Online Master's In Early Childhood Education

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Special education degrees, such as the MA in Special Education in Learning Disabilities, continue to grow in popularity as the special education profession itself has become an important career field in school districts across the country. Students pursuing this specialized degree will be prepared to meet the growing demand for well-trained, knowledgeable, and committed special education teachers.

To compile our list, we searched College Navigator and found 58 programs. From there, we eliminated high-priced schools. These 20 programs represent the most affordable graduate programs in special education that specifically focus on learning disabilities. Tuition and total fees for each school were compared and ranked according to affordability, taken from College Navigator. Each program is selected based on overall affordability, using in-state tuition rates for public universities when available. More details for the schools can be found on the program websites.

Online Master's In Early Childhood Education

Online Master's In Early Childhood Education

The University of Mary is the largest degree-granting institution in Bismarck, North Dakota. The private institution carries a Catholic affiliation and offers students smaller class sizes, individualized attention and education than some of the state’s larger public schools, making it a good fit for students who want a better relationship with their professors and administrators. M.Ed. The special education program comes with a focus on learning disabilities that teaches education professionals the best points to reach students who have learning difficulties due to dyslexia, ADHD, and more severe conditions.

Most Affordable Master’s In Special Education In Learning Disabilities Degrees 2022

New Jersey universities, even public universities, aren’t known for affordability, but Montclair is a little different. This affordable school, which charges just $11 and $555 for its certificate and degree programs, helps students expand their knowledge of learning disabilities. The school’s Master of Teaching comes with dual professional certification to teach students with learning disabilities at the preschool and elementary levels. Courses focus on the foundations of learning disabilities and unique ways to create an engaging curriculum and classroom for the youngest students in this category.

This unique certificate prepares graduates to teach a standard elementary classroom filled with learners at all levels, but its status as a dual degree means graduates can meet the requirements for NJ certification as a teacher of students with learning disabilities. The program focuses on everything from ADHD to autism to severe disabilities, and teaches teachers how to adapt their curriculum to the unique needs of students, their families, and their disabilities.

Designed for teachers interested in teaching at the secondary level, this dual degree degree within a graduate program will allow education professionals to focus on a single subject and teach grades 7 through 12. Learning disabilities in this program follow the same academic guidelines. Dual focus stage elementary and early childhood as concentrations available to students.

Francis Marion University is a public institution located just east of Florence, South Carolina. Affordable school tuition fees make it easy for students in a higher education program to continue their educational studies in a program focused on learning disabilities. M.Ed. The program focuses on the challenges of creating curriculum for these students and the psychology of mild and severe learning disabilities. The student will study state and federal laws related to these disabilities and prepare to teach a mixed class upon graduation.

Most Affordable Online Master’s In Education Degrees

For students seeking to pursue a career in teaching for the first time, the MAT program is specifically designed to help enrollees qualify for state education certification and employment. To this end, half of the program includes basic pedagogical concepts, educational psychology, and fundamentals of teaching courses, as well as practical training in government classrooms. The other half of the program teaches students the psychology of learning disabilities, innovative ways to accommodate students with disabilities, and best practices for creating an interactive experience for these students.

Aquinas College in Michigan is consistently ranked by US News and World Report as one of the top regional universities in the upper Midwest, with top rankings for value and affordability. The school’s MAT in Learning Disabilities is designed for graduate students who have not already earned a master’s degree in education, with a structure that integrates teaching in learning disabilities, curriculum core classes, education, classroom management, and educational psychology. Thanks to the combination of these courses and student teaching experience, graduates of the program are eligible for a Michigan State Certificate in Special Education.

The CUNY system is one of the best and most affordable public university systems in the United States, serving New York students and out-of-town residents who value low tuition fees and high academic standards. The master’s degree in early childhood education from Hunter College offers a specialized educational concentration for teachers who want to broaden their understanding of these key students. The program culminates with an experience in an urban early childhood education facility that introduces key concepts of the program at home, focusing both on early childhood education concepts and the unique ways in which students with learning disabilities can be accommodated.

Online Master's In Early Childhood Education

Furman University in South Carolina is one of the most respected private institutions in the state in many fields, especially in education. Ranked #1 nationally and regionally for academic value and standing, students at Forman will earn a laser-focused Master of Arts degree that specifically teaches learning disabilities and related concepts. The narrow focus of the program is that students will learn broad concepts related to curriculum planning, disability origins, accommodation, and other important concepts that will make it easier to work with these students and ensure they master the concepts like others.

Early Childhood Education

Southwestern College in Kansas is a private institution with a Methodist religious affiliation. The school is consistently rated highly and ranked as one of the most academically rigorous universities in the state. Students interested in learning disabilities will enjoy the MA in Special Education, with a focus on low-incidence disabilities. This program focuses on Down syndrome, autism, and similar disabilities, and how to meet the unique needs of these students, making them feel included in a regular classroom. Teachers will learn the challenges of these serious disabilities and graduate with the ability to become certified as a learning disability teacher in the state of Kansas.

Drake University has just under 6,000 students on its Iowa campus, making it a great choice for undergraduates who want to be more than just a number. The program does not focus on creating leaders for the classroom. Instead, it focuses on creating instructional designers, planners, and strategists who have formulated district-wide policy to accommodate these students with learning disabilities. This is a unique and highly focused management focus and is an absolute must for educators who wish to advance into management or leadership roles.

Long-running Nashua University, Riviere University in New Hampshire offers tuition under $10,000 and a strong and unique focus on learning disabilities at the undergraduate level. Students in this program begin with some introductory courses that teach themselves the basics of disability. From there, the program focuses on curriculum planning and classroom management for students with disabilities, and the use of IEPs and other tools to plan instruction for teaching students with disabilities.

With only 1,300 undergraduate students, MU has one of the smallest programs to study disability studies in the country. The school’s Master of Education program focuses on classroom “interventions” that involve first identifying a student with a learning disability and then planning their academic trajectory. The program offers students a practical training opportunity and concludes with a capstone course and comprehensive exam.

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UND, North Dakota’s premier public institution, has two unique programs for educators with learning disabilities. Students can choose a Master of Science or a Master of Education in this field, with the primary difference centering on initial licensure as a teacher. He received his M.Ed. The degree will allow new teachers to obtain licensure, while the MS program may be more suitable for existing teachers. Both tracks focus on the origins and nature of major learning disabilities, with a minor focus on more severe disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism.

Located in the northern South Carolina city of Spartanburg, Converse College offers small class sizes and manageable tuition fees, making it a good fit for students on a budget. The school’s MAT program focuses on learning disabilities ranging from mild disabilities to more severe types. Classes in curriculum planning and classroom management help teachers manage and teach these disabilities, while hands-on training gives teachers real-world experience in dealing with these unique situations.

SCSU is a large public university in Minnesota with one of the best educational programs in the state. The School’s MA in Special Education can be combined with a specialization in Learning Disabilities, introducing students to

Online Master's In Early Childhood Education

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