Exchange Programs For Armenian Students

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As winter and spring approach, our exchange students begin to think about the time they spent in the United States before returning home. See what Annie, an Armenian AYA exchange course student who hosted in New York, said over the past few weeks about studying Civic Education Week in Washington and visiting New York with her local exchange student group – and the memories that Live and influence. His life:

As I think of the year of my transformation, my mind is filled with the adventures and experiences I have experienced during these precious months, and it never leaves my heart, even though I am on the other side of the ocean. I would like to mention February, which started with a civic [education] seminar and ended with a trip with my favorite coordinator and group.

Exchange Programs For Armenian Students

It’s not easy to describe my excitement because visiting the city of my dreams (NYC), feeling the mixed culture, seeing the beautiful skyscrapers that make you fly, walking to the Empire [state] building is always a big one. The goal is. But don’t be afraid to look down because you know that the lights of beauty are calling you. It was an honor to visit the United Nations and expand my knowledge and research in the world and diversity.

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To be a man of art, it was a great opportunity to learn the spirit of art and to be inspired by work in museums, to explore American values. Why not go to the world of chocolate, learn the facts about chocolate, have fun and feel sweet.

By the way, at the end of my story, I would like to say that not only did I enjoy visiting these wonderful places, but I also developed leadership skills. It was teamwork with great leaders because all the students were responsible for each other, caring for each other as a loyal family.

Even though we can’t sleep well when we wait for the sun to rise to see all the new things, these memories will always remain in our minds.

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