Summer Programs For Elementary Students

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Help your child develop roles, learn life skills, and discover new interests. No matter what your child likes, there is a campground for every child in the Ozarks and around them.

Summer is a magical time for kids. School is falling apart and the possibilities seem endless. It keeps them physically and mentally active, helping them develop roles, learn life skills, and discover new interests. No matter what your child likes, in the cottage and in the cottages around it, every child has everything they need.

Summer Programs For Elementary Students

Imagine a camp where the kids had breakfast, with a numeral lemon, kiss them before lunch, make dishes on bicycles in the afternoon, and play games throughout the camp. Have a break after dinner. Cub Creek Science Camp is the foundation! With more than 300 animals, 6-element ropes, archery, guns, art, crafts, digital photography, chemistry, anthropology, criminology, pots, food science and more, we are not your average camp. The purpose of the Crab Creek Science Camp is to create lifelong memories, develop and nurture friendships, and improve the lives of all campers ages 7-17. Twenty-five years later, we are joining people from all over the world, establishing thousands of strong and lasting friendships, and introducing countless people to the wonderful animals associated with this planet. There are more than 100 species of lume, lemurs, alpacas, small horses, parrots, lizards, armadillos, lazy fish, boats, pigs, pigs and snacks that we love, control and feed in our camp here. The facility is air-conditioned and the food is served as a buffet and other food is available. Call us at 573-458-2125; And follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

March 11: Find A Summer Program For Your Kids

Isn’t it time we have children? After a long school year at Discovery Center’s private campground, rekindle your love of learning with everything your kids love, such as NERF, space exploration, and video games!

Discovery Center is the most weather-resistant summer camp for kids ages 5-14, with more than 15 practical summer camps. Campers will warm up to the kitchen, learn the science of cooking, make new techniques from old technology, get acquainted with Dr. Seuss’s colorful world, prepare for outdoor travel, and marvel at practical training. The Discovery Center provides an education that encourages children to enjoy parenting at an easy cost.

The camp will run from 9am to 4pm. You would give them a small class in the right hands with a 1:10 staff-child ratio. They will experience a memorable summer for the award winning team, along with the latest features from Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Discovery Center members can save up to $ 50 on every basic registration! Most importantly, each membership encourages the Discovery Center’s non-profit mission to inspire curiosity and biological learning for students of all ages and offer world-class experiences through advanced scientific technology. Don’t worry about waiting because there are so few and the bases go on sale very quickly, sign up today at

Summer Programs For Kids That Are Cheap Or Free!

Discovery Garden Montessori is about to have a fun and educational summer! Summer Camp invites fifth-grade children from 16 months to an unforgettable summer from June 6 to July 29. The schedule for the summer camp is 8: 00-17: 00 in the morning and half in the day. The cottage offers the option of registering weekly or throughout the summer for your convenience. During the week, our children will have the opportunity to participate in steep camps on STEM projects, art, music, creative movement, and world culture topics, as well as Montessori teaching techniques and a variety of hand-drawn summer activities. General Chat Chat Lounge – About learning. Sign Up Now To Enjoy Your Kids In The Summer, Learn And Make New Friends!

Get out this summer with Girl Scouts! Summer camp is about that. That means we have a summer camp for every girl! Whether he wants to spend the summer defending himself to art or making his own free board game, his summer cottage adventure can be found in the Missouri Heartland.

You can even make it a family affair! Everyone can have fun because they can use Family Camp. During those two days, families have the opportunity to spend a summer camp together, enjoying the tradition of camping together. Family camps at our four program centers are close to home and allow the family to plug in and out.

Is she not a scout? For $ 25, get a Girl Scout Adventure all year long! Available for financial assistance. Visit to learn more and sign up for your next great, adventure!

Summer Camp Theme Weeks

SLT offers several summer workshops last one week and two weeks from May to August. These summer camps cater to students ages 4 to 18. SLT is pleased to provide each participating child with a fun, entertaining summer camping experience, enriching them with acting, musical theater, dance, performance, technical theater, film and theater management.

Youth participation in the Springfield Small Theater encourages love and respect for all fields of community, arts and theater. It helps in finding discipline and goodness and allows for friendliness and fun!

Expand your mind with Explore, our exciting and free summer program that offers students a fun and exciting learning experience. When you search using Explore, you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge on new and exciting topics. Regardless of your class level and interests, our program offers something for every student! Started programs include exhibitions, the Olympic Tour, and the Life Labs. In addition, art classes for grades 3-5 are held in three locations.

High school students can choose from a variety of subjects, including coding, outdoor skills, and water adventures. Prizes: For the first time in grades 6-8, the High School Academy of Fine Arts is open to students interested in music, theater, fine arts, dance, creative writing and more!

Madison School & Community Recreation

• Elementary classes are from 8:20 am to 15:50 in the morning. (Except Hicory Hills, Pleasant View, Westport). • Middle school classes are 7:30 to 15:00. • Free food and bus service for deserving students. • Elementary and middle school students can choose from individual or online classes. • Seats will be held from June 6 to July 15, and online classes will be from June 6-30 and July 5-29.

With over 100 high school classes, students can take graduation credits, complete their credit, or include extra college preparation classes in their transcripts. This means they have more room in their schedule for the coming year and more opportunities for lessons they are interested in!

Thanks to the flexible structure of introductory courses, students can log in and work at their facility. This means that it is still time to sleep, relax in the pool, or work in the summer. Yes, and when it comes to work, students are appreciated too! Launch courses include courses that allow students to work or volunteer for credit.

The introductory virtual courses are part of the Springfield Public Schools Introduction Program and are offered in two classes. You can see a complete list of launch course options and access for free enrollment in high school students at You can also call 417-523-0417 for more information.

Summer Programs For Kids & Teens

Sign up for summer SPARC day camp. Camps include sports, crafts, sports, nature activities, and teamwork. Load / Take in Disney or Boerman Elementary School or Glendale High School. Choose from many of the SPARC school sites or go to nature, build a castle and play in the middle of Richter Springs. The summer find is for 11-14 year olds. Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park offers several full day camps for children ages 6-12 and eight day camps for 4-5 year olds. It is possible to take care of the kids for extra money before and after the summer camp. There are several additional events in the park this summer. All Park County Base will follow the CDC guidelines and work closely with the Springfield-Greene County Health Department. Visit

Sign up for a summer getaway with Camp Rouen! These weekly summer camps provide a fun, safe and exciting way to continue learning during your summer vacations. Led by talented and passionate teachers, each camp focuses on important topics, from STEM and art studies to music and movement. Campers will enjoy it as they learn and make new friends! Weekly Summer Camp is open to 5th graders from pre-K grade. There is also a popup session for middle and high school students. To find out more about 2022 basic offers, morning and afternoon schedules, and prices, visit Don’t delay because space is limited – sign up today!

Visit the magnificent EdVenture Summer Camp for wildlife. Experience the sights, sounds and smells of the world’s wildest places

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