Universities In Italy For American Students

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John Cabot University is an American accredited university in Rome (Italy) that offers study and study abroad programs for students from more than 70 countries. After spending your free year at JCU, you will be able to explore Italy and Europe, as well as get easy loans to transfer to an American university. You can apply for one or two semesters or a summer session.

There is no need to follow our core curriculum from freelance students, which allows you to choose from 400 course options when applying for college loans. Our faculty and staff serve as mentors to help you decide what you want to study when you formally enroll in a bachelor’s program.

Universities In Italy For American Students

Universities In Italy For American Students

This website provides information for the community of John Kebot, parents and university partners about the JCU’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The University works hard to ensure the health and well-being of students, faculty and staff in accordance with Italian government guidelines.

The 5 Best Universities For Studying Abroad In Italy

Great teachers, interesting courses and a place to breathe. I took lessons at several departments, and each of them was a great inspiration. They don’t want to fill your head with insights, they want you to think and develop your culture. In addition to studying, student life is wonderful. There are many clubs and organizations, there are always interesting events and interesting people with different cultural backgrounds! It is also a good opportunity for diploma seekers and visitors to chat and make friends.

I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Rome was charming, and the people I met, the lessons, and the experiences I learned were amazing. It was the best time of my life and I am very happy to be at JCU.

Rome is one of the largest cities in the world, and I opened it in John Cabot last year. I met a lot of friends and they were very kind. We’re still talking, and I enjoyed discovering the city. I lived in Trastevere, one of the most beautiful parts of the city, and it was amazing.

Henry Franco of New Canaan, Connecticut, attended Dartmouth College in New Hanover, New Hampshire. He holds a master’s degree in state, recently went to Italy and entered John Cabot University.

The American University Of Rome

Henry: I heard about JCU from my brother who works with someone who studied here. I wanted to study abroad in Italy, which would allow me to study Italy and Europe, as well as get a good education.

Henry: The most important thing is that the professors in my political science classes are Italians. They give me a unique look at the topic. This is especially true of American politics, because they look at American politics from the outside compared to my American professors at home.

It offers a new and enlightening view of current events and makes me look at the actions of my country differently.

Universities In Italy For American Students

Henry: I think I would tell them that coming to Rome at first would be a culture shock, but if you are open and willing to adopt a different way of life, you will have a great time!

Study In Italy

Stephanie Corrado is an international admissions consultant at John Cabot University. A native of Philadelphia, he holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the American University of Washington. During an internship abroad in St. Petersburg, Russia, Stephanie fell in love with international education and after graduating from school moved to Rome. to pursue a career in this field, living the last two years.

Yes, I had a great experience studying abroad! When I started studying at university, I wanted to test myself and learn a whole new language.

So I signed up for Basic Russian 101 and two years later I was in the cold Russian city of St. Petersburg. When I started learning the language, I became more interested in Russian culture and history, which inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and do something else.

For me, this is a very interesting question, because my attitude to this topic has changed over the years in different places. Experience in Russia has shown that my classmates and I were proud to visit an unknown, cold Russia, and our university friends went to the same, familiar places in Europe.

Gap Year In Rome, Italy At John Cabot University

However, after living in Rome for two years, I can easily say that there is no “inflated” direction. Studying abroad, from Barcelona to Zanzibar, can offer students something new and inspiring.

However, students should remember that studying abroad is a learning experience. They have to choose a place that offers what they want to know and explore, and of course they always like it.

Growing up in a trilingual family, language and culture have always been an important part of my life. However, in 7th grade, I did not understand their true meaning until the first lesson in social studies about ancient civilizations.

Universities In Italy For American Students

It was then that I realized how important other cultures are in growing my culture and identity through the exchange of ideas and tools. This inspired me to focus my career in college on intercultural communication, because I like the idea of ​​bringing together cultures and people from all over the world.

Tuition And Living Costs In Italy

I think I learned the most outside of my country, delving into the ideas of different peoples and cultures, and that was something in my career, working with international students from all over the world and trying to bring them together in one class. Learning opportunities are endless!

So far, I have traveled to 47 countries on my own or with friends, colleagues and family.

However, despite all the absurd circumstances, my favorite travel experience was in California for the first time, and I recently traveled from Portland, Oregon, to San Diego, California, stopping in the Grand Canyon with my best and oldest friend of all time.

After a long absence from the United States, it was a great feeling to reconnect with my country and explore what I didn’t know.

More American Universities In Italy Close Campuses As Coronavirus Cases Increase

In general, Italy is known for its Dolce Vita lifestyle, which keeps people in a state of endless happiness when traveling here. In Rome you will see ancient ruins, all the pasta you can drink, and eternal works of art.

Study abroad at the American Humanities University in Rome, Italy. John Cabot University, located in Italy’s historic district, has unprecedented access to a wide range of campus facilities and nearby historic sites. Credits can be easily transferred to your university, and all classes are taught here … American University of Rome is a private, independent, non-profit university located in Rome. He holds a bachelor’s degree in archeology and classical heritage, art history, communication, film and digital media, interdisciplinary studies, international relations and global politics, Italian studies and business administration. Degree in Liberal Studies and Degree in Applied Arts in International Business.

AUR programs focus on intercultural issues, the use of Rome and its resources in education, interdisciplinary interactions, and the creation of fundamental competencies to prepare students for life and work in an increasingly technological and interconnected global community. It also offers semesters abroad for students of American colleges and universities.

Universities In Italy For American Students

Founded in 1969 as an educational institution for international students, AUR was founded in 1970 in the District of Columbia as a result of the work of American journalist David Colin, who settled in Rome after World War II. Colin became an important figure in the literary and artistic milieu of Rome, and when American students and professors began to come to Rome, he played an important role in stimulating cultural exchange between young Americans and their Italian counterparts. Over the years, informal evening discussions at his home have turned into formal lectures and classes. His wife, Joan Carpenter, worked with him at work. He still lives in Rome and was a longtime friend of the university.

Best International Universities For U.s. Students

Colin began working with George Tesoro, an Italian who emigrated to the United States in 1940 to protest against Mussolini’s fascist regime. The program began to develop, and the idea of ​​the American University in Rome was realized in 1969, when Colin was president and Tesoro was chairman.

For almost 25 years, the university operated in several apartment buildings in central Rome, before moving to its current location on the roof of Janiculum in 1993.

AUR was licensed by the District of Columbia Education Licensing Commission in 1986 to offer bachelor’s and law degrees, and in 1987 graduated from first grade. AUR is the oldest American university in Rome.

Accredited by the AUR Accreditation Council

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