Study Chinese In China

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With a combination of effective study methods and customized curricula, our private Chinese language courses use a unique blended teaching method to meet your academic needs and requirements.

With XMandarin Private Courses, you can schedule 4-20 lessons weekly at your convenience with our professional teachers focused on your study needs and interests!

Study Chinese In China

Study Chinese In China

XMandarin has been a great experience for me in China. I have not only improved my Chinese in the past five months. But I also made a good friend who was a teacher here. I started the class with just four people, which was great because it focused on our learning needs. Then I decided I wanted to put together some tutoring with another teacher. Because I want to try to combine these two types of classes. In order to support my language acquisition The location of the school is also very convenient as it is centrally located and only 15 minutes walk from the beach, there are good shops and restaurants. Many nearby as well as the best bars and clubs, it is about 5-10 minutes walk from the school, so living in this area is the best option when deciding to move to Qingdao.

Study Chinese In China

Before coming to China I know the basics of the language and have little or no opportunity to practice what I have learned. So when I come to XMandarin, I hope I can practice more for improvement.

What I love about school is that they always take an interest in my goals in terms of language. And he helped me follow the right path to make it happen. It also suggests what to do to further improve

Additionally, from my experience the teachers I had the opportunity to meet were excellent, and they were always very helpful. Try to make the class more interesting and interesting.

I arrived in China without being able to speak a single word of Chinese. And after 5 months, I finished my HSK3 with the help of my teacher.

Learn Mandarin In China

Individual classes add a lot of value to students. This is because you can improve your pronunciation and speaking more easily than going to a group class. Plus, they’ll be happy to answer your questions after class via WeChat, so if you’re doing your homework and need help. You won’t have any problems as they are always happy to help.

XMandarin will take care of you and prepare a schedule that works for you. If you want to change the seasons one day for personal reasons they will rearrange and it will not be a problem. Very happy that they chose to learn Chinese.

Invaluable help in learning more words and helping you live in China. They know how to adapt to each level. Whether you are a beginner or your Chinese is almost fluent. I myself am working at HSK4 and learning new things. Every time you get a new chapter

Study Chinese In China

The opportunity to study face to face with your personal tutor is a real opportunity to improve faster and build a personal relationship with someone who can accurately judge your level. If you are planning to create something professional like creating a Chinese cover letter or a resume, X Mandarin’s help will be fun for you.

Learn Chinese In China 2022: Best Chinese Language Programs

Books are a reliable tool to accompany you as you develop. I guide you through which HSK level to aim for first. I personally recommend X Mandarin.

When I come to China I feel I need to learn some basics of the Chinese language. At least to be able to order a beer and say I don’t speak Chinese. I don’t have much knowledge of languages. (I just learned to say “我” (I’m French), which was immediately followed by an answer in Chinese, so…)

I studied with X-Mandarin for about 100 hours. Teaching methods may vary depending on the duties of the teacher you end up with. But on a personal level, I only have excellent teachers who speak English well enough. For example, I’m more keen to make more scenarios to use vocabulary I currently know. There is also a guide that can be used as an aid during class. This is based on different levels of Chinese (HSK 1, HSK2…). Classes are tailored to your level. So you will not be thrown into the woods. And they can help you if you have any questions. In the end, I feel like I’ve made great progress in Chinese.

The only problem I have is that I have changed teachers 3 times but I can always deal with a new teacher.

China’s Boarding Schools Strip Tibetan Children Of Language: Study

The school side set up some activities, such as visiting the adjacent park which was very neat.

The experience was really fun. I learned the basics of Chinese in 8 weeks, met extraordinary people and had a lot of fun. Our classes last about two hours, with lots of phonics activities and lots of fun. At the end of these few weeks I was able to achieve HSK1 level, and I attended these lessons in the beautiful city of Qingdao. The perfect city to take your first steps in China. Not too big or too simple. It was a perfect change of scenery. Plus, learning Chinese helped me survive my adventures in a local restaurant where no one spoke English. It allows me to develop myself and understand the hallmarks of different languages. I highly recommend these classes to always be in a good mood and relax. Plus free tea

I took two short-term Chinese language courses through two Xmandarin courses during my stay in Qingdao. The teachers are friendly and professional. I love the class very much and my Chinese has improved a lot during this time.

Study Chinese In China

My needs are slightly different from most students. Because I work full time and in this I am very happy with the teacher because they were able to adapt the lessons to my own needs. I spent most of my classes preparing for my HK4 exam, but there were many classes where the teachers helped me prepare the presentations I had to give in Chinese. This is very valuable! The school also hosts fun regular events, including cocktail making lessons, Chinese calligraphy, and group trips to cool places in town.

Why You Should Learn Chinese In China In 2022

For Qingdao – love this city! The school has a central location close to many cafes, bars and restaurants. Plus the ability to walk from the ocean

Hello, I’m Hanan from Paris. I learned Chinese 3 years ago in Xmandarin, although it is a very difficult language, the great teacher calms it down! The teachers can speak English very well which is perfect for beginners! Comfortable private classes We make an appointment with the teacher in advance. In this case it is very flexible. (It depends on our schedule and also the teacher’s schedule). The school is also great for the emerging Chinese culture. They organize activities with students of different nationalities! It’s great to meet new people even after 3 years in China! For example, last week we went to kung fu classes before, it’s amazing! Learning a language is not only about speaking, but also about learning the culture!

Get your experience to the fullest. Feel free to make friends. It is always good to share different cultures from all over the world!

I am a course advisor at Xmandarin, a new global foreign language school. My job is to recruit students who study Chinese.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Chinese? • China Admissions

My favorite travel memory in Guilin. Because I think the place with the best sea and mountain views is the most comfortable place to travel. I had the opportunity to see the freshest and purest mountains, lakes and rivers in China. Not only beautiful landscapes. It’s also a relaxing vacation to get rid of stress and pain.

I change and grow in different areas. Since starting work in the current company, I have had my best English language skills because it is a Chinese language school and there are students from abroad and from every country. I also improve my communication skills because my job is sales. And I have to talk to all kinds of people to help them register for the course.

The best story I heard from the returning students is that one of the students came back to school and said she wasn’t just having a great experience

Study Chinese In China

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