Writing Recommendation Letter For Colleague

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Good performance, work and effort deserve to be rewarded! Even if a co -worker can provide a letter of recommendation because they often work together, they can inform the future employer about the advantages and disadvantages of the person being hired. If you would like to write a letter of recommendation to a previous colleague, employee, etc., we recommend that you read a sample of this letter of recommendation to a colleague and friend. This letter of recommendation is sure to get the attention of your recipient!

Writing Recommendation Letter For Colleague

I was initially impressed with my enthusiasm, communication skills and professional conduct when I joined the company four years ago as a customer service representative. During the} year I was notified (I moved to another department at the moment), I always demonstrated all of these qualities and more, and I wholeheartedly support any customer service position.

Recommendation Letter For Colleague

} reliable, trustworthy and optimistic forever. The ability to calm angry or frustrated customers is unmatched, and it is precisely because of the excellence of this field that I have repeatedly been asked to train new employees. } can perform many tasks efficiently and manage heavy work. } consistently achieved or exceeded all weekly} metrics (including customer satisfaction, call volume, and response time); and} daily written reports are accurate and complete.

For me, as a former leader, the mindset of the player on the company’s team, the enthusiastic acceptance of change, the ability to work with little management, and an unwavering commitment to exceeding the expectations of customer important. I always receive and unwelcome praise from customers, who praise the outstanding level of service, professionalism and compliance of the company.

Organized and diligent, fast-learning systems technology and software unfamiliar to him when he started, and also participated in selected professional development seminars offered by the company. } is a business associate at the university} through college evening courses} is a hard-working and high-performing customer service representative. } is my highest recommendation, and I will be happy to provide more details if you would like more information.

I have had the pleasure of working with} for} years. I warmly recommended him to post} on}. I am},} in}. I have} years of experience working in the company}. I have worked with many bright young professionals, but his peers have shown their talent and problem-solving skills. I continue to admire his enthusiastic work ethic and ability to work creatively under pressure. During the collaboration, his expertise and understanding of our company’s brand and mission helped our team successfully run numerous PR campaigns. He helped launch a global campaign that received international media coverage. My first experience with work ethic came shortly after he was hired. Our media team needs extra help to complete an important campaign on time. } tirelessly working on the campaign before launch, including checking the facts, refining the graphics and communicating with the media. These tasks were out of the ordinary, but he did not accept the responsibility without hesitation. During the week, we successfully launched the campaign and our leaders are grateful for the hard work of our team in meeting the deadline in this situation. In addition to an impressive work ethic, he is also a good team member, a natural leader and a moderate employee. He has a good attitude and is always willing to help another partner.

Letter Of Recommendation Co Worker

The right motivation can help you reach your usual goals faster and benefit from your results! After downloading this sample letter and filling in the gaps, you can easily customize the style, typography, details, and look of your letter of recommendation.

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