Bs Degree In Early Childhood Education

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Our Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education degree program prepares you to work with children from birth through 2nd grade. In this program, you will take coursework to meet the new Illinois Professional Teaching Standards (IL-PTS). Upon successful completion of all required courses, you will earn an approved Professional Teacher’s License (PEL) for early childhood and self-contained general education (grades 2 through 2).

Not only will you achieve your professional teaching license along the way to your degree, but you’ll also have the option of earning special education and ELL endorsements, the most sought-after credentials in the job market.

Bs Degree In Early Childhood Education

Bs Degree In Early Childhood Education

Develop your knowledge and expertise with two consecutive sessions of teaching students in the elementary school system (grades K-2) under the guidance of experienced teachers, totaling 680 hours of field experience.

Bachelor Of Arts In Inclusive Early Childhood Education

Join a teacher preparation program with more than 130 years of experience that has graduated more Golden Apple Award winners than any other school in Illinois.

Choose from Oine, campus-based and blended class formats that allow you to shape your degree around the demands of your daily life.

Learn from real-world professionals currently working as teachers, administrators, and leaders in early childhood education. They come into the classroom with a wealth of knowledge, connections and resources to shape the next generation of teachers.

33% general skill development; 67% Major, Concentration, or Minor Courses: Will give you a solid foundation of teaching skills to apply to the classroom from day one. You will graduate not only with presentation and lesson planning skills, but with an understanding of children’s learning differences and how best to approach them. Additionally, our faculty members are well-connected in the industry and the Career Services team is dedicated to setting up ideal careers for students.

Early Childhood Education Degree Online

Kindergarten and elementary school teaching jobs are expected to grow by 4% between 2019-2029, which is the average growth rate for all occupations. Additionally, Illinois is one of the top five jobs for preschool teachers in the country. States are implementing preschool programs for 3- and 4-year-olds because of the increased demand for child care professionals and their staff. This is about 25% of preschool age children enrolled in some form of preschool. Subsidies are increasing for children from low-income families who participate in child care programs. In addition to becoming a kindergarten or pre-K teacher, a master’s degree in early childhood education is set for this fast-growing career:

Undergraduate candidates majoring in early childhood education require 180 quarter hours, 70 quarter hours in general education, and a minimum grade of “C” in all major courses. Students must complete the program concentration and select one of two optional minors.

Undergraduate College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences: Graduate Kendall College National College of Education Graduate School of Business and Leadership Florida Campus Early Childhood Master’s online programs show you how to create an effective curriculum for young children. The programs teach you how to have a direct impact on the lives of your students by creating an environment that promotes learning and development.

Bs Degree In Early Childhood Education

Did you know that by not investing $10,000 per student in early education, that student is spending about $250,000 a year with little income and a large need for public assistance? What is Early Childhood Education?

New Bachelor’s Degree In Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education is the creation, implementation, and evaluation of effective coursework for children in preschool through third grade. The focus is on nurturing the social, educational, physical and emotional development of these young children. As a result, early education degree programs focus on designing and evaluating programs to effectively teach young children.

Earning an online early childhood master’s degree provides the skills and knowledge to create healthy and supportive environments for children to learn. In general, it involves how to create effective curriculum and planning strategies to promote positive development. But it also includes establishing milestones and evaluating the success of programs.

When searching for the perfect online master’s in early childhood education program, you will find that there are two types of degrees offered.

Often, early childhood education master’s degree programs are BA degrees. In general, those programs give you more opportunities to pursue liberal arts options. On the other hand, BS degrees are generally more technically focused, with less opportunity to take classes in other fields.

Bachelor Of Science In Early Childhood Education By Go2cu

Admission requirements for early childhood education vary from program to program. Generally, programs require you to earn a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent. Most schools require you to send all relevant transcripts. Schools often ask you to fill out an application.

For some programs you earned your high school diploma with a minimum GPA and minimum score on the SAT. However, all programs are different. Check with individual schools to see their specific requirements to make sure you’re the perfect fit.

Generally, you must complete 120 credits for postgraduate programs. Most full-time students can earn their degree in four years. However, it depends on the specific program and course availability. This includes several courses in early childhood education as well as several general education courses.

Bs Degree In Early Childhood Education

Most programs require you to complete 16 weeks of full-time training teaching in schools. It provides opportunities for students to receive supervision and guidance from the teaching staff.

B.a. In Early Childhood Education

While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education, programs strive to teach you the fundamentals of child development, family systems, and counseling methods. Generally, it is through a mixture of theory and practical experience. Its ultimate goal is to promote learning and value and support young minds.

The typical courses you earn your early childhood master’s degree online are focused on providing a thorough understanding of how to teach young children. Therefore, the course will guide you in creating a curriculum, evaluating students and creating an environment conducive to child development. Some common online early childhood education courses include:

Remember that each program is different. Therefore, course offerings vary from program to program. Click on the sponsored listings on this page for more information on specific courses for individual programs.

In addition to the core courses required to earn your online early childhood master’s degree, most programs require you to take some general education courses. Typically, these include some of the following liberal arts courses:

Bs In Early Childhood Education Degree Online

After you earn your early childhood education master’s degree, you can pursue several different careers. Some of these and their 2015 average annual salary include the following.

To become a preschool teacher, you usually need a high school diploma and certification. However, employers generally prefer candidates with at least a post-secondary education.

For special education teachers and kindergarten and elementary school teachers, candidates must have a bachelor’s degree and state grant certification.

Bs Degree In Early Childhood Education

In general, each state has different laws for preschool teachers and preschool and child care directors. However, most states require one of the following.

Online Early Childhood Education Degree

Additionally, each state has its own licenses or certifications for special education teachers and kindergarten and elementary school teachers. Typically, this includes a teacher preparation program and professional development classes you must take each year.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to impact the lives of young children by promoting learning and development, take the next step. Click on the sponsored listings on this page for more information on specific programs. You can contact the schools directly to find the right fit for you. This is an ad supported website. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school searches, finder, or match results to schools that compensate us. This solution does not affect our school rankings, resource guides or other editorial-free information published on this site.

If you ever want to work with young children as an educator, social worker, or counselor, consider pursuing a master’s degree in child development.

When searching for the best online bachelor’s degree in child development degree program, consider whether you want to pursue an undergraduate or advanced degree for your career goals. A master’s degree in child development is broader than a master’s degree in early childhood education or a bachelor’s degree in childhood and family studies, focusing on the emotional, mental, and psychological development of children.

Best Online Bachelor’s In Child Development 2022

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that child, family and school social workers will see a 12% job growth rate from 2019 to 2029 – much faster than most occupations. As the COVID-19 pandemic develops, it will help meet the needs of parents and organizations. An online child development degree offers an affordable path to this and other fast-growing jobs that help young children.

We have selected programs based on program quality, type of courses offered, faculty, rankings, awards, and reputation, including the school’s reputation for effectively offering online degree programs.

An online child development degree prepares early childhood teachers, child care workers, and specialist child and family social workers. In this degree, students study the emotional, physical and mental development stages of children through education

Bs Degree In Early Childhood Education

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