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The Global Youth Leadership Program is a unique opportunity, giving high school students the opportunity to engage with questions that cross the world’s most critical thinkers. From global health to justice and equality, this enrichment program has been organized with the next leaders in mind.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to Chinyeh Hostler for leading the sponsorship efforts for the Global Youth Leadership Program. Thanks to Chinyeh’s generosity, we have 10 sponsorships available for students who cannot participate in GLYP without financial assistance. Please email [email protected] if you would like to be considered for a fully funded position.

Leadership Programs For Students

Women and women around the world are confronted with sociocultural factors that can impede access to quality health care, such as unequal power relations, social norms that limit the quality of education, and the opportunity to paid work, and a higher rate of violence based on violence. Meanwhile, climate change brings new threats that affect women’s health disproportionately. In this session, we will examine the overall outcomes of U.S. foreign policy with a focus on Mexico City policy, access to education and reproductive health services, and the role of organizations. non-governmental.

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As Han Solo in Star Wars crossed the galaxy, but as an ocean conservationist, Harrison Ford knows that there is only one planet we can call home. He said, “If we don’t stop destroying our natural world, there will be no more problems.” The oceans generate about 50-80% of the oxygen we breathe, control global climate patterns, and sustain many life forms. As such, ocean conservation must be at the forefront of the climate action movement if we are to maintain our blue planet. This session will delve into the potential for reversing ocean damage, protecting our rich coastal environment of San Diego, and supporting global conservation efforts.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of four African-American college students sitting in protest at a separate lunch banquet, which in turn inspired Freedom Riders of all races to put their lives at risk of registering voters. color. As such, the importance of U.S. leadership has put the triumph and tragedy of the Civil Rights Movement on the world stage. Today, how can American action in cooperation with the international community challenge the pandemic of racial injustice that is invading the globe? This session will examine how government and citizen diplomacy can eliminate systemic inequality abroad while carefully looking at pervasive racism at home in the United States.

According to the California Department of Justice, human trafficking is the largest criminal enterprise in the Golden State, with an estimated annual profit of $ 9.5 billion worldwide and $ 150 billion worldwide. From the products in our homes that are produced by slave labor to a growing sex trade, human trafficking infects our lives every day. Here in the border city of San Diego, we live in a regional odor zone with about 10,000 people who have experienced human trafficking. This session will expose the scourge of human trafficking at home and abroad and will also discuss strategies to combat this lucrative illegal industry.

The world is now facing an unprecedented wave of wildlife trafficking, which threatens global security and decades of conservation progress. Like illegal drugs and weapons, dangerous international networks smuggle animals and animal parts and goods across borders, a trade worth billions, according to some estimates. While poaching threatens the world’s last wild tiger (which is about 3,890), the American public is captivated by the rare death of large breeds of cats in the Netflix Tiger King docuseries, which in turn perpetuate the exploitation and the suffering of animals for profit. Staying calm in the storm is a 90-minute, down-to-earth opportunity linked to experiences for students to learn and experience various mindfulness techniques that can eliminate life stress and improve their studies. In addition, by practicing mindfulness, students increase their opportunities. to solve creative challenges, spontaneous cognition, intuitive discernment and transformational leadership. Students will also learn to deal with stress through a different lens while developing valuable techniques that increase their holistic growth potential and their knowledge of individual goals.

Student Leadership Programs

By participating in a Mindful Warrior series, students have the opportunity to improve their personal leadership skills, intentionally elevate their self-concept, develop an improved awareness of their individual life goals, and foster a clearer sense of compassion for themselves and other peoples. .

This program is customizable and incorporates servant leadership, humanity, and the principles / tools of mindfulness to help reduce stress and strengthen individual strengths. Emphasis is placed on improving cognitive skills to support academic performance, increase overall well-being, cultivate positive psychological states, and reduce anxiety.

When Doors Open is a 90-minute opportunity for students to take an intentional look at their current realities, describe a

The students had all at some point experienced so much of their stress that they had so much of the higher education experience. Between paying for college, degrees, course assignments, terms, and more, it’s easy enough to get lost between everything and even lose a necessary sense of drive and purpose.

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The fact is that stressful environments and stressors tend to foster a space where creative challenges, spontaneous cognition, intuitive discernment, and transformational leadership become limited to the best and suffocated to the brim.

Throughout this workshop, Juan-Carlos offers various tools and practices to help develop individual action plans that support students in re-pivoting themselves toward a more focused and intentional growth environment.

“Juan-Carlos is an incredible person. He was not only a great mentor / teacher, but he really cared about us. I remember the first time I met Juan-Carlos he was during our Orientation Leader Development. to this day, I don’t understand where all the energy comes in. I remember saying to myself, “I want some of this energy!” I was always so happy to see that it made each of us feel valued. it teaches us not only the necessary leadership skills, it has taught us valuable life lessons and the importance of loving what you do.

“Juan-Carlos brings light and joy wherever he goes. From his father’s jokes to his motivational words, he always brought a smile to my face and inspired me to become a better student, leader and person.

Global Leadership Youth Program

Everything Juan-Carlos does is done with intention, kindness and authenticity. Under his guidance, I was able to develop leadership skills that brought me an extraordinary opportunity to learn effective communication, recognize the value of intentional work and, most importantly, tune into myself to push myself beyond my expectations. .

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