Sustainable Development Gender Equality

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The blockchain series is a time -bound chain that can provide women with the tools they need to participate in the economy. For example, birth certificates and IDs “create” our identities, but they don’t have millions of women and children around the world, and their inclusion in communities limits their large and economic participation. It also helps protect women’s land ownership rights and prevent document fraud. It can provide a secure platform for financial transactions. All of these are important building blocks for economic access.

We know that women’s economic participation is essential to global development. And we know that pluralism and gender equality reflect the social impact of trade and the priorities given to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals of the 5 SDGs specifically address women’s equality and empowerment, but gender equality is essential to our ability to meet all 17 SDGs.

Sustainable Development Gender Equality

Sustainable Development Gender Equality

In January 2015, McKinsey & Company published a report on “Why Differences Are Published” and published a review by various human resources on the company’s financial performance. Recently, according to McKinsey’s “Women in the Workplace 2018” follow-up report, an increase in gender diversity jobs has led to calls for companies to turn their good intentions into tangible activities. Important: Women do their part. Organizational leadership does not do its best.

Gender Equality And Sustainable Development

Two companies, BlackRock and State Street, listened. A.D. In February 2018, Blackrock, the world’s largest financial institution, officially announced that the company should have at least two female directors. State Road Global Consultants (SSGA) In September 2018, at least one woman in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia announced that she would oppose all non-Board members of the Corporate Nomination Committee. Globally, of the 1,228 companies at SSGA have stated that they do not have female board members.

Women and girls should have equal rights and opportunities everywhere, they should be able to live free from violence and discrimination. Equality and empowerment of women is one of the 17 goals of sustainable development, but it is linked to inclusive and sustainable development. In short, all SDGs are based on the success of Goal 5.

The recent Women and Law Symposium of the Council on External Relations focused on global standards of gender equality in the workplace by adjusting the economic sphere for women and setting standards for women’s workplaces. Speakers were Christine Lagarde, Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christina Georgieva, Chief Executive Officer of the World Bank and the McKensey Global Institute and Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company, Inc.

According to Lagarde, there are significant gender gaps in women’s labor participation, wages and workplace equity. Labor market access and compensation are low for women. Globally, the gender gap is 50 percent lower and 16 percent lower for advanced economies. If the gap is closed completely with the participation of men and women, the gross domestic product of a community or country will increase by 25 percent.

Gender Equality As An Accelerator For Achieving The Sdgs

“If we believe in gender equality, our projects should support women’s education, women’s entrepreneurship and the gender spectrum in everything we do,” said World Bank Executive Director Crislina Georgieva.

Gender inequality robs society of its wealth. According to Georgieva, the World Bank estimates that the $ 160 trillion loss is staggering. In collaboration with DFID and the Gates Foundation, the World Bank is increasingly providing social support funding for social payments.

Earlier this year, UN Women and Innovation Norway demonstrated how blockchain supports women and girls as part of the United Nations Humanitarian Response. Seven companies have demonstrated their technology blockchain solutions live. During the event, providers offered blockchain solutions to provide better identification and financial services to refugees.

Sustainable Development Gender Equality

“Women in countries experiencing a humanitarian crisis have 30 percent less access to personal financial accounts than men. Having a safe place to store and store transfers of money and human money is a key strategy for dealing with traumatic situations and building resilience.

Un Sustainable Development Goals

Women on the block (middle page here), Diversity in the Blockchain, Miss Blockchain and Strategy Smash are building networks and platforms to promote gender equality in the blockchain industry to promote and promote narratives about women. Women working on the blockchain affect the women’s space. Blockchain is developing ways for women to participate in the economy, reduce the gender gap and increase participation in leadership positions, invest in women founders and engage women in leadership initiatives.

Globally, we need to build women data scientists, technical developers and coders, women advisors in the field of blockchain, and investment networks that threaten new technologies and women -led investment funds. And companies develop them. Women leaders and organizations in this blockchain sector are actively involved and pay special attention to the SDG goals.

The challenge is to change lenses and adjust the perception of technological bias. Blockchain plays a supportive role for gender equality, women and girls. According to the United Nations Definition of Gender Equality and Sustainable Development Goals, all SDGs will be based on the achievement of Goal 5. The impact of future work is at stake here.

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In Focus: Women And The Sustainable Development Goals (sdgs): Sdg 5: Gender Equality

About Cindy Chin Cindy Chin is an entrepreneur, venture strategist and cultural ambassador for the arts and sciences. As CEO of CLC Consultants LLC, he is an opportunity scout for VC and LP partners, a leader in global strategic thinking, and a desired speaker to form startup teams in frontier technologies.

Cindy is the organizer of the Digital Conference and Artificial Intelligence Expo and Machine Learning Program in Cologne, Germany. She is also the founder of a blockchain enthusiast organization to ensure the diversity and inclusion of women in technology. He is NASA’s Datanaut to promote information science, coding and gender diversity at NASA Headquarters.

She is a Women Consultant at Blockchain International, a consultant in the Google Launchpad Mentor Program, Stanford University’s Innovation and Technology Keys Program, and a member of the Silicon Casses Academy Startup Academy in Salzburg, Austria.

Sustainable Development Gender Equality

Cindy by McKinsey & Company, Inc. And is a former management consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers. In 2018, he was named one of the “50 Bravest Entrepreneurs” by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Sdg 5 Gender Equality Purpose Tourism For Sustainable Development — Earth Changers

Stephen Foster is the co -founder of Strategic Strategy, which provides strategic advice to companies, institutions and philanthropists to ensure their investments in women and girls are effective and transformative. From 2012-17, she served as Senior Adviser to the Secretary of State for International Affairs at the U.S. Department of State, and previously focused on Women and the Public at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan. Society. Prior to joining the State Department, he had his own consulting firm, focusing on domestic and international policy mobilization, government affairs, program development and training, and law. She has worked extensively in leadership skills, civic engagement and advocacy, particularly for women, both in the U.S. and abroad; Strategic planning; Organizational governance and democracy; And project planning and management. Foster In his personal practice, the U.S. Senator. Barbara M ኩል kolski (DMD) and Chris Dodd (D-CT) are chief of staff.

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About Smash Strategy Smash Strategy helps businesses, foundations and philanthropists create sustainable and creative solutions to complex challenges. Their clients succeed when they can harness the power of useless women and girls and invest in game -changing ideas.

About Women Women on the Fan Blog blockchain was created to encourage the diversity and inclusion of women in technology. Women are raised, educated and encouraged to participate

Blockchain For Social Impact: Gender Equality, A Necessary Addendum

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