Undergraduate Scholarship International Students

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If you are looking for fully funded undergraduate scholarships to fund your higher education, you have come to the right place.

We have compiled a complete list of fully funded undergraduate scholarships available in various countries around the world. You can find and match specific financial support that fits your criteria. These scholarships are available in universities for almost all types of field of study.

Undergraduate Scholarship International Students

Without a hitch, here are 12 fully funded undergraduate scholarships for international students that you should consider applying now.

List Of Scholarships For International Students

The ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship is offered by Nanyang Technological University (NTU) for citizens except Singapore, or permanent residents of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

From the main list of fully funded undergraduate scholarships, ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship covers the general term of the program on the condition that the scholar maintains a record of good academic performance and exemplary conduct, including:

Brunei Darussalam Government Scholarship Negara is offered to provide financial assistance to Brunei Darussalam citizens and international students in the study of knowledge from undergraduate to postgraduate studies.

The scholarship is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Brunei Darussalam. Brunei has four top universities which are included in the program study areas such as University of Brunei Darussalam (UBD), Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA), Universiti Teknologi Brunei (UTB) and Brunei Polytechnic (PB).

List Of Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students 2022

If you are successful in getting this scholarship, many facilities are provided here. Successful candidates will be exempted from all tuition fees during the study, round trip airfare to Brunei Darussalam, monthly allowance of BND 500, book allowance of BND 600 per year, monthly food allowance of BND 150, maximum BND 250 for countries Equal allowance. In the ASEAN region, insurance coverage for the term of the scholarship, as well as residential accommodation at Irada University or Polytechnic.

The Korea Global Scholarship (formerly known as the Korea Government Scholarship) is one of the fully funded undergraduate scholarships offered by the Korean government to international students to pursue advanced studies in undergraduate programs in higher education institutions in the Republic. . Korea to promote international exchanges in education and friendship between countries.

Beneficiaries must take 1 year Korean language training courses at a language institute located on the campus of a national university. Those who have a Korean language fluency score above level 5 on TOPIK are exempt from this requirement.

The Indian Council for Cultural Relations, which is required to manage the Government of India’s scholarship programs, provides approximately 3,940 scholarships to foreign students from approximately 140 counties under 26 different schemes. Of these 23 schemes, six are funded by the ICCR with its own grants and the others are run by the MEA and the Ministry of AYUSH.

Fully Funded Scholarships 2022 (for International Students)

Courses offered for the study include undergraduate, graduate, and M.Sc. Phil / Ph.D. Level Each academic year, ICCR hosts more than 6,000 foreign students studying at various universities, colleges, NITs and central / state agricultural institutions.

KAIST Scholarships are fully funded undergraduate scholarships aimed at assisting international students who wish to pursue undergraduate studies at KAIST Korea. The scholarship provides students with full tuition discounts, pocket money for living expenses and national health insurance. The program seeks to select students who meet the goal of promoting scientific talents that contribute to national and social development.

Applicants who have Korean citizenship are not eligible to apply as foreign students. International applicants must meet one of the following two requirements:

Following bilateral agreements between the Government of Latvia and some countries on cooperation in education and science, Latvia offers scholarships to foreign students, researchers and teaching staff for study, research and participation in summer schools in Latvian higher education institutions.

Utc International Undergraduate Student Scholarships In Usa

Citizens of countries that have signed an agreement with Latvia or offer scholarships to Latvian citizens can apply for Latvian state scholarships. The language of instruction in Latvian higher education institutions is predominantly Latvian, although some study programs are offered in English.

Citizens of more than 40 eligible countries can apply for Latvian State Scholarships, fully funded undergraduate scholarships for study and research in Latvian higher education institutions. The call for applications is open from February 1 to April 1 each year. Latvia State Scholarships are awarded to international students, researchers and teaching staff.

The Mitsui Busan Scholarship Program for Indonesia was established in 1992 in Tokyo, Japan as a non-profit foundation with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (formerly known as the Ministry of Education). Funded by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. The program aims to encourage Indonesian students who want to study at Japanese universities and thus pursue a bachelor’s degree.

As a result, after completing their studies in Japan, the recipients will be able to do their best in their respective fields to contribute to the development of Indonesia, reflecting their experiences of living and studying in Japan.

Usa Scholarships 2022 2022 (for International Students)

Therefore, scholars who have completed their studies in Japan under the program will need to do their best to achieve the objectives of the program, however, scholars will be completely free from any other responsibilities and duties.

The Taiwan Scholarship Program is a joint initiative launched in 2004 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), and the National Science Council (NSC). China In 2011, the Taiwan Scholarship Program evolved into the MOFA Taiwan Scholarship Program and the MOE Taiwan Scholarship Program to cater to students from diverse backgrounds.

The Taiwan MOE Scholarship continues to encourage outstanding students to pursue academic degrees in Taiwan and to deepen their understanding of Taiwan’s academic environment, thereby building exchanges and friendship between Taiwan and their home countries.

The Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) offers a scholarship for international students under the Educational Scholarship Program which gives the selected candidate the opportunity to study at the undergraduate level in the leading universities of Azerbaijan.

List Of Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships In Usa 2022

By the Romanian state, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to foreign nationals, H.G. Scholarship program offered on the basis of. 288/1993. Fully funded undergraduate scholarships are offered to foreign nationals from countries that are not members of the European Union.

The scheme is dedicated to secondary school graduates or equivalent pre-university studies as well as candidates who need to continue their studies in Romania. Depending on the specific needs of the chosen faculty, the full cycle of university studies lasts 3 to 6 years, and ends with a final examination (license).

To promote Romanian language and culture among foreign nationals, recipients of scholarships awarded by the Romanian state should study only in Romanian. Candidates who do not know Romanian are offered an additional preparation year to study the language.

The Stipendium Hungricum Scholarship Program was launched in 2013 by the Hungarian government. The central mission of the program is to increase the number of foreign students in Hungary and to encourage Hungarian higher education institutions to attract the best foreign students.

University Of Dayton Undergraduate Scholarship For International Students In The Usa

Thousands of students from around the world apply for higher education in Hungary each year. The number of applicants for Stipendium Hungaricom is steadily increasing, as is the number of scholarship locations available. In the 2019/2020 call, more than 4,400 scholarships were awarded. Thus, in the academic year 2019/20, the number of foreign students studying in Hungary under the Stependum Hungricum Scholarship Program has reached 9,000.

The program is based on bilateral educational cooperation agreements signed between the countries of origin / regions and the ministries or institutions responsible for education in Hungary. Currently, about 70 sending participants participate in the program on 5 different continents and the geographical scope of the program is growing every year.

With the introduction of the Turkish Scholarship in 2012, which received about 40,000 applications in its first year, the number of applications increased rapidly over the years, reaching nearly 150,000 in 2019.

Turkey Scholarships is a scholarship program that not only provides financial support, but also guarantees students a university placement in their desired application program. With this feature, it is different from other scholarship programs in the world. In addition to university education, it aims to provide students with the benefits of programs and activities outside of the social, cultural, and academic curriculum in Turkey.

Fully Funded Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students

By international students studying in Turkey, Turkey’s goal is to raise generations who have solutions to the problems of their countries and our world, with equal opportunities and a high-national perspective.

With these fully funded undergraduate scholarships, you do not have to carry the burden of studying hard to maintain your academic performance as well as paying for your higher education. These fully funded undergraduate scholarships are the perfect solution for those of you who are interested in studying abroad without worrying about tuition fees. Want to start your studies abroad? The good news! A series of fully funded funds

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