Why Is Gender Equality Important

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On this page, we gather all our resources specifically to promote gender equality in children. These resources include books, lesson plans, free posters, and activities.

Promoting gender equality will enable all children to understand that they have equal opportunities, and will encourage our younger generation to tolerate differences that reduce the incidence of violence, abuse and harassment.

Why Is Gender Equality Important

Why Is Gender Equality Important

Domestic violence occurs when one (or more) family members consider themselves superior, stronger, and more powerful, and this is reinforced by their gender stereotypes. As a society, we are so familiar with gender stereotypes (e.g., male leaders, female supporters) that we often do not realize that we are doing so, or that its effect is that gender stereotypes prevent gender equality.

How To Teach Children About Gender Equality

Children should not know what it means to be a boy or a girl. Gender stereotypes are set aside by adults and older children with social expectations. By understanding this, we realize that we can actively promote gender equality and that the more we start early, the more effective we can be.

Gender equality is very important for a fair and just world. Through the use of our children’s books and resources, children will soon learn that we look alike in every sense. As children grow up, they should follow their passions and never allow them to limit their choices to their gender stereotypes.

We can give young women the opportunity to have strength, confidence, confidence and self-worth, and we can teach boys to respect, accept and appreciate this opportunity. Boys can learn that their lives will be richer if they collaborate with girls of all genders on an equal basis and contribute to their talents. Girls are technically and physically strong, while boys can have nurturing perspectives and artistic talent. No one should hide who they are. Promoting gender equality has a direct impact on improving mental health, social and emotional intelligence, and helps prevent various forms of violence.

Educate2Empower Publishing is an international award-winning children’s book specializing in children’s books on physical safety, consent, gender equality, respectful relationships and social and emotional intelligence.

Teaching Children About Gender Equality — Books And Resources — Educate2empower Publishing

Our books combine beautiful illustrations with basic educational concepts, capture a child’s imagination, and teach them important messages for their development and safety.

Strengthen children through age-appropriate events, activities, important lessons and skills, and encourage communication and discussion. Books can also be used to help prevent or combat bullying, while promoting mental health, equality, and diversity. Ideal for anyone caring for children, including parents, school / kindergarten teachers, social workers, psychologists, public health services, family support services and much more! At a major conference on investing in and implementing gender equality, Roman Delivered and Focus 2030 conducted a new public opinion poll that showed that the global community strongly supports gender equality and that most governments are ready to take action.

The White Deliver and Focus 2030 report is the first type of international survey of 17 countries on six continents, covering six generations. Equality Action Coalition. The study was designed to increase public participation in achieving gender equality and provide information on public relations and perceptions to prioritize efforts to promote gender equality in governments, the private sector, civil society organizations, lawyers, youth and the media. Obligations on the equality of generations.

Why Is Gender Equality Important

According to the survey, 80% of respondents believe that individual gender equality is important, 65% want the government to invest more in promoting gender equality, and 82% believe that women should be involved in all aspects of COVID-19 and recovery efforts .

Top Five

During the launch on Thursday, January 28, UN Executive Director for Women Phumzile Mlambo-Ngkuka welcomed the results of the survey, noting that “the work we are doing on the Generation gives us a chance every ten years.” , accelerating the realization of women’s rights in difficult and difficult times. It is an opportunity we cannot delay or reduce. “

Today I join @WomenDeliver and @ _Focus2030 to launch new data on public opinion on gender equality. We call on governments, civil society and youth to make #GenerationalEquality a reality. It will be a decade for the action. pic.twitter.com/MXfgBx7ANU – Phumzile Mlambo (@phumzileunwomen) January 28, 2021

The survey also shows that the international community supports the government’s strong commitment to a coalition across all six generations of the equality movement. Dr. Nadine Gasman, President of the National Women’s Institute of Mexico, stressed the importance of these concepts for making public policy, noting that “the results of this survey are important not only at the international level but also in our country.” He added that Mexico, as the leader of the Coalition for Economic Justice and Rights, believes that “if we want to change our economy and our social structure, we must be determined to attract investment.”

Ambassador Dolphin O., Ambassador of France and Secretary General of Generational Equality, along with the leader of the Coalition for Action on Body Autonomy, Sexual Health and Reproduction and Rights, stressed the importance of the results for France. “It’s very helpful to understand that our work is based on real-life concerns and to guide us and give us direction on where we want to go with the equality of generations.”

Why Is Gender Equality Important?

The findings of the study, the report, and the launch are clear: the public, especially young people, are more focused on gender equality and want more action than talk. “The excuse that the world is not ready to act on gender equality can no longer be used. This survey shows that the world is not only ready but also requires action on gender equality. Hannah Christiansdottir, Former United Nations Adviser on Women’s Leadership, said in his final speech.

Focus 2030 and Women Deliver “Citizens Call for a World of Gender Equality: Action Map” Read the full report and country handouts here. A new global analysis of progress in the areas of gender equality and women’s rights shows that women and girls are disproportionately affected. COVID-19 is struggling with the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic, disproportionate loss of unemployment and livelihoods, disruption of education and increasing the burden of unpaid childcare. Prior to the pandemic, poorly funded women’s health services were severely disrupted, affecting women’s sexual and reproductive health. Despite the key role women play in responding to COVID-19, included as leading health professionals, they still do not have the leadership positions they deserve.

The latest UN Women report, in collaboration with the UN DESA, provides the latest data on gender equality in all 17 Sustainable Development Goals: Gender Card 2021. The report highlights the progress made since 2015, but also awakens the immediate COVID pandemic -19, its impact on the well-being of women, and its threat to future generations.

Why Is Gender Equality Important

A year and a half after the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic, the number of the poorest and most vulnerable remains disproportionate and disproportionate. The combined effects of conflict, weather and COVID-19 prevented women and girls from even basic needs, such as food security. Unless urgent action is taken to end poverty, hunger and growing inequality, millions of people will suffer, especially in countries affected by conflict and other forms of severe crisis.

Ahead Of The Generation Equality Forum, New Multi Country Data Finds Majority Of Citizens Call For Bolder Commitments For Gender Equality

In 2021, extreme poverty will increase and progress toward its elimination will be reversed. About 435 million women and girls worldwide live in extreme poverty.

More than 150 million women and girls will be lifted out of poverty by 2030 if governments implement a comprehensive strategy to improve access to education and family planning, achieve equal wages and expand social transfers.

During the pandemic, the global gender gap in food security became more pronounced, causing famine among women and girls. Food security levels for women were 10 percent higher than men in 2020 and 6 percent higher in 2019.

In particular, in increasing funding, training and land reform, in supporting small producers, who typically earn much less than men.

Role And Importance Of Gender Equality In Education

Disruption of basic health services due to COVID-19 is a tragedy for women and girls. In the first year of the pandemic, another 1.4 million unexpected pregnancies were reported in low- and middle-income countries.

Responding to a pandemic should include giving priority to sexual and reproductive health services to ensure safe operations now and long after the pandemic ends. In addition, more support is needed to ensure that life-saving personal protective equipment, tests, oxygen and emergency vaccines are available in rich and poor countries, as well as vulnerable populations in the country.

A year and a half after the pandemic, 42 percent of schools remain partially or completely closed.

Why Is Gender Equality Important

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