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Talented, gifted and creative students are a unique set of students who tend to be sensitive, inquisitive, motivated, funny and intense. Teaching these types of students is extremely rewarding and brings its fair share of unique challenges. In the different classrooms today, teachers face different students looking for differentiated individual lesson plans that meet the needs of these curious students. Imagination, creativity, energy, research and integrity are at the heart of these top 10 master’s degrees for gifted, talented, and creative students. You will learn how to design curricula to meet the needs of your students, engage with technology so that it acts as a positive ally in your learning environments, communicate effectively with all staff and parents who are part of the team that will ensure success for these students. , evaluate and identify the very specific talents of children and young people. The result of these programs is to fully prepare you to create a world of imagination in your classrooms. If you are passionate about meeting the needs of talented students, these programs are the most affordable, flexible and high-scoring programs on the internet.

The University of Nebraska is a leading public research university that is ranked, according to US News, as the 111th best school in the country. Over 20,000 students are enrolled in this top state school and the student-faculty ratio is 22: 1. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace rates the University of Nebraska as the “Doctoral University with the highest research activity. ” The Higher Education Commission accredits undergraduate and doctoral programs, as well as professional certifications. Their athletic program, better known as the Cornhuskers, is a member of the Big Ten conference. The Princeton Review also lists the University of Nebraska as the “best value” public university.

Online Programs For Gifted Students

The University of Nebraska is at the top of our list because it is one of the leading schools in our nation, offers this degree at low cost, and provides comprehensive programming that equips you as an educator. A Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis on gifted education is offered for only $ 415 per credit hour and requires 36 credit hours to complete. Training in the country is only $ 285 per credit hour! This completely online program is very interactive and includes faculty and group discussions, forums and chat groups. You will learn about educational research, curriculum development and design for gifted / talented students and take part in a practicum for gifted / talented students. We like the focus of the program design as well as the practical implications of the educational philosophy. Total tuition costs are $ 14,940.

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The University of South Florida is a public research university located in Tampa, Florida and is the fourth largest university in the state of Florida. There are currently 42,067 students enrolled in USF and the student-faculty ratio is 24: 1. The College Committee of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools accredits the USF to offer undergraduate and doctoral programs. US News rates the USF as the 159th best school in the country, the 83rd best public school, and the 116th best engineering program for doctoral candidates and the best business program. The stated vision for the USF is to continue to be a global research university that embraces scientific discovery, strengthens communities, and provides scholarships and local and global integrated arts.

The University of South Florida is a wonderful master of the arts in gifted education that applies to students who are also teachers. This program focuses on 12 characteristics that represent talent outside the realm of IQ, including: sensitivity, memory, imagination, curiosity, motivation, humor, reasoning, insight, problem solving, intensity, communication skills, and interest. The program teaches teachers to understand these characteristics of gifted and talented students, replaces gifted individuals, and allows students to consult with their families and teachers. We love this program for its careful evidence-based approach, practical implementation and availability, as this degree costs only $ 347 an hour per credit and requires 36 hours of credit meet the requirements at master’s level.

Grand Canyon University is a for-profit Christian research university located in Phoenix, Arizona. The university is accredited by the Higher Education Commission to offer doctoral degrees. There are eight colleges that offer academic programs in areas such as business, education, nursing and healthcare, fine arts and manufacturing, theology and doctoral studies. Online, Grand Canyon University offers an impressive number of degrees ranging from bachelor to doctorate, including a doctorate in psychology among many others. There are also a number of theology degrees offered exclusively online. We like Grand Canyon University because of its fast online programming and affordable flexible offers.

We chose Grand Canyon University for its fast-track courses and generous transfer allowance. Applicants can transfer up to 12 credit hours, which is 1/3 of the program offered and the courses are only 6 weeks long. The cost for this program is $ 515 per credit hour and requires 32 credit hours to complete. The curriculum focuses on the curriculum and development of gifted multicultural education, brain-based learning, educational research, creativity and talent development, as well as the assessment and identification of gifted students. We like that this program focuses on students’ unique thoughts and does not stray from tackling socio-emotional learning. Common career outcomes include a gifted elementary, high school, or AP teacher, program facilitator, curriculum specialist, and gifted program coordinator. The total cost of the training is $ 16,480.

The 30 Best Online Master’s In Gifted & Talented Education Programs

The University of North Dakota is a leading public institution located in Grand Forks, which borders Minnesota. Nearly 15,000 students are enrolled representing 50 countries and 85 countries. The average class size is still only 24 with a student-faculty ratio of 19: 1. UND has a space grant and has competitive programming in aerospace, environmental protection, top flight school, air traffic management, a high-status rural medicine program and more. According to US news, UND ranks high as a national school and best public school. Rodale Wellness is listed as the most capable college in America. The athletic department is part of a Big Sky conference with one of the nation’s top hockey teams. The Higher Education Commission accredits undergraduate and doctoral programs and has over 225 fields of study. We scored UND high because of its academic rigor, high program rankings and acceptable learning rate.

We chose the University of North Dakota for its high-status programming and affordable tuition rates. UND offers an M.Ed or MS in Special Education and Rehabilitation with a focus on the gifted and talented. This specialization focuses on children with outstanding talents, where the curriculum focuses on the characteristics, assessment, teaching development, methods and strategies used in the teaching of gifted and talented students, all applied in gifted and talented internships. According to UND, the program focuses on the recognition and value of each individual, the development and implementation of individual creative programs for exceptional students, and the collective efforts of the community to improve outcomes for those individuals. This focused degree program is a minimum of 32 credit hours and costs only $ 410 per credit hour.

Drew University is a small private university located in Springfield, Missouri. Originally known as Springfield College, this liberal arts school enrolls just over 1,500 students. The intimate environment means that students enjoy an extremely low 10: 1 student to faculty ratio. More than 70% of classes will have fewer than 20 students. According to American News, Drury University is ranked as the 11th best school in the region and 18th best value school and actually won first place for “great schools at great prices” for five years in a row! Postgraduate programs focus on business, communications, education, and nonprofit and civic leadership. The School of Education offers 7 completely online masters degrees in education. Distance learning is growing at Drew, where there are more than 3,000 students enrolled in the College of Continuing and Professional Studies alone. Drury University is accredited through the Higher Education Commission.

Drury University offers an MSc with an emphasis on gifted education for primary and secondary school teachers. We chose this program because of its great price and high quality educational opportunities. The price is only 352 USD per credit hour and requires 36 credit hours to complete. The program is split into two sections of 18 credits – one half is the basic material, and the other half an emphasis on the gifted and gifted. The curriculum covers everything from social justice and diversity in education to digital literacy and includes a top-level seminar. Intensive practice involves applying skills and strategies in a gifted and talented setting. Summer is a practical time as over 600 children from Pre-K to high school attend Drury’s residential and non-residential pre-college programs each year. This program is also unique to the state of Missouri as it is the only true college center for gifted education.

The 10 Best Online Masters In Gifted And Talented Education Degree Programs

The State of Arkansas is a leading public research university with 13,410 students. This research university requires its full-time professors to be constantly engaged in research that keeps students up to date in their field.

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