Culinary Study Abroad Programs

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In our Culinary Arts program, students are trained in the theory, practice and art of cooking – skills that can be applied to a wide range of careers.

Think about how much you can learn and how far you want to go. Recognized as one of the best culinary arts programs in the country, our award-winning comprehensive 650-hour program is designed to teach you the true practice and art of cooking through theory, technique, floor training, speed, and teamwork. These will be the basis of success in your cooking career.

Culinary Study Abroad Programs

Culinary Study Abroad Programs

Imagine a classroom where you and your progress are important. With no more than 18 students per instructor, you will learn the most important things needed to thrive in the culinary industry and also make personal contacts to guide you on your journey. Moreover, our students differ greatly in age and previous professional experience. Some of them are recent high school or college graduates, while others are modern chefs who want to hone their skills or professionals from different industries such as IT, medicine, publishing and more. This diversity is at the heart of our personal, student-centered approach.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend Culinary School

Each lesson will teach you a specific skill. Starting with the basic identification of ingredients, our culinary instructors will help you train your senses and guide you through an incredible range of flavors and tastes, from herbs and spices to vegetables and meat. Your development will continue through the development of culinary techniques such as knife skills, dry and wet cooking methods, sauce making, restaurant serving simulations, cakes and baking and more. During the program, you will learn from an average of four different chef instructors, exposing you to a wide range of mentors with different areas of expertise. This, combined with our global curriculum and external internship program, provides you with a solid foundation for a great cooking career in and out of the kitchen.

Your culinary roots will be based on classic French techniques, but your experience with the program will be unmistakably global. Thailand, India, Japan, Italy, Spain – the technique, ingredients and special flavors of all these and other regions will be part of your cooking school. Our culinary arts program is designed to take you and your creativity anywhere in the industry and abroad.

An important part of the global perspective is gaining practical experience in this area. After 440 hours of intensive teaching work, our internship program will put you at the heart of the job market where you want to be. Imagine 210 hours of specialized training in a restaurant, hotel, catering or other culinary event. What’s more, our team of full-time career counselors will help you find an internship that fits your personal career goals. Over and over again, graduates tell us that their internship was crucial to their careers as it provided them with invaluable networking and networking opportunities that helped them get started in their careers – and many outside internships lead to full-time job offers.

Our wide range of class schedules is designed to suit both full-time students and working workers. You decide for yourself what is best for you: morning, afternoon, evening or weekend. Graduating from a cooking school may not be an unattainable goal. Let us help you make this a reality.

School Of Culinary Arts In New York

The Culinary Arts program consists of 650 teaching hours. Students are in a class of 440 hours, then complete an internship over 210 hours and gain real experience in the culinary field.

To provide flexibility, we start several schedule options for our Culinary Arts degree, including morning, afternoon, evening, and weekend schedules. Choose from plans that meet two to five times a week.

The admission procedure is the beginning of a permanent relationship with. Your admissions representative will introduce you to the personal experience the school is known for. Its mission is to understand your career goals, help you choose the right program that suits your needs and ensure you find a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Culinary Study Abroad Programs

You know it’s in you – the ambition to pursue a rewarding career in food. Going to cooking school is one of the best ways to start your journey. is ready to help you find your culinary voice.

Four Study Abroad College Programs To Start Your Successful Hospitality And Culinary Career

Is the center of multiculturalism. We are proud to have students from more than 44 countries, which gives our classes a unique international character. New York is one of the most diverse and exciting food cities, providing international culinary students with opportunities for vibrant cultural experiences that include access to a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, gourmet markets and culinary resources. No wonder so many international culinary students have chosen it as their passport to a rewarding and successful culinary career.

Are you ready to take a further interest? Talk to your admissions representative about your personal goals, start an application, or download our career brochure so you can access our program information at any time.

The Career Culinary Arts program includes 13 courses that offer students comprehensive art and real cooking training. The first 12 courses consist of 110 four-hour lessons led by experienced chefs-instructors at a facility in lower Manhattan. Students will explore the basics of time-tested cooking, cuisine from around the world, and the techniques of modern masters.

The 13th course is an external internship at a location chosen by the student based on his or her career goals, in collaboration with our specialist career counselors to ensure appropriate adaptation.

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Excellent cuisine is based on mastering the seemingly simple preparations and techniques that determine the quality of the final product. The most important of these are the knife skills that students begin to learn at the beginning of their studies. We also emphasize proper storage and basic skills in the production of meat, fish and poultry, as well as food safety. Without a palate that can distinguish the balance and delicacy of taste, it makes no sense, so we include a number of exercises for pairing spices and food, as well as courses for understanding the taste of ingredients, to increase students’ awareness of these concepts.

When consumers buy meat or fish, fillets or steaks, few people know the skill needed to make them. In this course, students are immersed in protein production techniques. All types of meat and fish are included.

Every chef is very proud of sauces that turn good food into a great culinary experience. From classic French sauces to modern salsa, spices, extracted oils and towers, you will explore all the different manifestations of the art of plates. These sauces form the basis of research in various soups.

Culinary Study Abroad Programs

Mastering the cooking technique is a basic but difficult aspect of the culinary craft. Whenever the cook turns to the stove, the result depends entirely on a few basic skills – baking, baking and frying in between. These dry heat methods are taught comprehensively and carefully, giving students the opportunity to repeat, ensuring competence and confidence.

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Cooking on a humid heat creates some of the great treasures of the kitchen. The rich flavors and soothing textures make stews and stews the top of kitchens around the world. Dried and stewed dishes have become stand-alone and now form the basis of most wellness dishes today.

Dinner is the main dish associated with the profession of chef. However, more than 30% of all meals consumed in restaurants are breakfast, late and lunch. This course examines the techniques and ingredients used in these meals, from cooking eggs and pancakes to sandwiches, vinaigrettes and dressings. This course also includes legume and cereal techniques.

French cuisine: For good reason, France is considered the test stone of all Western cuisines. In this course, students will learn about the typical ingredients, procedures and dishes from Provence, Burgundy, Normandy and Alsace.

Italian cuisine: Piedmont, Tuscany, Abruzzo and 17 other regions make up what we consider Italian food. Regionality is the essence of everything Italian and this concept is the focal point of our presentation of this exciting cuisine. With authentic recipes and ingredients, students appreciate the variety and simplicity that characterize this popular European cuisine.

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Asian cuisine: Different Asian flavors and techniques are increasingly influencing all types of food. Chefs routinely borrow skewers, herbs and other ingredients from the area as they strive to create a more global approach to the kitchen. This course, focused on taste profiles and specific techniques, introduces students to basic dishes from India, China, Japan and Thailand.

Advanced culinary applications: Successful execution of multiple tasks is one of the characteristics of every cook. The challenges associated with combining all the components of an incoming meal require strict attention to the timing and sequence of tasks. This course is designed to enable students to acquire these skills while learning to prepare and serve current appetizers.

Even the most basic preparations in the confectionery of confectioners require practice and skill. Silk creams, soft cakes and crumbly croissants depend on mastering the basic skills of rolling, kneading, mixing and shaping. These concepts are emphasized in a comprehensive introduction to the basics of baking.

Culinary Study Abroad Programs

Today, composite multi-element tiles have become standard in the best kitchens. The combination of texture, taste and shape creates an unforgettable finale of the culinary experience. Students explore

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