Merit Badge Sash Pin

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Our son switched from Cube Scouts to Boy Scouts just before the epidemic started. During the few months at home, he received 11 achievement badges in the virtual classroom. Shortly after his first Court of Honor in fall 2020, we purchased a Merit Badge Sash for him to display.

Glasses come in many sizes. Knowing that he would grow taller (perhaps taller or taller than his father?), we chose the largest sling so that it could grow with him. Just chasing? We need to shorten it now. That’s how I made it smaller and will be able to adjust to “grow” with it in the next few years.

Merit Badge Sash Pin

Step 2 Use your quilter’s square to measure and mark new stitches. I adjusted my seat to about 3-3/8 focusing on keeping the 45 angle against the edge of the sling. Mark the lines with a white cloth pencil.

Boy Scout Merit Badge Sash With Pins & 12 Merit Badges Rowing

Step 4 Sew along the hemline using a large stitch (the goal is to make it easier to remove when your baby is older). If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand.

Step 5 Return to your flat surface. Keep the sash flat when marking the ham. Now fold the top of the fabric along the outline.

Step 7 Fold the pointed end over the main fabric and lean it in place. Then sew by hand with the edges open. Keep in mind that these stitches will be removed as your child grows up and you will want to lengthen the sash later.

Don’t forget to check out our Scout Uniform Organizer tutorial – great for keeping an eye on all the extras, including the Boy Scout handbook, necks, slides, and belts.

Olive Green Merit Badge Sash Holder

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How To Shorten A Bsa Merit Badge Sash

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