Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board

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Potential experts and host institutions participate in a competitive selection and matching process. To learn more about how Fulbright Specialist Projects are developed and administered, please see below.

The Fulbright Specialist program is a sector-driven initiative in which host institutions abroad conceptualize and design projects of interest that present a priority for their respective organizations. Once a host institution has developed their initial project plan, they submit a project proposal through an online portal to the Fulbright Commission or the US. It. Embassy in their home country. Fulbright Commission / US. The embassy in each country sets out general procedures for reviewing proposals and establishes its own selection criteria based on country-specific priorities and objectives for the program. Please note that Fulbright Commission / U.S. To get more project proposals from potential employer institutions are able to support embassies with limited funding. Therefore, not all proposals submitted will be approved.

Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board

If no Fulbright Commission / US. The embassy approves a project proposal, the proposal is sent to the US. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA). A project is officially approved only after review by the ECA.

Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board Signs Joint Statement Of Cooperation With University Of Arkansas

All potential Fulbright specialists complete a sound application process before they are eligible to work on a project at a host institution abroad. The process begins with the Fulbright Expert application. See online application instructions for experts for more detailed information on the entire application process.

If an applicant meets all the basic eligibility requirements, his application is reviewed through a peer review panel. If the panel approves the applicant, they are placed on the Fulbright Specialist roster for a three-year term as a Fulbright specialist candidate, during which time they are eligible to be matched with host institution Projects abroad. Please note that there is no guarantee that the individual will be merged with a project during their tenure. If an applicant is deemed not eligible during the application review process or is not approved by a peer review panel, they can reapply for consideration. For more detailed information about peer review deadlines and evaluation criteria, please refer to the Expert Application process.

When a potential host institution completes a project proposal for review by the Fulbright Commission or the U.S. Embassy in their home country, they may identify their project as an “open project” or a “designated project”.

Open Projects: If it is an open project, the host institution does not name any specific person to serve as the expert. Instead, after the project is approved by all parties, World Learning Assists by reviewing the Fulbright specialty list for candidates whose professional experience, academic credentials and foreign language skills are essential for successful implementation of the host institution’s project. Best match between knowledge and skills. Further study Fulbright Commission / US. Click the option. Embassy, ​​which communicates directly with the host institution. Finally, the host institution is reviewed and the selected candidates are selected. If the host institution does not believe that any candidate has the knowledge and skills to successfully lead the project, additional candidates are identified from the Fulbright specialist roster.

The Fulbright Program

Nominated Projects: If this is a nominated project, the host institution identified in their project offer the person they want to serve as a full-fledged specialist. The person may or may not currently be on the Fulbright Specialist roster. If the host institution identifies someone who is not on the Fulbright Specialist list, the person must first complete the full process (application, peer review) to be included in the Fulbright Specialist list. Before they can be formally matched and the project approved. Please note that a draft proposal from a host institution will be reviewed by the respective Fulbright Commission / US. Can be done concurrently. Embassy and ECA, while the person named in the host institution’s application completes the entire application process. If the project of a host institution is ultimately approved by all parties and an individual is approved as a Fulbright specialist candidate, the individual and the project can be matched. Please note that the host institution must provide a strong justification for what the individual is best suited to serve in the full-fledged specialist role. Finally, the Fulbright Commission / US. The embassy has to approve the specialist and the project match.

The final step for the J William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) is to approve the individual who matches the specific project of the host institution. Only by following this step is the project and the proposed Fulbright specialist fully approved.

After an individual receives final approval from the FFSB to serve as a Fulbright Specialist for a host institution project abroad, World Study will provide all pre-program support and Fulbright specialist will oversee the completion of the project.

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