Study Abroad To Japan

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Study Abroad To Japan

Study Abroad To Japan

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Study Abroad In Japan

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Nearly 300,000 international students enroll at Japanese universities each year. And since Japan is one of the most expensive countries to get a degree from, you can bet that many of them will receive scholarships.

Great Scholarships For Studying Abroad In Japan

There are five scholarships available for study abroad, which will fund your time at Sunshine Home.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will award scholarships to six international students, including undergraduates, who will spend a year on Japanese-related research. Each year, 190 selected students receive 120,000 yen (approximately $ 1,100) in tuition, round-the-clock tuition, and monthly stipend.

If you want to get a non-Japanese degree and have moved abroad, you can apply for a full-time scholarship. Each year, 460 students receive funding for this long-term commitment abroad, one year of language training at Tokyo Foreign University or Osaka University, and then four years at another local university.

Study Abroad To Japan

Application Notes: The easiest way to earn one of these scholarships is to be recommended by the University of Japan which has accepted you.

Japan Ranked Best Study Abroad Destination In Asia

If you have a “family school” in the United States and want to study in Japan for a year, check out JASSO, an independent institution. Its Student Exchange Support Program covers 80,000 yen (approximately $ 735) per month in tuition fees for those eligible for a student visa, indicating economic needs.

On the other hand, if you are planning to go to a Japanese school for a long time, you will be better suited for the Monbukakashu Honorary Scholarship for private students with international funding. Monbukakashu Scholarships are 7,800 certified annually for undergraduate, graduate and language students. As a newcomer, you will receive monthly stipend of 48,000 yen (approximately $ 441).

The US-Japan Bridge Foundation provides financial and travel expenses to approximately 100 undergraduate students studying abroad each year. The fall semester of 2019 is the 20th anniversary of the program, and the foundation has helped send American students to schools in several major Japanese cities.

Bridge Scholarship recipients receive $ 2,500 for semester programs lasting at least three months or $ 4,000 for one-year programs. To qualify, you must obtain a credit card that can be transferred to a university or university in the USA.

Japan: Japanese Theatre & Language

Application Notes: Entries that require 500-word articles, notes, and letters of recommendation will be accepted twice a year. Time limits depend on the duration of your overseas program. Spring Scholarship application will be available in early October.

Toshizo Watanabe Overseas Scholarship Program launched from 2018 as a way to support Japanese students who want to study in the United States, who have also helped American students pay for tuition in Japan.

Application-based scholarships cover the full cost of your half-year or one-year study abroad program – the maximum prize is $ 25,000 a year, but it will be a great discount for scholarship recipients. The fund gives priority to first-generation college students, applicants from single-parent families, bereaved parents, or those with no international travel experience.

Study Abroad To Japan

If you want to study abroad in Japan or one of the other 14 East Asian countries or regions, consider Free Asia Award.

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Application-based support can cost you between $ 3,000 and $ 7,000, depending on whether you are in the summer, semester, or full school year. If you want to take at least 20 hours of class time each week to learn the language, culture and history of East Asia or Southeast Asia, you can better your chances of getting a scholarship.

There’s a reason to be rewarded: When you return home, you need to lead a service project based on your school experience in your playground or community.

Don’t despair if the five overseas scholarships are not enough to motivate your exile. Many Japanese-related scholarships are available through private organizations and local governments who want to diversify their enrollment.

If you have applied for or been accepted to study at Hiroshima, the Hiroshima International Center is one of the many organizations that provide financial support to local undergraduate students. See the JASSO free leaflet for a full list of these opportunities.

Choosing To Study Abroad In Japan Can Change Your Life!

Of course, you can find scholarships here in the states. The opportunity provided by the US government, schools and private organizations does not have to be unique to Japan, and it is well worth it. If you are of Japanese or Asian descent, you may have zero tuition fees for Asian-American students.

Once you have completed your teaching, think of other ways to earn money for your education abroad. You still do not need to apply for federal or private student loans.

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Study Abroad To Japan

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My Study Abroad In Japan From Getting Up To Going To Sleep

You can link back to, where you can fill out a form. Depending on your reputation, you may be able to interact with five different types of private lenders on our partner network. In first year, our class had a brief introduction to preparing for second year. Work placements were very popular with students, but study abroad was mentioned, and that was the first time I heard about Japan. I then spoke to a professor (involved in clothing) who had established a link between Lofboro University and Yoshibi University in Japan. It was from this moment that I realized that this was probably what I wanted to do.

There are many reasons for my decision to study abroad, and in the end, it was an opportunity I never had. This does not mean that other students do not study abroad, but there are many, however, that Japan feels completely unique, and I wanted to immerse myself in a culture that response to modern beauty with the old tradition.

I am interested in Japan through the fashion designers Yamamoto and Miyake, and I am interested in traditional clothing and the beauty of Japanese nature.

Since I wanted to study for my third year very early, I had to do most of the research myself because the staff only saw the websites. The application process is quite lengthy, so be prepared to write personal statements, CVs and send them for investment. Unfortunately, this process took me so long that I was not 100% sure I was going to Japan a little late.

Study Abroad Programs In Japan

I recommend talking to people who have studied abroad, and it would be better if they went to the same university. But it is only when you arrive and experience living and studying in another country that you realize what it is like.

My experiences here are still incredible. While this is a daunting, challenging and hard task, the difficult parts are not only a new culture and lesson, but also a learning curve for me. My course here is different from my Loughborough course, all taught in Japanese, which really adds to it.

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