Benefits Of Parental Involvement In Schools

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12 things that can make me feel that parents have been accepted in primary school (some of them happened at my daughters’ school and some at other schools I have seen):

Schools send text messages to parents in many different ways. These messages can create a vivid picture in parents’ minds about how they view their school. Does the school see them as partners and resources that are important in the children’s education? Or does the school see itself as a disruptive force that needs to be controlled?

Benefits Of Parental Involvement In Schools

Benefits Of Parental Involvement In Schools

These messages can be conveyed in subtle ways, including parental acceptance at school, newsletters, school staff and opportunities for parents to actively participate in school.

The Benefits Of Parent Involvement In Schools

Of course, not all parents will want to be actively involved in school. Epstein (2001) identified six types of family-preserving involvement in their children’s education. The following summaries are from Jennings and Bosch (2011):

Each of these types of involvement can be useful in children’s (and adults’) learning, and schools can play an important role in recognizing and appreciating the unique contributions of parents. Accepting different types of parental involvement can help schools see parents as tools and not problems.

Schools must provide strong and clear information that parents are an important part of their children’s education. Family – school-to-school partnership: The school and family document outlines 11 principles that strengthen the family-school interaction.

These principles send a clear message that all schools and families have an important role to play in educating students. It’s not about valuing each other over each other; it’s about appreciating both features.

Experts Discuss The Importance Of Positive Parental Involvement In Education

The school’s learning support program (2010) has made a significant contribution to «Positively engaging parents». While focusing on students with other learning needs, it has increased functionality. All the good material, which clearly emphasizes the importance of parents (and schools), creates a clear message to parents of true value, and provides practical advice. To give you an idea of ​​this powerful sauce, here are a few quotes, but I encourage you to look at the entire document:

The New South Wales Department of Education and Training supports meaningful participation by parents or guardians in their children’s education. Parents’ knowledge and understanding of their child is an important factor in a team’s work to support school learning (p. 2). Parents’ desire and ability to do well in their child’s education can be influenced by the style of communication used by the school. Good communication skills have the power to inform and engage parents about school-related issues. It can increase relationships and trust (p. 4). Over time, with good leadership, schools can be a place where parents are truly involved in making decisions about their child’s education and where parents and teachers agree as partners in a child’s development and development (p. 9). Parents and community members are the best to consider whether the methods used by the school to support parental involvement are effective. Schools wishing to evaluate parental involvement should consult with parents and the school community and should monitor progress continuously (p. 10).

Of course, there may be some parents who act in a provocative or even inappropriate way. As indicated by the School of Learning Support Programs:

Benefits Of Parental Involvement In Schools

Creating a strong bond between parents and teachers can be challenging and should not be taken for granted. It is important for parents and teachers to recognize the great benefits of parental involvement and the important role parents play in their children’s education (p. 2).

Parent Engagement In Schools

But by making a message that parents are valued, valued and adopted, they can help solve some of these problems. Creating relationships can be difficult, especially if questions of control and power arise when employees and parents adapt to an increased degree of parental involvement, but through lasting cooperation, school-family relationships can be established that directly benefit the children involved.

Department of Education, Employment and Working Conditions. (2008). Family-School Partnerships Framework: A Textbook for Schools and Families. Canberra: Department of Education, Employment and Working Conditions. Available from

Jennings, K., & Bosch, C. (2011). Parents’ involvement in children’s education. Western Creek, ACT: Family-School & Community Partnerships Bureau. Available from

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Benefits Of Parental Engagement Final

Involving parents in school is a necessary part of the student’s achievements. In fact, parental involvement can have a direct impact on student achievement. Many studies show that students whose parents are active in school often show the following:

It just makes sense that parents handle students’ success well. According to a 2008 report, when schools, parents and families work together to support students, these students succeed. It is also important to note that when a school has several parents, all children benefit, according to a 1995 study entitled A Generation of Evidence: The Family is Critical to Student Achievement.

All right, Heather. You may be speaking on your own. But why? How do we get parents into our schools who themselves are busy and stressed and many are just worried that the students will go to school on time?

Benefits Of Parental Involvement In Schools

So I created what I call eight PS for parental involvement. This is done to help the teacher or school or district make decisions to reach out to increase parental involvement.

Physical And Psycho Social Benefits Of Parental Involvement In Organized Physical Activities For Children With Intellectual Disabilities In Nairobi County, Kenya

Yes, it is easy to know how to increase parental involvement, but it is not easy to take action to make it happen. But do not worry, you do not have to do it yourself. Collaborate with parents to create a thoughtful plan dedicated to preaching and dedicated to increasing the number of parents getting married. And do not limit your relationship to your former partners. Call directly to invite others. Create a shared vision where the school is considered a good place for all participants, and be prepared to start a campaign to connect more parents than ever before.

Heather Wolpert-Gawron is a teacher at Jefferson Middle School in San Gabriel, California, and author of Just Ask Us: Children Speak Out for Student Performance.

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Making Parents Feel Welcome In Schools

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