Summer Programs For Gifted Elementary Students

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And 2021 Virtual Summer Super Program July 5-9, 2021 from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm daily. The cost of the one-week program is $ 220 per child. There are discounts for Purdue staff and for several children. Through the Super Summer program, students enjoy challenging courses with other young people with academic, creative and artistic talent. The half-day interdisciplinary courses aim for at least two levels above each student’s current school level and will include challenging activities on a key topic. Components from multiple subjects at each level will be introduced, so each child will gain knowledge of subjects such as engineering, mathematics, science, social studies, art, and language art, while working on open-ended activities that require critical and creative thinking. Learn more and sign up for the 2021 Summer Virtual Program: https:// geri / youth-programs / super-summer /.

I will also be hosting the 2021 Virtual Summer Residency Program for levels 5 and 12 from July 11-24, 2021 in a virtual and synchronized format. Participants can sign up for one of the two half-day sessions offered each day and the cost of the two-week program is $ 500. There are discounts for several children, Purdue staff and for contacting a friend . GER

Summer Programs For Gifted Elementary Students

The Virtual Summer Residency Program I is designed for talented students who have demonstrated their ability to succeed academically or artistically and who are motivated to take on additional challenges. Sessions include interactive activities in math, science, literature, film, theater, engineering, physics, chemistry, art and many other areas of interest. Students also engage in daily conversations in small socio-emotional groups with counselors. Learn more and sign up for the 2021 Summer Virtual Residences Program: https:// geri / youth-programs / summer-residential /.

Hamilton’s Camp Invention Keeps Young Brains Active In Summer

Summer Camps offers students the right intellectual challenges in small, challenging, fast-paced and interactive classes. Students make friends with like-minded people who love to learn in a pleasant environment.

I camp, people don’t judge others. GERI camp students understand that people have different cultures and have respect and tolerance. Al GER

I camp, you can be alone and feel like people understand. It’s great to be with people you understand. “

Purdue University’s Institute for Advanced Research and Resources (GER2I) is an innovative center dedicated to the discovery, study and development of human potential. Founded by John Feldhusen in 1974, GER

This Summer, Every Jcps Student Is ‘gifted And Talented’

My mission is the holistic development of gift, creativity, and talent among lifelong people. This is achieved through enrichment programs for talented, creative and talented young people; graduate programs for future scholars and leaders; professional development and courses for talented, creative and talented student educators; and cutting-edge research in psychology and related talent, creativity, and talent development. The Center for Talented Youth Launches New Free Summer Program for High-Potential Baltimore Students A state grant will fund two new programs in primary schools in western and southeastern Baltimore.

Image title: Henderson Hopkins Primary students consider a new playground as they take the Shaping Our World: Early Architecture course offered through CTY ‘s Baltimore New Scholars Program.

Baltimore City Public Schools and the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth offer a summer academic enrichment and achievement program for 180 basic students with high academic ability in western and southeastern Baltimore.

Baltimore City Public Schools received a $ 400,000 grant for study in the expanded academic program, or LEAP grant, from the Maryland State Department of Education that will expand and strengthen long – term collaboration between the district and CTY, which has 40 years of experience. provide out-of-school learning for bright students. The aim of the scholarship is to help close the gap in excellence (the distinction between lower-income and high-achieving students who achieve advanced levels of academic achievement) by encourages critical thinking and teaches other skills to increase the number of students identified as gifted. academics. or onwards in city schools.

Center For Talented Youth Launches New, Free Summer Program For Baltimore Students With High Potential

The grant funds free learning places at Gwynns Falls Primary School in West Baltimore and Commodore John Rodgers Elementary / Middle School in Southeast Baltimore. Students attending schools in these areas will be invited to attend. During the six-week CTY Baltimore Emerging Scholars summer program, students in grades 1-3 will work in small interdisciplinary classes with a focus on writing, science, and math and receive highly personal attention while studying. practical learning.

