Homeschool Programs For Kindergarten

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I am so excited to share with you this amazing new home preschool program for grade 3. Continue reading our review of Scholenio.

Schoolio started as a Canadian K-8 home school program and now brings the national home curriculum to the United States. They have introduced their K-3 curriculum, and the upper classes will enter early 2022. (I’ll keep you posted, but I’m very happy.)

Homeschool Programs For Kindergarten

There are several ways to use this home school program, you can purchase an annual curriculum in printed or online format, or you can purchase each unit separately.

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum + Resources

** Disclosure: I received compensation while writing this message. As always, all thoughts and ideas are mine. I only share resources that I can use with my family and those that I think other home school families will enjoy. This post may contain managed links. When you shop (after clicking on one of my related links), I can make money with the coffee I promise to drink while supporting your trip. You do not pay the maximum amount. **

The Schoolio curriculum for home school kindergarten puts together all the lessons planned for themed weeks. It is divided into three semesters, and if necessary there is an option to purchase different terms to try it first, or if you are taking your child out during the semester.

If you buy the year-round curriculum, it is only $ 280 for a digital copy (however at a 40% discount by 31 December it will only cost you $ 168 with the code LAUNCH40). That is 940 pages! They offer a print version, but it is already more expensive than $ 400 (or only $ 240 if you get it now!).

With Schoolio you will not only get the amazing K-3 home app, you will get the much support you need. They have a group on FB where you can ask questions and chat with other families who use it.

Daily Homeschool Schedule For Kindergarten: What Works And What Doesn’t

This home school plan has everything you need, including weekly guidelines, cards, book recommendations, and more. It relieves all the stress of home schooling and leaves you with a lot of fun with the kids.

I love the fact that you can also choose each block. If you are not ready to buy a full-year curriculum, why not choose your favorite science topic or mathematical unit that they can deal with.

Below I have added a detailed description of all home school subjects from kindergarten to grade 3 to see what comes next before you buy. But beware, there is a lot. This is a detailed curriculum for everything you could wish for. If it is twice as good as the FREE winter holiday package above, it is worth the money. So check it out now (remember code LAUNCH40) for a 40% discount.

All these lessons for each unit should take at least 4 weeks, so this program is a COMPLETE 1st grade home school. One survey costs between $ 14.99 and $ 19.99.

Anna’s Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Unlike previous classes, the Grade 3 curriculum does not currently have a separate block in social studies, however I was informed that the four listed above are suitable for grades 1-3. See the Grade 3 home school program here.

If you want to try before you buy (I understand too!), Why not try this free tutorial “Celebrations Worldwide”. It usually costs $ 19.99, so why not download it and find out if you like Schollio style. I’m sure he is, though. We have also printed AMAZING. (If you are doing homework at Christmas, check out our Christmas educational activities here.)

These are 43 class pages like cooking, making drums, Christmas decorations, making winter lights and MORE. It really costs $ 19.99, but you get it all for FREE.

For more resources for home kindergarten school, check out our ABCMouse review. This is a fun teaching app that you will enjoy and they will enjoy it. Some of the links on this site are related and as an organization I can get a small commission for free. Click on the pictures and the blue text to go to the links. Thanks! Learn more.

The 7 Best Online Homeschool Programs Of 2022

Kindergarten children learn a lot by playing! Today I share some of the official school curriculum that Anna loves to learn about, but, without a doubt, preschool students learn a lot using household items.

Anna uses the home environment as her main kindergarten curriculum. We always have paper and pencils, and our family makes a lot of products. His subscription to a koala box from Kiwi Co gives him his favorite formal craft classes. Anna decorates our cardboard boxes and turns them into cars, planes and houses before they end up full of rubbish.

Anna selects at least three books that she will read aloud every day. See in this article our favorite kindergarten books. Use the copywriting pages from and enjoy the activities of the children’s book club.

Anna is a kinesthetic student who enjoys learning by moving and working with her hands. We used this set of alphabet to get used to the letters and their sounds. He struggled to put together all the letters of the alphabet, so I made him a Bunny Hop alphabet board game.

Little House Kindergarten

I make sure Anna has enough time for a casual game in the yard that develops key language and storytelling skills – from character development to episode editing.

I especially use picture books to teach Anna’s story. Kindergarten is a great time to look at history through the prism of personal history. I tell her family stories and she enjoys listening as I read family stories in our Christmas book.

I love teaching children history on live history sites. Anna will read a lot of history when we go to Edinburgh again this summer!

Math U See is Anna’s main kindergarten math program. I am adding printed texts from the kindergarten maths curriculum from Anna spends most of her time playing with pattern blocks and other math tricks, especially family calculators and bear counters. Counters also see a lot of time to tell a story, and can be used to teach math in unusual ways, such as building maths.

Homeschool Kindergarten Schedule And Curriculum

Anna really enjoyed exploring the world around her, so this year we are focusing on natural science. He did a simple chemistry using baking soda and vinegar, and he really enjoyed this set in the beginning. I often refer to this STEM publication-steps using household items to get Anna some work ideas. What a joy it has been to turn our puppy into a scientific experiment using this animal watch paper!

Mary Ann lives – an art teacher, artist, photographer and author living in Silicon Valley with her husband Mike and their four children.COVID 19 (edited March 2020!). If you are now at home with your child, YOU CAN! If you need additional resources from Wednesday, March 25, 2020, I will be conducting FREE 30 minute visual classes HERE for 5-8 year olds! Sign up and stick in the morning to give yourself a minute to drink coffee and plan for the rest of the day! See you there!

Our home Tot School program is one of the most watched books, especially at this time of year! We wrote our plan but we couldn’t finish writing everything from that year due to HEALTH! Am I right ?!

Also, living with four kids now means “kids’ school ”for us, when young kids“ watch ”how older kids go to school, or just let them watch Super Why on an iPad! Obviously, living with one child at a time was easy! However, now that you are officially older, school is coming!

How To Homeschool Kindergarten (& My Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Picks)

We decided that although we were studying at home, I wanted her to get used to the normal school day. We do “school” from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., which sounds very long, but it works very well for us. Especially since all this time we are not doing real work. Also, the beauty of a home school is that it is flexible and flexible when needed.

I love that she can practice all day because I can keep up with her education the way she loves and learns.

Below the picture I will talk in detail about the activities we do during each lesson. Click on the image below to download it for printing or to find it here.

I really like this program and it works very well for our family. Hard study ends in the morning when we have assignments or afternoon activities. If there is so much for your child, perhaps try to do it with M-W-F only! Or do it for HALF days and do things from 12 to 15 hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Free Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum You Can Start Using Today!

In addition,

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