Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goals

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To measure and report on gender equality and to empower women for climate goals and goals for sustainable development, 6 Dec. 2018, is the first in a series of W + webinars that will continue into 2019.

Jeannette Gurung, CEO of WOCAN, gave an overview of the latest trends and drivers for gender equality and introduced the W + standard, which was developed in 2015 to increase resilience and responsibility for gender initiatives, encourage new investment to empower women and create a market-based results-based funding mechanism . Projects that meet the standard requirements can create and sell W + units, which are now listed on Markit, a global environmental register.

Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goals

Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goals

Tanushree Bagh Mukherjee, Senior Manager for Business Development and Sustainable Standards at the South Pole, discusses how SDG5 addresses other SDGs, and the value of W + to provide economic and social returns from investment. He shared SP’s commitment to Nepal’s award-winning biogas project, which has created Markit-listed W + Time units and is available for sale.

Goal 5: Achieve Gender Equality And Empower All Women And Girls

Maria Lee, W + coordinator, presents the results of a W + application in a CSR project in Morocco implemented by ACWA POWER, an international power company. The project measures the benefits of livestock and craft activities using two W + domains: Income & assets and Education & Knowledge. The measured and verified benefits generated a 67% increase in income and assets and an 183% increase in knowledge per woman for the livestock part and 228% per woman for the craft part. The produced W + units will soon be listed on Markit and available for sale by the company.

John Holler, Senior Program Officer at Verra, discusses how Verra values ​​W + as an additional certification in addition to a Verified Carbon Unit for certification of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects. W + -labelled VCUs allow carbon dioxide projects to showcase their contributions to women’s empowerment in six domains.

Sandeep Roy Choudhury, project developer of community-based climate projects at VNV Advisory Services, highlighted the central role of women in climate-related projects and the importance of creating incentives for project developers to design gender-centered projects. He presented several examples of projects that would use W + and decided which domains would be most useful.

Rachel Vestergaard officially launched Empower Co. with 60 guests representing major financial institutions, companies, the UN, the media, NGOs, book publishers, entrepreneurs and even some blockchain experts. Authorize CO. which is the first in the world …

In Focus: Women And The Sustainable Development Goals (sdgs): Sdg 5: Gender Equality

This article focuses on how women and men are represented in the decision-making process (as methodological issues) and provides some preliminary observations on how they can be affected differently by a carbon dioxide price. Gender equality is a fundamental human right, but only 143 of the 195 countries have constitutionalized gender equality, and women worldwide suffer from exploitation, violence, harmful practices and lower rights and access than men in terms of resources, ownership, control and finances. It has been proven that empowering women and girls contributes to economic growth and is essential for sustainable development; Attempts to deal with the climate crisis have failed when gender issues have not been addressed. (* CIA fact book)

Better access to paid employment, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and public and private decision-making will ensure fair and sustainable development. In many parts of the world, this has not happened until now, although the situation has improved. Tourism can help play an important role in justice and autonomy.

Although some indicators of gender inequality are improving, inequality is still high. Insufficient development of structural issues underlying inequality (legal discrimination, inequality and social behavior, sexual and reproductive decision-making and low levels of political participation) weakens the ability to achieve SDG 5. (

Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goals

Child marriage before the age of 18 is a violation of human rights, often affects women and can lead to a lifetime of disadvantage and loss. Most common in sub-Saharan Africa (34.5%), as most of the reductions were driven by South Asia, where a woman’s risk of marrying in childhood has decreased by about 40% since 2000; and 25% between 2013 and 2018.

Gender Equality As An Accelerator For Achieving The Sdgs

Female genital mutilation: A violation of human rights. Between 2000 and 2018 in 30 countries where the practice was concentrated and an established social norm, it decreased by more than 25%, where now more than 1/3 of the girls aged 15-19 underwent the procedure, compared with 1/2 in the middle of 1980s. But in some countries, female genital mutilation is almost universal – it affects at least 9 out of 10 women and girls aged 15-49. Even in countries where practice has become less common, growth must be accelerated by a factor of 10 to reach the global elimination target by 2030, due to population growth.

