Recommendation Letter Sample For Employee

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The letter of recommendation for employment is often demanded by employers during the recruitment process and can play a key role in determining whether the applicant in question will get the job. Ideally, the letter should be written by a supervisor or manager, someone who communicated directly with the candidate and who can first monitor their skills. A strong letter of recommendation will clearly indicate why the referral person is eligible to do so, adapt to the desired new position if possible, and provide specific examples of why the applicant is eligible for the job. Below we provide a comprehensive guide with examples of how to write a solid and effective letter of recommendation.

The person selected to make the recommendation must be a highly respected source, a person in whom the applicant has worked directly for a significant period of time. Alternatively, it can be used to provide a more personal reference to a friend, colleague, neighbor, or family member; However, providing information from a professional perspective is ideal. It is important that the selected person be able to make an honest assessment of the job seeker’s character and work ethic; Must be able to provide specific anecdotes and examples that speak honestly to the employee. One should only write a letter of recommendation if an excellent one can be provided, otherwise it can have a negative impact and ultimately harm the applicant’s chances of hiring.

Recommendation Letter Sample For Employee

The main point of this letter is to show that the candidate will be successful in the position. The best person to handle this case is usually a current or previous supervisor.

Free Job Recommendation Letter Template

There are exceptions: If you are a student or have recently attended school, do not have recent work experience, or do not have relevant work experience, a teacher or other personal contact may be the best option for writing recommendations.

Before writing a letter, the person making the recommendation should get as much information as possible about the position the applicant is looking for. That way, you can add information to highlight features that will be directly related to the new job, ensuring the most effective letter possible. If an exact location cannot be identified, the prospective employee must provide the author with an example of the type of job they will be applying for. Before composing, the author should be given a resume as it allows him to see the qualities highlighted by the applicant.

A letter of recommendation should not be a 20-page essay, but more than one or two paragraphs. A well-made letter will have an introduction, 2-3 paragraphs from the main part and a conclusion and it should fit well on a single page. We will then review each paragraph which should be included in a letter of recommendation to ensure that each serves its purpose as effectively as possible.

The introductory paragraph is used to give the employer the name of the person the author is recommending, the nature of the relationship maintained between the author and the applicant, and the author’s qualifications. The recommending person should post their work and details of whether they have worked with the employee in a supervisory position. Below are two examples of a strong introductory paragraph. Please note that the introductory paragraph contains the employer’s full name, location, company and address above.

Employee Recommendation Letter

Mr. Gregory Johnson Office Manager Pendency Corporation 5th Avenue San Diego, California 92103 Dear Mr. Johnson: Glad to present this letter of recommendation to Daniel Harrison as he is trying to work as an administrative assistant at his reputable company. As Regional Director of Perrier Jordan Inc and as its direct supervisor, I have had the opportunity to observe Daniel’s work ethic on a daily basis, as he did exemplary work to ensure the day-to-day functioning of our office. . His organizational skills, his friendly personality and professionalism make him an ideal candidate for any administrative assistant position.

For those who may be concerned, I am very happy and privileged to make this recommendation to Joe, who has worked as a dental hygienist in my practice for the past 4 years. Joe came straight from college and quickly became the most valuable member of our team. His interpersonal skills allow him to communicate effectively with all of our patients, whether working with a small child or an adult. It was a burden on my shoulders to know that I could trust Joe to provide a thorough cleaning of each person sitting in the chair and an accurate assessment. Her firm understanding of dentistry and her strong communication skills set an example in my office on how to help our patients achieve optimal dental health. I believe you will make a valuable addition to any dental practice.

In both instances, the author makes a statement stating that it is “their pleasure” or that they are “privileged” to make the recommendation. This type of writing confirms that the potential employer candidate has a positive idea. Both examples provide a list of applicant qualifications when indicating the relationship between the author and the employee. These two introductory paragraphs set up the author to present an argument in the remaining paragraphs of the body. You will also notice that Example 2 was not intended for a specific employer and was used instead of “who it is”; If an exact employer / position cannot be identified in advance, this is a standard greeting letter.

The first paragraph of the body should extend over what was said in the introduction. The focus should be on a different quality / feature and specific anecdotes / examples used to justify the claim. As a general rule, each paragraph should contain 4 to 6 sentences so that the whole letter fits on a single page.

Recommendation Letter For Employee From Manager

As La Rivera’s plant manager, Candice’s interpersonal skills are fully demonstrated. Because of the ease with which it communicates with the kitchen and the server, and the care and consideration we provide to all the customers we serve, I can be sure that my restaurant offers a first-class dining experience every night. It is not surprising that he has the grace to deal with a lot of stress in this profession. I can remember a special case where a young line cook cuts off his finger, crippling the skills of our kitchen staff. Candice was able to entertain our guests, compensate them with free desserts and coffee and meet their needs while waiting for their food. Not a single customer complained and even received a 100% tip from one of the tables waiting more than 45 minutes.

Compassionate and professional, Angela Monkton is an asset to General Hospital, where she has always provided excellent medical care to our patients. There is an innate ability to find a balance between the sympathetic and the realist in each individual case, regardless of the length of his transfer or the patient’s condition. Examples abound, but his 4 years of experience at UCIP has given him more opportunities than his fair share to prove his worth. Once, we had an 8-year-old boy with pneumonia that was suffering from respiratory failure. Angela was able to comfort the mother of the distressed child as she explained the need to initiate mechanical ventilation to prevent acute respiratory distress syndrome. He clearly stated the risks and answered all the questions of the mother so that she would understand that everything would be done to get her son back in full health.

In the first example, the author focused on Candice’s interpersonal skills while working on the floor in a busy restaurant. They give a definite example of how capable he is because of his ability to handle high stress situations with ease. The same can be said in our second example because the paragraph refers to an actual patient to emphasize the nurse’s professionalism.

Like the first paragraph of the body, the second and third (if applicable) are a direct feature and examples of those qualities should be provided in a way that highlights the candidate’s chances of success in the position he is applying for. Let’s look at a few more examples.

Recommendation Letter Sample Employee

I think Demer is a great asset to your team One of the main reasons is the ability to adapt to the new work environment. Demer, a quick study and critical thinker, took just four months to cross the quota and sell at the same pace with years of experience. It definitely has the underlying qualities of a salesperson because it quickly develops a strong advantage and the instinct to identify the right to close properly. Just three months ago, he broke the regional record of selling a young seller in one week, delivering six happy homes, including the Jiffer Air Purifier (not easy to sell because of the price that comes with it).

Akilah’s creativity and critical thinking allowed him to create the most extensive and powerful advertising agencies in our agency.

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