of Taiwanese history and how it influenced the development of modern Taiwanese identity – is culturally sensitive and contains exceptionally interesting analysis even to an experienced professor like me.

On a personal level, Thomas is a young man with a strong personality who fully encompasses all the qualities you are looking for in a potential candidate. In particular, I was impressed by his kindness, self -sacrifice, and dedication to helping the poor in any way he could. Instead of using her free time every summer vacation, she went to Indonesia to volunteer to teach children in a rural English village.

I was not at all careful about Thomas ’proposal for the Rhodes Scholarship. I have no doubt that he will maintain the standards of a Rhodes scholar and be an outstanding member of your community. Please contact me if you have any questions about your personality, past academic work or any other qualifications related to the scholarship.

Letters of recommendation for graduate studies are taken seriously and generally only need to be written by a professor who can describe the student’s abilities and academic work in full detail.

Best Student Recommendation Letter Examples (from Teacher)

That’s why it’s important to know how to write a letter of recommendation for a master’s degree before you start. Focus on the following when writing a graduate recommendation letter for your students:

I am very happy to recommend Jess Chen for admission to the University of Iceland’s Master’s program in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies. I met Jess as a professor of Anglo-Saxon studies at the University of South Carolina. At the time, I was really impressed with Jess’s commitment to understanding and exploring the hidden depths of Anglo-Saxon culture and literature.

During her course in Scandinavian literature, Jess showed a high interest and ability in analyzing classical Icelandic epics. His last paper on the previous Bandamanna saga was at a level normally expected of only a graduate student. In it, he analyzes the theme of epic Christianity and examines how it relates to the current understanding of Christianity in Iceland today.

In addition to Jess’s remarkable academic success in Nordic undergraduate studies, her dedication and commitment to helping the poor make her a leading member of the University of South Carolina community. As a member of Habitat for Humanity, she provides valuable education and guidance to underprivileged children.

Letter Of Recommendation For Student Teacher

I strongly believe that Jess can be added to the Viking and Medieval Norse Studies program at the University of Iceland, and she has my highest recommendation. Please contact me if you have any questions about your past personality or academic work.

It is an honor when one of your colleagues respectfully asks for a letter of recommendation from you, especially for a teaching position.

Teaching opportunities are hard to come by, especially at prestigious universities and colleges. You need to make sure that your co -worker or co -worker is in the best possible way through:

I am very happy to personally recommend Melanie McGregor for her role as a fifth grade math teacher at Wilton Elementary School. Ms. McGregor has been a valued member of our faculty for six years, and her students and teachers love her. As the principal of Wilton Elementary School, I can assure you that Ms. McGregor is an outstanding teacher who will soon be a part of your school community.

Free Teacher Recommendation Letter Template

When we hired Ms. McGregor six years ago, her extensive knowledge of math and children’s learning needs became immediately apparent. With her kind and caring nature, she integrates herself seamlessly into all of her classes and easily engages with all of her students. While at Wilton Elementary, she also made a large contribution to the women’s tennis team she coached last year.

From the first year, Ms. McGregor used her exceptional teaching abilities to increase her students ’grade point average by one letter. Her multimedia usage skills, advanced visual effects and practical storytelling have enabled her to engage her students and ensure they are always focused on school assignments in the classroom. I’m sure he will continue to produce such results at Lennox Elementary School and will soon become a new favorite among students.

I did not hesitate to make the highest bid for this position to Mrs. McGregor. I am sure he will be a valuable member of your faculty. Please contact me if you have any questions about his personality or teaching abilities.

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