Why Is Computer Literacy Important

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Computer technology has become a very important and trusted part of human life. Today, personal computers are made at an affordable price and allow you to access information easily and quickly and solve everyday problems. Life is a constant exchange of information and technological development helps to speed up this exchange. However, people are so confident in computers that they do not understand the impact they have on literacy.

Computer skills are essential in our modern society, but the great advantages of these skills also have their drawbacks which can negatively affect three basic skills, reading, writing and accounting.

Why Is Computer Literacy Important

Why Is Computer Literacy Important

Reading is a skill that is taught at a very young age that makes people more intellectual and formal in daily life. Technology has made it very easy to access information, so many people turn to computers for news, books and other information.

Importance Of Computer Literacy Free Essay Example

A trip to the library or newsagent is part of the story as everything is within easy reach of your home.

However, reading from a computer screen can be much slower and less efficient. In the following quote, “This difference in reading speed is due to a smaller direction when reading long lines of web text presented in single wide columns,” it is obvious that reading from a computer screen can affect reading speed compared to reading a. book.

You can easily lose your position while reading on the screen and this can affect your comprehension of the text.

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This is clear from Jane Healy’s book “Connection Failure”: “Screen reading is slower, tiring, less accurate and richer than regular reading. Same information from the book. They tended to fade or scroll through unread screens too quickly.

When reading from a computer screen, people tend to look and blink less, resulting in a static appearance, which increases the likelihood of eye fatigue and headaches, while on paper there is rapid and rhythmic eye movement that causes significantly less strain on the eyes. the eyes. Reading the printed text gives the reader time to think and imagine, thus creating a different overall environment. Clifford Stoll also draws attention to the negative effects of computer literacy on reading, writing: “When computers replace textbooks, students become illiterate in computer skills and books.

They discover the virtual world, watch dancing triangles and download the latest websites. But they will not start reading books. “When computers were invented, it was argued that this technology would sharpen their intellectual skills and development, which is partly due to the use of various types of teaching software. However, people seem to spend more time on entertainment instead of taking advantage of it. read an intellectual book that is definitely meant for teaching.Writing is another skill that creates human literacy.

Why Is Computer Literacy Important

Writing on a computer changes the way you write and the nature of the relationship between a writer and his writing. “Writing requires focused attention and anything that interferes with the writing process (especially thinking about what to write) affects the quality of the work.” As Armstrong and Casement mentioned, writing requires focused attention and it can be very distracting to type into a computer because online chat software or other distractions are a bit away.

Pdf) Computer Literacy Of Non Information Technology Students: Basis For Curriculum Enhancement

Writing can sometimes be frustrating, as it is always difficult to plan and express your thoughts, but distractions can make it much harder to use a computer. Computer-related work seems natural and milder, though more decent. However, handwritten works seem to be better organized and express thoughts better because they do not distract attention. It is better to look at multiple pages at once when typing by hand, rather than on a computer where you only see one page at a time.

People focus more on what their work looks like, paying more attention to things like font size and ranking, rather than organizing their thoughts and what to write. Many people think that the pens in computers are good for writing, but that is not true. As Jane Healy puts it: “Computers do not teach writing skills themselves”, computers should help with writing, but they do not teach those skills. Due to word processing software, many students today are unable to write clearly and accurately. Clifford Stoll had a very good idea for typing into a computer and said, “Type delete or undo instead.

Your mistakes do not teach you as well. “Because debugging is so easy to use, people do not notice their mistakes and let the word processor do the work. Developments in online chat and text messaging also have a profound effect on writing skills due to the use of short forms. Arithmetic is the third basic skill that develops human logic. Computer is not a way to develop logic because it only provides someone else’s logic.

There are programs that solve problems and calculate answers, but they certainly do not teach you anything. Students find answers to problems online or in special software without understanding or working with the concepts. An example of this problem is that “The World Wide Web tells me the amount of water behind the dam in Aswan, Egypt – that’s a fact. It is much more useful to be able to calculate this number – skill. The use of calculators can have a significant effect on the understanding of numerical relationships, as students go from numbers to answers and omit the basics in understanding the concept.

Comparing Computer Literacy: A Look At The Most And Least Computer Literate Industries

This is clear from Clifford Stoll’s “High Tech Heretic”: “It’s not surprising that students who are computer literate can’t reproduce in their heads. They can’t share. They know at least basic arithmetic. Students are addicted to computer programs. and calculators that without using this technology their skills are very limited because they are taught how to enter numbers to get answers without understanding the concept.

As another example of the computer program Logo: “I see the Mark as a tool that teachers can use to support the development of new ways of thinking and learning. However, the logo itself no longer provides a good education than good color art. “. The mark is not suitable for mathematical skills, as it is simply a program that solves problems. The program makes you believe that there is always an answer when you solve a problem, as one click shows the answer.

There was a very good point in Theodore Roszak’s book, The Cult of Information, and he says: “The problem that artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) has encountered in pursuing its inflated statement is descriptive, if for no other reason, because it shows limitations, goes beyond the bounds of the pure mind – or rather seeks to stretch those boundaries into the real world Mathematics is the translation of problems into an abstract perspective, where numerical solutions are transformed into insights that neither computer programs nor calculators can.

Why Is Computer Literacy Important

There are an incredible number of people today who do not understand the mathematical concepts and logic of solutions. Computer skills have a negative effect on three basic skills. Computers teach nothing but poor access to information, its presentation, treatment, and simple answers. The computer cannot send information to humans. It can only change people’s views on life. “They fade the talents we use in our daily lives.” Introduction Patient safety is described by the US Department of Health as “freedom from accidents or medical errors resulting from medical care” (Mansour, 2012). As has been stated, patient safety has long been a major concern for hospitals. Many patients have been hospitalized in the past, some of them seriously injured and killed. With the increasing development of litigation, hospitals became increasingly vulnerable to financial responsibility when patients were injured for their own reasons.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Literacy Free Essay Example

As a result, many hospitals are beginning to conduct independent research and research from other patient safety institutions. Patient safety goals are set by organizations such as The Joint Commission, as well as autumn campaigns run by individual hospitals.

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