Enrichment Programs For Elementary Students

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Early childhood education is a vital component of your child’s development. Therefore, it makes sense that when we supplement (and even integrate) enrichment activities with the academic curriculum, we can further support these developments for student success.

This can be applied through a variety of learning strategies, fun classroom activities and a variety of subjects. As experts and educators for child development, we have seen the positive effects of enrichment programming in primary education.

Enrichment Programs For Elementary Students

When we teach music education to early learners, we help them develop their communication (reading, listening, speaking) and math skills (ordering and creating patterns). An enrichment program focused on music education also promotes creativity and collaboration, which can greatly affect student performance in the classroom.

Enrichment Activities All Schools Should Offer

Two of the teaching methods we love are the Codali method and Dalcroze Eurithmics. The codally-inspired classroom places an emphasis on music education for early learners through vocal music, pitch and notes (solfege), and even finds value in narrative and movement-based music.

Our comprehensive article on music for child development provides a comprehensive guide to great songs for sensory development, emotional vocabulary and more. These strategies can be used to create classroom activities that keep students engaged and interesting.

Exercise helps relieve tension and anxiety and improves concentration and motor skills – but it can also be combined with other enrichment activities for a deeper effect. The two teaching methods that we recommend warmly in elementary school programs for enriching movement are children’s yoga and dalkrosse eurithmic. Dalcrose Eurythmics supports movement-based music learning which helps children get the benefits of music education through movement (such as walking, turning and jumping).

Research shows that the benefits of yoga (especially asana) can be obtained in childhood: improving flexibility, weight and strength. Combined with Dalcroze’s yuritmy, musical yoga increases physical and spatial awareness and at the same time encourages creativity.

Mission Consolidated Independent School District

Yoga and Eurythmy create a space where we can say ‘yes’ to children’s ideas and focus on collaboration and cooperation. We can even go a step further to promote literacy with activities like yoga in a storybook. The possibilities are endless.

An effective enrichment lesson would encourage an environment in which children carefully explore rhythm and rhythm. And with only 3.7% of the K-12 schools requiring daily physical education, such exercise classes would not only be helpful but would be essential for student success.

In your search for the perfect learning strategies and teaching methods for your child, you may have found one of our favorites: the Reggio Emilia approach. The method works well in the classroom because it builds group activities through collaborative observations. Teachers and students work as a team, with their environment like an oyster.

Project- and game-based learning creates a common ground in which everyone in the room feels safe and heard. It enables children to practice being leaders and encourages others to listen with an open mind.

Online Enrichment Activities

If your child’s school values ​​collaborative learning (which promotes community, creativity and critical thinking), it may integrate enrichment activities into lesson planning to create Redja-inspired classrooms that nurture collaboration and leadership.

When we think about awareness, we can not directly associate it with the socio-emotional development of children and education in early childhood. But awareness has long influenced SEL (social-emotional learning) by promoting self-regulation, sensory exploration and a sense of community.

Schools that offer awareness-oriented enrichment activities serve students through breathing exercises, emotional observation and fact-based observation, and tools adapted to children to acquire life skills. In turn, young students are able to gain emotional intelligence and regulation, which helps improve classroom behavior and encourages children’s thinking.

Our favorite awareness benefits for schools and classrooms are not just focused on children. Awareness practice is also necessary for teachers, and the implementation of awareness in the Enrichment initiative will help teachers, administrators

After School Enrichment Programs Continue To Grow At Alderwood And Cordata

If you read this and think, “Ah, our elementary school does not offer these programs – what should I do !?” Enriching after school) to support young students.

Io Re Mi, for example, is an original program of music, movement and consciousness with approaches to learning inspired by the methods of Codali, Dalcroze and Reggio Emilia. Our affordable and effective curriculum integrates seamlessly with the academic curriculum and Common Core standards, and 98% of New York State (NIS) teachers surveyed found that their students benefited from our unique combined class.

Let us connect if you want to learn more about bringing the essential enrichment programs into your school with our unique program. We also offer workshops for professional development and training of children’s yoga for teachers, administrators, social workers and other educators and caregivers.

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