Masters Of Business Administration In Canada

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Are you ready to take the next step in your career and become a global community leader? The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program at Vancouver Island University () equips students with the expertise to navigate and tackle the challenges of an increasingly complex, digital and connected world. With a focus on building future leaders, the MBA program is one of the most integrated technology programs in Canada. Data analysis is included in four technology-focused research courses. This teaching approach provides our students with a specialization in how the digital and technology world operates on everything from corporate ethics to business. From looking at things like capitalism and managing digital media, MBA students are supported with career path training throughout the program. and work with a business consultant during the training period where they apply their learning to a business project with a fully supported experience. This is the faculty of specialized programs. As an MBA graduate, you will build your career with valuable disciplinary knowledge. Intellectual and creative development that will make you a trusted leader in the global business community.

The University of Vancouver Island’s MBA offers students the opportunity to study in an ever-changing environment with students from all over the world. Our small classroom sizes provide students with the intellectual opportunity to study in a college environment. While the diversity of our students and faculty provides a positive outlook on today’s business world, our MBA faculty brings together business expertise and international experience in the classroom. by providing a rigorous education of examples and cases in the real world from their experiences The University of Vancouver Island’s MBA is an Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The MBA offers a 20-month, in-depth, full-time format that includes a well-defined integrated course in management, finance. Marketing, Accounting, Research and Technology, and a 4-month internship with an Applied Business Project. All students participate in a 3-week Integrated Education Foundation at the start of the MBA programme. The Foundation introduces students to key principles. of the program’s learning outcomes and rigorous requirements for course writing and technical presentations at the graduate level. to determine student achievement Continuing academic work during the first half of each year is divided into 1, 2 or 3 modules. Students are given a minimum time between modules to ensure adequate data storage and assessment. Every half year ends with a two-week break after completing the course. Students will complete their internships. Working with a business consultant Students identify key organizational issues to use in writing a jointly supervised used business project. The introduction of the MBA program starts in September and January. Find more course details and courses at the Graduate Programs Faculty of Management.

