Summer Internships For Students

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When you picture a summer internship, do you imagine a movie montage where a brave college student learns the ropes of a cool, groundbreaking company? Can you imagine a scene where the 20-something intern pitches a great idea or suggests a fantastic line of code or attends a nice event?

If you’ve been fantasizing about getting your hands dirty and really exploring things that interest you (instead of saving lives by the pool again), the good news is that you don’t have to wait until the end. university to find an internship. There are plenty of summer internships for high school students – if you know how to find them.

Summer Internships For Students

Most high school summer internships are unpaid (womp, womp). So why would you want to work for free when you can wait for a table or a lifeguard for cash? Internships are a great way to explore your interests before deciding on a major. No one wants to spend three years and thousands of dollars investing in a great and potential career only to find out that it’s not really your cup of tea to work in [insert industry here]. Plus – let’s be honest – high school summer internships can sometimes look good on college applications and they help you get revenge.

Best Summer Internships For High School Students

Your supervisor or academic advisor will have many resources, tips and contacts to help you find an internship. After all, it’s their job to help you navigate life after high school. Not sure what kind of internship or field of study you want to pursue? They can also help you find out.

“Hello Mr/Mrs Professor, I would like to gain experience in [insert area of ​​interest.] Do you know of any organization or someone who might be looking for a paid or unpaid intern to do X , Y, Z this summer?”

If you have a particular type of internship that interests you – a journal, a lab, or a store – talk to teachers who run courses related to those areas of study. Your language teacher may know journalists; your industry professor may be able to match you with a furniture designer.

If your drama teacher knows you’re hard-working, responsible, and fast-paced, he’ll probably be happy to put you in touch with his friend who runs your town’s drama troupe. If the VA Club manager knows you’re patient and creative, I bet he’ll be happy to introduce you to his friend who runs this production company.

Summer Internships For High School Students

Your parents are very invested in seeing you succeed, aren’t they? Right. So they’re probably willing to help spread the word that you’re looking for an internship. Your parents may be willing to reach out to their own network on your behalf – by posting on social media or reaching out to a family friend. There are plenty of other adults in your life who are happy to help – your friend’s parents and your parents’ friends are also great resources. Next time your parents are hosting a barbecue, instead of hiding in your room, go mingle. When adults inevitably ask how you’re doing or what your summer plans are, say “Good! I’m looking for internships or summer jobs at ___________ so if you know anyone looking for an intern I’d like to talk to them.”

We promise you that it is possible to do this in a way that is neither desperate nor uncomfortable. It could be a photo on your football team’s Instagram with a caption that reads “Playing with these amazing girls made my freshman year so amazing. I can’t wait to study sports medicine once I get there. university. If you know of good internships, HMU.”

I can hear you watching all the way here, but I promise you – LinkedIn isn’t just for 45-year-old HR executives (even if you’re a 45-year-old HR executive reading this, you should check out LinkedIn entirely). It’s a great place to show off your skills and accomplishments and, more importantly, it’s where hiring managers and internship coordinators socialize.

Start by writing your resume and highlighting the skills and accomplishments that relate to the type of internship you’re looking for. If you’re looking for journalism internships, pay attention to your time as a school newspaper editor, your award-winning essays, and all those AP English lessons. Be sure to complete the whooooole profile – teacher recommendations, awards, projects and courses.

Student Programs And Internships

Here’s a great checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything, and five great tips from my friends Bob and Lisa at College Matchpoint for high school students completing their LinkedIn profile. And now that you’ve created a profile you’re proud of, it’s time to start messaging people and asking about their internship program.

A little scary? Yes. Incredibly effective? Yes too ! A good LinkedIn message goes much further than “Hi, I’m a high school student looking for internships. Do you have any?” (But you already knew that, right?)

You’re more likely to find an internship you’re passionate about using the methods we’ve outlined above, but don’t forget the power of an old-fashioned internet search. Way Up,, and are all great resources. also publishes super helpful articles to help you avoid skimpy internships, make the most of the job you get, and make a good impression on your future employer.

Again, a bit scary but very effective. Why? Too few students have the courage to do this! What should you say when calling these local businesses? Test this: “Hi, I’m excited about your business and how well it’s doing X, Y, Z! I’m actually good at A, B, and C and I think I can help your business do D, E, F. Is it possible to set up time to talk about internships in your company this summer/autumn/winter/spring?

Csms Summer Internships

By bloggers, podcasters, influencers and online entrepreneurs who would love to have you as an intern. It’s worth noting that distance learning is probably best for beginners — people who don’t need a lot of personal supervision and can meet deadlines without being asked. How to get an internship with your favorite online personality? Create that LinkedIn profile, follow + interact with them on social media, subscribe to their newsletter and follow the same instructions we shared above regarding sending LinkedIn messages – but in this case it may be an Instagram or Facebook DM message.

Can’t find a summer internship? Do your own dang internship! Doing an internship will require a little more effort on your part, but it can be as rewarding as an “official” internship. Plus: you’ll spend a lot less time fetching coffee.

Marketing: Are you good at managing social media? Find a local small business and prepare a proposal on how you can renew their social media, website or online presence and give them new business.

Journalism: Interested in writing? Find a pen pal, writer, or journalist you like and send them an email or LinkedIn message and ask if they need help with background research or cold calling and topics interview for his next paragraph.

Internships & Career Opportunities

Do you want to volunteer IRL? Volunteer Match can help you find a local nonprofit that needs your skills. If you are interested in architecture, you can volunteer to help build houses. If you would like to be part of the pre-team, check out volunteer opportunities in justice and law. No matter what interests you, there’s a volunteer opportunity to match. Want to volunteer from the comfort of your couch? can connect you to volunteering opportunities for writing/editing, art/design, or tech development.

Even if you find the best and coolest volunteer gig in the world, it’s unlikely to take more than 10 hours a week. What else can you do with your summer? Create a standalone project. A self-directed project gives you the opportunity to improve your skills, work on something you’re passionate about, and fill your portfolio – no manager needed. What does a self-directed project look like? It depends on your field of study, but here are some examples:

You can’t get the most out of your internship if you, uh, don’t know what you want out of it. Which of these are you most interested in?

You get a bit of “all of the above” in each internship. But if any of them really resonate with you, make sure your employer knows about them and takes the lead in those areas. If you want to get out of your internship and know how to code in C++, register as a volunteer for programming projects and make yourself available to the IT department. If you’re hoping to end your internship with three portfolio-worthy design projects, create mockups for everything and seek input from the creative director.

Apc Summer Internship Opportunities

Best way to find out what interns are doing at the companies you’re interviewing for? Literally ask. When they inevitably end the interview with “And what questions do you have for me?” you can answer with “What types of duties and tasks do interns usually take on?” Of course, you’re expected to do coffee picking and copying, but it’s also reasonable to expect you to be part of some projects.

During your interview, don’t forget to highlight what you want to learn and contribute. You can say something like “I was part of my AV school

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