Bsa Merit Badge Requirements Worksheets

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1 Merit Badge Workbook This workbook will help you, but you still need to read the Merit Badge. The workspace provided for each need should be used to create notes for the scout to discuss the material with his or her advisor, not to provide complete and exhaustive answers. Every scout must follow every need. No one can add or subtract official requirements from the Boy Scout requirements (Pub SKU 34765). Requirements Last Updated: November 2004 This workbook was last updated on: 2004 Scout Name: Consultant Name: Unit: Consultant Phone Number: Submit bugs, omissions, comments or suggestions in this workbook. Go here: There should be comments or suggestions for custom changes to holiday badges. Sent: 1. Do the following: a. Choose items that your family wants to buy that are considered significant expenses. B. Write a plan that will tell you how your family will save money on purchases made on demand 1a. 1. Discuss the plan with your advisor about your eligibility badge. Workbook Copyright U.S. Scout Service Project, Inc. – All Rights Reserved Requirements, Boy Scouts of America (Used with permission).

2 2. Discuss the plan with your family. 3. Discuss how other family needs should be considered in this plan. C. Develop a written purchase strategy for purchases identified on demand. 1. Determining the quality of goods or services (using consumer publications or rating systems). Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 2 out of 20

Bsa Merit Badge Requirements Worksheets

3 2. Comparative shop for goods. Find a place where you can shop at the best prices. (Provide prices from at least two different price sources.) Call the original price; Read the ad. Look for sales coupons or discounts. Consider different options. Can I buy consumer goods? Need to wait for a sale? 2. Do the following: a. Prepare a budget that reflects your expected income (allowances, gifts, salaries), expenses and savings. Keep track of your actual income, expenses and savings for the next 13 weeks. (You can use the form provided in this brochure, create your own, or use a computer-generated version.) When finished, submit the results to your qualified badge consultant. (There are blank sample budget plans and empty tables for tracking your actual income and expenses. You can use them at the end of this workbook.) B. Compare the expected return with the expected expenses. 1. If spending more than you earn, set the steps to balance your budget. Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 3 out of 20

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4 2. If income is more than expenses, tell me how you will spend the extra money (new target, savings). 3. Discuss 5 of the following comments with your brand badge advisor: a. The feeling that occurs when money is available. B. Your understanding of how much money you have affects your spending habits. C. Your thoughts when you buy a new one and your thoughts the same three months later. Explain the buyer’s opinion of grief. D. Hunger affects you when shopping (snacks, groceries). Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 4 out of 20

5e Your experience of the item you purchased, after seeing or hearing the ad for it. Does the product work as advertised? f. Your understanding of what happens when you put money in a savings account. g. Charity Gifts. Explain its purpose and your thoughts on it. Hours What can you do to better manage your money. Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 5 out of 20

6 4. Explain the following to your Qualification Badge Advisor: a. The difference between saving and investing, including the reasons for using one over the other. Savings: Investment: Reasons for Mutual Use: b. Perception of return on investment and risk. C. Simple and common interest ideas and how these affect the outcome of your investment performance. Common Interest: Common Interest: Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 6 out of 20

7 How these affect the outcome of your investment performance: 5. Select seven general trading stocks from the business section of the newspaper. Current stock price 1 day, 52 week high, 52 week low, Explain to your advisor the quality of important information below each stock: a. Current value b. How much has the price changed than the day before? C. 52-Week Highs and 52-Weeks Lowest Price Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Page. 7 out of 20

Individual Record Sheet For Tracking Scouts From The Scout Through Eagle Advancement Ranks.

7 Explain the pros and cons of each savings or investment to your prospective label advisor as follows: a. Public Stock Advantages Disadvantages b. Joint Finance c. Life Insurance d. Deposit Certificate (CD) Personal Management – Qualification Badge Workbook Page. 8 out of 20

9 e. US Savings Accounts or Savings Certificates 7. Explain the following qualifications to your advisor: a. What is debt, what is interest, and how the annual percentage ratio (APR) measures the true value of a loan. What is a loan: What is an interest rate: Annual percentage ratio (APR) How to measure the true value of a loan: b. Different Ways to Borrow Money. Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 9 out of 20

10 c. Difference between Debit Card and Credit Card. Credit card, debit card, credit card. What are the costs and issues involved in using these financial instruments? Explain the unreasonable reason for the minimum payment on your credit card. Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 10 out of 20

11 d. Credit Statements and Personal Liability How Your Credit Affect Your Credit Statement. Credit Report: Personal Liability How It Affects Your Credit Report: e. How to reduce or cancel debt. 8. Show your understanding of time management to your badge brand advisor by doing the following: a. Make a to-do list of tasks or activities for the coming week, such as homework, assignments and personal plans. List these in order of importance to you. B. Create a seven-day calendar or schedule. Schedule when to do all the tasks from the “to do” list between the activities you set up, including classes, games or games, work or work and / or scout or church or club meetings. . C. Follow your one-week schedule. Keep a diary or diary every seven days of the week, and write down each task on your to-do list when you compare their schedule. D. To understand when your schedule works and when it does not, check the to-do list, weekly schedule, and journal / journal. (At the end of this workbook there are blank tables to keep track of the to-do lists.) Personal Management – Merit badge workbook page. 11 out of 20

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12 Discuss with your brand badge consultant what you learned from this need and then find out what else you can do. 9. Prepare a written project plan outlining the following steps including the desired result. This is a plan on paper, not a real life plan. Examples include planning a camp trip, setting up a community or school service program or religious event, or developing an annual patrol plan and additional activities that are not included in the military’s annual plan. Discuss your completed project with your qualified badge consultant. A. Define the plan. What is your goal? B. Create a timeline for your project that outlines the steps you need to take from start to finish. C. Describe your plan. Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 12 out of 20

13 d. Create a resource list. Determine how these resources will help you achieve your goals. If necessary, create a budget for your project. Personal Management – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 13 out of 20

14 10. Do the following: a. Choose a career you want to pursue after graduating from high school or college. B. Explore the career opportunities you are looking for and discuss with your advisor what you have learned about qualifications such as education, skills and experience. Requirements Sources can be found here: Management # Resources Personal Management Requirement – Merit badge workbook pages. 14 out of 20

15 Budget Models Specific Sources of Income Weekly 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months Total 1 Month 2 Months 3 Total Subsidies. True – Todd. Donation Budget Other Income Total Weekly Expenditure 1 Month 2 Months 3 Months Total 1 Month 2 Months 3 Copies.-Budget Savings-1st Donations / Charity Food / Food Outdoor Entertainment / Movies CDs / DVDs etc. Hobby Games / Hobbies Travel Books / Magazines Other Gifts: Total Income Expenses – Personal Management Expenses – Merit Badge Workbook Pages. 15 out of 20

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16 charts to track your actual income, expenses and savings for 13 consecutive weeks. Page 1 4 Week 1 Date Description of Daily Income and Deposit Expenses

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