Masters Of Business Administration In Canada

Fall Intake Year 1 – Fall Semester Credits MBAA 500 – (Foundations 1) 1 MBAA 501 – (Foundations 2) 2 MBAA 511 – (Research 1 – Introduction) 1.5 MBAA 512 – (Economics 1 – Introduction 1MBA-A 5Mar.5ke Introduction 1 Mar – Introduction) 1.5 MBAA 514 – (Executive 1 – Strategic Management) 1.5 MBAA 515 – (Finance 1 – Financial and Quantitative Analysis) 1.5 MBAA 516 – (Accounting 1 – Fundamentals of Accounting. ) 1.5 MBAA 515 – ( Finance 1 – Finance and Volume Analysis) 1.5 MBAA 516 – (Accounting 1 – Fundamentals of Accounting) 1.5 Spring Credit 2 MBAA 12 Spring – (Research 2 – Research Plan) 2 MBAA 522 – (Economics 2 – Microeconomics) 2 MBAA 523 – (Economics Marketing 2 – Professional Marketing) 2 MBAA 524 – (Management 2 – Leadership and Management Skills) 3 MBA-2 –Fin 5 Financial Theory and Application) 2 MBAA 526 – (Accounting 2 – Content for Accounting) 2 MBAA 527 – (Technology 1 – Systems Management) 2 MBAA 552 – (Integrated Learning Foundation) 15 credits Year 1 – Intersessio n Semester 5 credits MBA-A Research 3 – Data Analytics ) 3 MBAA 532 – (Economics 3 – Global Context) 2 MBAA 533 – (Technology 2 – Communications Devices) 2 MBAA 534 – (Management 3 – Global Talent Management Strategy) 3 MBAA 536 – (Accounting 3 – Financial Decision Making) 2 MBAA 537 – (Technology 3 – Digital Behavior MBAA 552) Foundation for Integrated Learning for Work) 14 Year 2 Credits – Fall Semester Credit (Fall MBAA 542 – Economics 4 – Title in Economic Data) 2 MBAA 543 – (Marketing 3 – Check Global Marketing) 3 MBAA 544 – (Management 543 MBA) 53 MBAA Management – (Finance 3 – Investment Management and Marketing) 2 MBAA 547 – (Emerging Business Technology) 2 MBAA 552 – (Academic Institutions) Integrated Knowledge ) 3 credits 15 Year 2 – Spring semester MBAA credits 550 – (Internship) 6 MBA-A 5 MBA-A 5 4 – Used Business Project) 6 credits 12 Spring 1st – Spring Semester Credits MBAA 500 – (Foundations 1) 1 MBAA 501 – (Foundations 2) 2 MBAA 511 – (Research 1 – Introduction) 1.5 MBAA 512 Introduction) 1.5 MBAA 513 – (Sales 1 – Introduction) 1.5 MBAA 514 – ( Management 1 – Strategic Management) 1.5 MBAA 515 – (Finance 1 – Financial and Quantitative Analysis) 1.5 MBAA 516 – (Accounting 1 – Fundamentals of Accounting) 1.5 12 credits Year 1 – Semester 2a credits 2 Research MBAA 2 Design) 2 MBAA 522 – (Economics 2 – Microeconomics) 2 MBAA 523 – (Marketing 2 – Strategic Marketing) 2 MBAA 524 – (Management 2 – Leadership and Management Skills) 3 MBAA 525 – (Finance 2 Finance) MBAA 526 – (Accounting 2 – Contents Wh) 2 MBAA 527 – (Technology 1 – Program Management) 2 MBAA 552 – (Integrated Learning Foundation for Work) 15 credits Year 1 – Fall MBAA Semester Credits 531 – (Data Analytics) 3 MBAA 532 – (Economics 3 – Global Context) 2 MBAA 533 – (T echnology 2 – Communications Devices) 2 MBAA 534 – (Management 3 – Global Talent Management) 3 MBAA 536 – (Accounting 3 – 5 Financial Decisions) 2 Financial Decisions – (Technology 3 – Digital Behavior) 2 MBAA 552 – (Integrated Learning Resources) 14 credits 2 years 2 – Spring semester credit MBAA 542 – (Economics 4 – Advanced Economics topics) 2 MBAA 543 – (Economics Markets 3 – Global Marketing) 3 MBAA 544 – (Management 4 – MBAA 54 Operations Management) Finance 3 – Investment and Marketing Management) 2 MBAA 547 – (Emerging Business Technology) 2 MBAA 552 – (Integrated Learning Foundation) 3 credits 15 Year 2 – Intersession Semester MBAA 550 credits – (Internship) 6 MBA-4 -551rch-based business project) 6 credits 12 Completion requirements1. Students must keep a ‘C+’ average (2.33) for each SMESTER program 2. Any student who has achieved a lower ‘C+’ grade in each course or in any series or semester within the program should consult their Graduate Program Adviser. 3. Students must have a 2.33 overall GPA for ABP and internships. 4. Students may receive fixed grades and may take up to 4 subjects or 12 credits for coursework. whichever comes first If failed courses of 5 or 13 credits or more They will be asked to leave the program. 5. Students who are asked to leave the program can reapply after 1 year (12 months) with evidence of improved academic standing. 6. Students must achieve a CGPA “C. Full +” in order to pass the MBA. Separate text “with differences” is used in degree papers. program meeting and transcripts for students with a mean pass rate equal to or greater than the calculated minimum GPA difference: 90 percent of the graduate GPA for all graduates of The same degree program from September 2010 or five years ago. whichever is the latest Updated on Monday, 25 January 2021.

Mba In Canada For Indian Students: Colleges, Eligibility, Fees, Intake

This is a competitive admissions process with fewer seats in the system. Applicants who meet or exceed the minimum criteria may not be eligible for the program. University degree from business or non-business training A minimum “B” average during the last two years of a bachelor’s degree. A cover letter outlining how the MBA will contribute to career planning. A brief curriculum vitae about education, employment, and volunteer experience. Two letters of recommendation from a previous employer or professor. Must have at least one year of work experience. GMAT (entrance) marks are not required. Applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree in a country where English is not the primary/official language. and those from universities where English is not the language of instruction Must meet one of the English language requirements for the Undergraduate Programme. Additional requirements for international admission: Certified copies of all academic documents. (Include one copy in the original language and a certified copy of an English translation, if applicable) Note: Applicants without a degree but has significant work experience GMAT scores may be applied for. These applicants will be considered on a case-by-case basis. (Permanent Residents or Canadian Residents): Online Application (EducationPlannerBC Application Service) Application form In addition to the application form Applicants must submit the following documents: Non-Refundable Application Fee, Certified Copies of Relevant Documents, Notice of How the MBA Will Participate in Plan A.

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