Physical and / or sexual violence: Data from 106 countries show that the prevalence of physical and / or sexual violence between spouses is highest in the least developed countries, at 24%. (PwC, Navigating the SDGs, 2016).

Sexual and reproductive health and rights: Just under half of women aged 15 to 49, married or unionized, do not make their own decisions about sexual relations and the use of contraceptives and health services: Inequality that puts women at increased risk of developing. . HIV, the leading cause of death among women of childbearing age worldwide.

In education, worldwide, the majority of adults (15+) who are illiterate are women; more women go out of school, compared to men.

Measuring And Reporting On Gender Equality And Women’s Empowerment For Climate And Sdgs

Unpaid work and domestic work: Women spend more hours per day in unpaid care and domestic work than men, which limits the available time for paid work, education and entertainment, etc., which reinforces gender-based socio-economic disadvantages. The gender gap increases when women are more likely to have small children at home.

Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics, including healthcare professionals) still make up only 13% of the workforce, despite significant growth. Women were also not represented in the sports world and all women’s events received much less media coverage compared to events similar to men. (Expedition, 2017).

In the field of law and legal protection: From data collected in four parts of the 2018 law from 53 countries, almost a third have legal gaps in the area of ​​overall legal structures and public life (eg constitution, anti-discrimination laws, quotas, legal aid). more than 25% have legal gaps in the area of ​​violence against women; and 29% and 24% respectively have legal gaps in the area of ​​employment and financial benefits and in the area of ​​marriage and family.

Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goals

Gender-based exploitation has also hindered the climate crisis’s attempts to repair and adapt to environmental degradation, and climate change, in turn, is increasing violence against women and girls. Where extreme weather puts the natural environment under stress and intense competition for resources, links between gender-based violence, environmental crimes such as wildlife harvesting and illegal resource extraction, and an increase in sex trafficking and violence. Sexual violence is used to oppress environmental activists, to damage their status in a society and to discourage others. But few projects for climate or conservation know this. So gender equality must also be at the heart of all practical climate and ecological strategies. (IUCN, 2020)

Sdg 5 Gender Equality Purpose Tourism For Sustainable Development — Earth Changers

“Achieving full human potential and sustainable development is not possible if half of humanity continues to be deprived of their full human rights and opportunities”

There can be no sustainable development without gender equality, which is crucial for any sustainable development goal. Empowering women is a prerequisite for resolving poverty and resource issues and peace. Gender equality requires strong efforts and a legal framework to curb deep-rooted gender-based discrimination. Fortunately, social norms can and do change.

In most regions of the world, women make up the majority of tourist workers, representing 55.5% of hospitality worldwide, up to 70% in some regions (International Labor Organization).

As such, women in tourism are likely to have the lowest wages and jobs with the lowest status, and women create many unpaid jobs in family tourism companies (UNWTO and UN).

Sdgs & Me: Gender Equality

It will also be noted that women “also tend to work exclusively with women. Such gender segregation affects wages, access to education and therefore towards better paid employment” (Equality in Tourism).

“Much more needs to be done to reduce the gender gap, in particular to ensure equal pay for men and women for equal employment, raise the quality of work and end all discrimination.” -Taleb Rifai, Secretary-General, UNWTO, 2011How can tourism help to achieve equality between women and girls?

You can offer jobs to women in the hospitality industry, which ensures equal access to microcredit; invest in education; promote mentorship and provide media success stories for women entrepreneurs in the tourism sector who have made a difference in their communities.

Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goals

Tourism can empower women in many ways, especially by providing jobs and through income-generating opportunities for small and large businesses related to tourism and hospitality.

Goal 5 Gender Equality 1

As one of the sectors with the highest proportion of working women and entrepreneurs, tourism can be a tool for women to unlock their potential and help them to be fully involved and lead in all aspects of society.

In the second phase of the project, 12 more women were trained and sales increased by 48% through better sales. Its 3rd phase that an independent business added to a studio and in-store showroom established in 2015. As an independent cooperative, 90 members will now from 2020 spread their knowledge

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