Online Masters In Early Childhood Special Education

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The field of special education is growing in almost every province, making it a good choice for teachers who want to dedicate themselves to teaching those children whose disabilities make school difficult. Universities across the United States offer a wide range of options for current and future specialist professors, including blended programs, online courses, evening classes, and more. The schools listed here, however, have done more in providing these options at an affordable cost, making the dream of becoming a professional special education teacher accessible to others who still want to become a teacher.

To compile this list of the most affordable private non-profit masters courses in special education, we explored the NCES College Navigator website to find private non-profit institutions offering specialized masters education. Of the 200+ results, we identified 50 with the lowest fees and monthly fees. Additional information was collected directly from the university’s websites.

Online Masters In Early Childhood Special Education

Online Masters In Early Childhood Special Education

That’s right – George Mason may not be a private for-profit company, so you might be wondering what he does on this list. When the master of the master online offers one-time value, sometimes you need to bend the rules a little to make sure people know about it. It offers the option of choosing a single degree certificate for Autism Spectrum Disorders or a fully functional Certificate of Behavior Analysis that includes the Certificate Course course required to take the BCBA.

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The Master of Special Education at Hartford University is offered entirely online and is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your skills in a specialized educational environment. The 30-hour credit plan is expected to be completed in two consecutive years. It is completely natural and covers a wide range of special education topics and areas, including learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral problems, and mental retardation. The need for integrated research serves as the basis for a project plan.

Meredith College offers two nationally recognized programs for people who want to begin or continue a special education career: a Master of Education with a focus on special education (general curriculum) and a Master of Teaching with a focus on special education. Meredith graduates have a 100% pass rate on the PRAXIS exam required to obtain certificates and are highly sought after by school districts. Students will benefit from small classrooms and a collaborative learning environment led by experienced faculty.

A unique Master of Arts in Integrated Education from Cardinal Stritch University prepares students to teach children with different skill levels in both general and special education. This approach to specialized degree programs results in flexible and highly marketed teachers in school districts and principals. Students who choose to complete the certification section of the program will be eligible for a General Early Childhood Education – Teenager and Early Childhood – Special Early Childhood License.

The University of Mary offers a Special Master of Education Program for Strategists that can be downloaded in an integrated online and on-site course format. Classes are easily arranged in the evenings, weekends and summer to suit teachers’ family plans. Students have the option of completing a thesis or professional portfolio as their main stone project. As a Catholic university, the curriculum will incorporate Christian, Catholic and Benedictine values. Subject-specific topics include the Special Education Act, Education for Students with Emotional Problems, Behavioral Management, and Advanced Practices and Materials – Learning Disabilities.

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The University of Scranton Master’s in Special Education program offers students two options for obtaining certificates: one for a Pre K-8 certificate and one for a 7-12 certificate. Both methods require 39 credit hours, as well as a full exam and student internship. Specialist topics include Integrated Classroom Practices, Introduction to Autism Spectrum Problems and Practical Analysis, Special Education Assessment, Evidence-Based Practice for Students with Low Disability Disorders, and Classroom Presentation Technical Assistance.

Brandman University offers a Master of Special Education program in three different areas: Behavior Analysis in Special Education, Advanced Methodology in Special Education, and Autism in Special Education. All three programs can be completed online or at one of the many campuses in California and Washington. These programs comply with the Council for Advanced Children’s Content Standards. Students can combine courses to complete the degree program with more than one emphasis if they wish.

National University offers two Department of Special Education degree programs: Master of Special Education (California only) and Master of Special Education with Nevada Special Education accreditation and General Licensing Learning (Nevada only). The former is affiliated with the California Teacher Certification Commission and allows students to be accredited while pursuing a master’s degree. The latter leads to certification and meets requirements set by the Nevada Department of Education.

Online Masters In Early Childhood Special Education

Assumption College’s Master of Special Education program is a Massachusetts state-sponsored program designed to prepare teachers for the challenges of teaching students with moderate to moderate disabilities in inclusive environments. Teachers looking to earn a first license will have additional field service knowledge to improve their academic performance and provide real-world application opportunities. The 33-credit hour program covers topics such as Special Education Basics, Teaching English without Special Needs, Developmental Skills and Challenge, and Behavioral Assessment and Intervention.

Best Online Master’s In Early Childhood Education

Anna Maria College offers two options for students who wish to expand their knowledge in the field of special education. The Master of Education, Teacher with a Medium Model Student course prepares students for a Massachusetts State license and allows them to work with children with special needs in PreK-8 or Grades 5-12. For those who already have a teaching and vocational training license, there is a Master’s in Education for Professional Practice in the area of ​​Medium Disability. Higher level courses are also available.

The University of the South-West offers the fully online Master of Science in Education program for professionals who need a flexible program. The degree program covers key subjects such as Academic Research and Expertise in Common Classrooms and specialized subjects such as Students with Disabilities, Advanced Classroom Management, Students with Behavioral Problems, Environment and the Needs of a Gifted Child and a Special Education Program. Students are required to pass a full exam at the end of the program.

The University of Saint Mary’s Master of Special Education program focuses on flexible special education and is available on the Overland Park school campus. Classes meet in the evening, most of them Monday through Thursday. The 33-hour credit program includes eleven mandatory lessons, including Introduction and Symbols for Students with Flexible Learning Needs, Collaboration with Parents and Structures, Assessing Students with Flexible Learning Needs, and Creating Learning Outcomes for Flexible Students.

Point Loma Nazarene University offers a Master of Arts in Special Education program that can be completed in just eight months with a combination of online classes and traditional face-to-face meetings. Registered students will have the option to add several different accreditations as part of the program, including: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, Emotional Disorder, and Special Education for Young Children. The purpose of this program is to equip, transform and empower special education teachers to provide the best instruction for students with a variety of disabilities.

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Pfeiffer University offers a Master’s program in Special Education at its Charlotte campus. The 39-45 semester hour program is approved by the North Carolina Department of Public Education (NCDPI) and is taught in evening classes elsewhere on the Internet. Special subjects include Literacy and Language Development for Students with Special Needs, Different Guidelines for Special Students, Classroom Management and Behavior of Students with Special Needs, and Special Education Integrated Service Coordination. The curriculum also contains the student service and internship service components.

Freed-Hardeman offers a Master of Arts in Teaching, Special Education Degree Program, a 37-hour credit program that ends with a 12-hour teaching experience. Freed-Hardeman is a Christian university and requires all registered academic students to do Bible studies as part of their studies to build a good moral foundation in the classroom. Other discipline topics include Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of Learning Disabilities, Management of Children’s Special Needs, Special Education Assessment, Technology and Special Education Teacher.

Baker University’s Master of Special Education program is a 36-hour credit program with four licensed programs: K-6, K-6 and 5-8, 6-12 and K-12. Registered students can take one class at a time one night a week for seven weeks and still complete the program in less than two years. Classes are taught by experienced teachers who apply theory in real-world contexts, giving students a broad and realistic view of working with different children. The program is available at the Overland Park, Topeka and Wichita campuses.

Online Masters In Early Childhood Special Education


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