Early Childhood Intervention Services

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Support for infants and young children with disabilities and developmental delays to achieve key milestones during important early stages of life.

Children learn and develop quickly in their early years, which affects how they learn and develop later. Early childhood interventions can help infants and young children with disabilities and / or developmental delays develop the skills they need to participate in daily activities and integrate into family and community life, and give them the best possible start in life. Support received early can reduce the amount of support needed later in life.

Early Childhood Intervention Services

Early Childhood Intervention Services

We provide early childhood intervention services for infants and children aged 0-6 years with a disability and / or developmental delay. Our experienced therapists help children learn key skills and achieve developmental goals.

Consolidating Early Child Intervention Services

Early childhood intervention is not just for the child, but for the whole family. Our therapists work with families to provide the skills and support needed to improve children’s health, increase their independence and facilitate their participation in daily activities.

The services are tailored to the unique needs of each child and can be delivered at home, at school, in our offices and in community settings. We also offer online and telephone services through teletherapy.

At Therapy Focus, we believe that teamwork is critical to achieving positive results. Our therapists not only work with children, they also work with key people in their lives. This includes family members, caregivers, educators and other health professionals. We are dedicated to empowering people by providing practical advice and strategies for skills development, strength building and potential development.

Not eligible for government funding? We can provide customized quotes based on your needs. Private medical rebates are available for certain services.

Early Childhood Intervention • Tandem Speech Therapy, Austin, Tx

We take an interdisciplinary approach to service delivery and use a key workforce model to ensure that those we work with have a primary point of contact but access to a network of therapists. The General Assembly unanimously passed Senate Bill 136, which integrates early childhood interventions to integrate services such as special instruction, speech therapy, and occupational therapy into one department, rather than sharing. children in age groups, as currently provided by law. departments.

The act transfers responsibility for early intervention services for children aged 3 to 3 years from the Department of Health and Social Services to the Department of Education and modifies the Code to comply with the federal law.

The Education for Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) requires states to provide a comprehensive, coordinated, interactive and interdisciplinary system of early intervention services for eligible infants and young children and their families. The draft requires early intervention services that meet all IDEA requirements, improves coordination among advisory agencies, and requires early intervention service providers to undergo the same training on child abuse and background checks such as school staff.

Early Childhood Intervention Services

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Early Childhood Intervention Services

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Senator Laura Sturgeon: “Currently, special instruction, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and other intervention services for children from birth to age 3 are administered by the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services, The same service is offered to anyone under the age. 3. 3 and 21 are supervised by the Ministry of Education.

Consolidating state oversight of programs related to Parts B and C of the Disability Education Act in one department will better serve families, cut red tape, and harmonize education systems. data – so I introduced SB 136, It was just. I thank my colleagues in the Senate and my friends in the House for their help in passing this bipartisan and common sense legislation unanimously. Special thanks to Rep. Krista Griffith for serving as the main sponsor of the House, and to Dawn Alexander and other attorneys for their hard work in bringing this bill to life. work and clients, and committed to our mission. The award is named for Ruth Wells, a home education teacher who has worked with Any Baby Can for over 30 years. This year’s winner is physical therapist Laureta Jackson!

Lauretta has been a valued member of our Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) team for over 12 years and has been contracting with the agency long before, as a physical therapist for almost 30 years! Her contribution to Any Baby Can and the hundreds of clients she serves is invaluable.

Using Telepractice To Provide Early Intervention Services To Families

“When I was a kid, my uncle had a stroke and I saw a physiotherapist teach him to walk. That was that I knew what I wanted to do because it had such a big impact on his life,” Laureta said.

Since then, she has been inspired to help others. Lauretta does not hesitate to give parents and children the boost they need to achieve their goals. She went smoothly through a very practical therapy for telemedicine, and came up with ideas, activities and creative methods to ensure her son’s progress in physical development. If you’ve ever taken Lauretta’s physiotherapy class, you know she’s doing exercises – crawling on the floor, moving props, and interacting through screens!

“The minds of young children are able to adapt and recover from injury better and faster than adults. We are re-ringing the minds of these children with the services we provide. It is amazing to see the progress they are making. the children! ” Reta added.

Early Childhood Intervention Services

As a valued team member and family advocate, she shows a passion for her work every day. Her coaching skills and client involvement are undeniable as she is constantly looking for opportunities to share her expertise with her family and our own staff. Working with Laureta, we are all better.

Early Intervention Services

Even if you haven’t worked with her, you can recognize her by her many appearances in Any Baby Can videos, testimonials and customer images on our website. She is always ready to do the extra mile, especially when she shares the stories of the families she serves, hoping to inspire more parents, donors, and community leaders to learn about the power of early intervention.

“Laureta is always ready to exceed expectations and recognizes the need to guide and defend the rights of every family. She has also been a successful partner for many employees.”

“Laureta recognizes that the work she does today to support children’s development will bear fruit in the years to come as they continue to grow, develop and reach their full potential.”

“Lauretta is passionate about making a big difference in the communities we serve. She believes in excellence and does everything we can to achieve excellence in our services so that families can have positive outcomes.”

Early Childhood Assessment And Intervention Services (birth

She is a leader and advocate for early intervention services and a loyal ambassador for Any Baby Can. Lauretta often shares our mission with day care centers, doctors, universities and communities. She visits clinics to meet providers and is involved in educating our local university about ECI services and the effectiveness of our services.

Her passion for the Any Baby Can mission, her work and her clients make her a deserving candidate for the 2021 Ruth Wells Award. Congratulations, Laureta!

Our supporters ’investments create long-term benefits for thousands of families in Central Texas. Join us in building a community where all families and children can thrive.

Early Childhood Intervention Services

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