How Many Gender Identities Are There

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In her final year of high school, Grace Walker watched the story of transgender YouTuber Alex Bertie, and began to draw some important parallels between her “Bertie”, who talked in her videos about how uncomfortable she was with sex. he was comforted when someone called him a man. All these parallels are related to the inner sense of the external expression of sex. This was the catalyst for Walker’s journey as a non-binary person.

Sometimes Walker was confused with a male and they remembered that they did not care or thought it was funny. Classmates who knew Walker as a girl thought they were lesbians, which led them to question their sexuality, but that was not the case for them. Walker knew he had nothing to do with people who were physically and emotionally attracted.

How Many Gender Identities Are There

How Many Gender Identities Are There

Although there were these parallels with gender expression, Walker did not yet feel that they could be fully relevant to Bertie’s story.

Breaking The Gender Binary

“I was convinced I was not completely trans,” Walker said. “But then I discovered that gender fluid was something, it made sense to me.”

When Walker tells people they are gender, they mean their gender identity. Gender identity falls into a range defined by male and female identities, but there are many. The fluid of sex is one of the identities that fit together. This means that Walker does not have a static ID. One day they may feel completely feminine, the next they may identify as men and the next they may be a mixture of both.

People of different genders can choose other pronouns from him or her. Walker is not specific about which pronouns are used to identify them, but as their daily identities may change, this article will use them to describe their pronouns in Walker. Walker also uses the names Grace li Charlie. they are not experts in that either.

Walker’s story is not particularly unusual. Many other people identify as different from men or women. These identities are classified under the universal term of non-binary identity, which means that they violate the idea that gender should be binary.

Glossary Of Must Know Gender Identity Terms

Joey Shelley, a graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is also identified as non-binary, but uses the term genderqueer, meaning that they consistently identify as the same sex, but that sex is “male” or “female.” .

Shelley spent most of their lives being called “him”. They did not feel completely comfortable living a life of self-determination as a woman, but they did not know that there was another option until they explored trans identity as a better ally for a friend who had recently become trans.

“I came up with the term genderqueer and I thought. “Wait a minute, you mean everyone doesn’t have that feeling anymore,” Shelley said. “This is me. This is me completely. This is everything I never understood. This is the disconnect I felt with femininity. This is the disconnect I felt with masculinity. I am not one of those things. I am this” I am are mixed in some strange recipe for norms that do not concern gender “.

How Many Gender Identities Are There

Shelley likened their gender anxiety to being stuck in an airplane seat where there is no room for movement or rest. For them, finding a non-binary term for recognition was like moving to the exit line, where there was more room to move.

How Many Genders Are There? A Full Identity & Expression List

“Finding Genderqueer was finding a place,” Shelley said. “Instead of sticking to a label that made no sense of who I was, I just got rid of the idea that I had to be more feminine to be part of femininity or more masculine, to be completely trans masculine. I did not have to choose. “

Men’s and women’s rooms. Living in a binary world, I realized that I should not stay in this label, with which I never felt comfortable, I never felt that I was described.

DePaul University in Chicago has programs and policies that recognize non-binary gender identities, most of which are run by the LGBTQA Student Services Office at the Center for Identity Integration and Social Change. Student Services Coordinator Katie Wezman works with students who identify as non-binary as well as other students. Vezeman is a Cis woman, which means she identifies with the gender given to her at birth.

According to Wesman, people assume that gender identity fits very easily and many still believe that there are only two options for gender identity.

Understanding Gender Identity And Gender Expression

“There are as many gender identities as there are people, unfortunately we like to put things in really hard boxes,” Wezman said. “But in reality, when people start studying, thinking or talking about their gender, it often becomes more difficult.”

Elon Sloan also works at the LGBTQA Student Services Office in DePaul. They work as office assistants, as well as leading and founding the Sex Discussion Group. crossing the office.

“I realized I should not stick to this label, with which I never felt comfortable, I never felt described,” Sloan said. “I have spent so much of my life thinking that there was nothing that could relieve me of this. I felt very uncomfortable about it.”

How Many Gender Identities Are There

Discomfort is defined by Meriam-Webster as “a state of feeling bad or unhappy” and is used in trans and non-binary communities to describe the overwhelming feeling of discomfort in a person’s body.

Understanding Lgbtq+: An Exhaustive Explainer On Gender And Sexual Identities

Sloan did not spend much time questioning their gender identity due to their long struggle to present the gender assigned to them at birth. They discovered the term non-binary late in high school and adopted it quickly.

“Once I understood what gender was, I realized I was a transcript,” Sloan said. “And from the moment I fully understood what trans was, I realized that I was not a binary person.”

In general, American society focuses on categorizing people into simple categories, such as men and women. That’s why Sloan met people who were indifferent or indifferent to their gender identity.

“I feel there are many different levels of challenges,” Sloan said. “I think people feel that it is not true, they feel that it is academic. “I literally asked someone if I had read a particular book and it changed my gender identity.”

Transgender, Gender Fluid, Nonbinary, And Gender Nonconforming Employees Deserve Better Policies

Many people do not even know that non-binary identities exist or do not want to accept them. The lack of acceptance can be seen through the use of pronouns.

“[One of the problems with non-binaries] is people who do not understand or respect people,” Wesman said. “One thing I see a lot with students using themselves, is their pronouns, is that people refuse to use these pronouns. “They will just match the human horse he reads, which is often the sex he was given at birth.”

Shelley changed her gender representation from clothes that matched her gender to make it easier for people to validate their identities. Instead of dressing as a woman, Shelley began to dress more masculine. They did not do it for themselves, but for the understanding of the world, which led to its complications.

How Many Gender Identities Are There

“People have a hard time dealing with non-binary identities,” Shelley said. “In the first six months after I started going under another name, I don’t think I wore a single skirt. I do not think I am wearing a dress. I mainly wore men’s or non-men’s clothes. “It was so difficult to persuade people to accept what I was already asking them to do, that it seemed to me that if I was of the opposite sex, they could question the legitimacy of my claim.”

Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity

Loss of identity is common for people who do not fit into the binary sex. Deletion is when an individual or group of people refuses to acknowledge the existence of an identity. This leads to a culture of exclusivity, where an individual must conform to pre-designed characteristics in order to be included in this society. Ways to exclude non-binary identities from common sites can be found in the terms “ladies and gentlemen” or “boys and girls”.

“What I see in non-binary students is your starting point, what to expect, not to get involved,” Wezman said. “There I feel that people, unfortunately, are such that it is unique that people include [not binary people]. How sad it is. And I think that speaks to the need for greater cultural change. “

Examples of deletions can also be in various forms, such as structural areas. Many places do not have sex-friendly amenities, such as toilets or dressing rooms, forcing non-binary people to choose sex.

States like North Carolina have enacted so-called “bath bills” that require people to use a bathroom that is gender-appropriate at birth. Whether protests have started claiming that these bills are anti-digital, the bills do not affect two people who can identify

The Holistic Trans Body Poster

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