Image: Moravia Park Primary School third graders learn about product development steps while taking the Builders and Shakers: Introduction to Engineering course, offered at their school through the Baltimore New Scholars Program of CTY.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reach out to Baltimore City students this summer with a positive and fun resume,” said Amy Shelton, executive director and director of research at CTY. “Research shows The younger we can offer this wealth, the more likely we are to make a big impact. ”

Sean Conley, BCPS ‘s chief academic director, said: “Students of high potential, no matter where they live, deserve challenge and preparation for the services provided at the school. This summer program does just as the city’s schools are working to celebrate more able students and give talented people across the region more equal access to learning opportunities, we would like to thank CTY for the now expanding support and cooperation.

Community Programs / Summer Camps

During the summer, student progress is assessed to measure the effectiveness of the programs. In addition, the program will provide resources for parents, especially students from minority groups and low socioeconomic communities. These include weekly parent workshops, as well as online resources to help children continue their academic growth.

The grant is based on a growing collaboration between BCPS and CTY, which began with CTY’s Emerging Baltimore Scholars Program, a free 25-week school program dedicated to clearly identifying Baltimore City and students developing their academic talents. The program has grown from two schools in 2014 to 16 schools now reaching 500 second, third and fourth levels. Summer is here and you may be wondering what programs or activities are available for your child. We’ve done some research for you and put together a list of great summer programs that cater for talented youngsters. All of these programs come from the Gift Resource Center (GRC) database of the Institute for Educational Advancement. The GRC is a free public tool that is an online database of relevant resources for talented students from preschool to high school. The GRC has a wealth of resources and information on candidate, programs and awarding bodies, schools, scholarships, additional learning opportunities, probation and counseling professionals, and highly specialized apprenticeships (2nd).

Below is a sample of some of the facilities they offer and activities throughout the summer. Further information on these programs, as well as many more not listed here, can be found in the Youth Programs and Services Guide.

Girls Who Code offers a free 7-week summer program for mainstream 10th through 11th grade girls to learn programming and gain technical knowledge. Each week the program covers computer-related projects, such as art, storytelling, robotics, video games, websites and applications. Participants will also listen to guests, participate in workshops, connect with female engineers and entrepreneurs, and take field trips. The program concludes with a final project where students build their own product and share it with the class.

Ger2i Plans Virtual 2022 Summer Programs For Gifted And Talented Youth

The Digital Media Academy is a nationally recognized organization offering summer camps and handhelds camps for teenagers and youngsters (ages 9 to 13).

Summer Discovery is a pre-college academic enrichment program that provides a meaningful summer experience for high school and high school students with a lifelong value. Choose from over 300 interactive courses at 14 different college locations in the United States and abroad. His summer programs combine academic studies with social activity, travel, leisure and sport.

CodeREV Kids offers classes and curricula for students ages 6-18, with a focus on studying STEM by learning coding, technology, and robotics. The classes are project-based, allowing students to engage in in-depth learning through unique creations and hands-on projects. CodeREV offers summer technology classes and camps in various locations in Southern California: Santa Monica, Solana Beach, Encino, Irvine, Beverly Hills, Fountain Valley / Huntington Beach, and Malibu / Palisades.

Girls Garage is a unique design and construction program and special workspace for girls ages 9-17. Based in Berkeley, California, it offers out of school programs, summer camps and workshops.

Summer Enrichment Camp

Which offers advanced learning opportunities for Kindergarten level 8 students that encourage the study and application of knowledge. Classes are taught by experts in the field of content and are taught at a flexible pace that meets the learning needs of talented and 2nd level learners. The classes are small and grouped by skill rather than age by history. IEA Academy sessions take place in Pasadena, California and are conducted quarterly: fall, spring and summer (three sessions held each summer).

Stanford High School Summer College offers excellent high school students the opportunity to take Stanford College courses and earn college credit. Program participants enroll as undergraduate students visiting the Stanford summer term and taking the same courses, taught by the same Stanford faculty, as Stanford registered students.

Summer @HPA offers a unique four-week day and board experience for students entering 6th through 12th grade with a structure for academic richness and designed to make the most of the summer and take advantage of our excellence.

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