Stem Programs For Elementary Students

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Last year at Mandalay Primary School, Wantagh students enjoyed interactive activities related to STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art and math. They include kindergarten student Kayla McKeel, left, and first grader CarrieAnn Corey, who made windmills out of ordinary materials.

Whether the Wantagh and Seaford school districts embrace science, technology, engineering and math, a group of academic disciplines known as STEM, or those subjects and the arts (or STEAM), a recent national study found declining interest in science and technology. – Related careers among male adolescents.

Stem Programs For Elementary Students

In a survey by Junior Achievement and Ernst & Young, 24% of 13-17 year olds said they were interested in STEM, up from 36% in 2017. Interest: 11 percent, about the same That the last year.

Communities Come Together To Support Stem Education

Many of the students who participated in the study were more interested in careers that directly help others, in the fields of medicine, dentistry and public service.

Even if students aren’t pursuing science-related careers, administrators in both districts said those classes are important because young minds develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.

The Seaford School District recently hired Tom Lynch, former Director of Science, Engineering and Technology for grades 6-12 in the Rosslyn School District, as its first Executive Director of Educational Technology and STEM. Superintendent Dr. According to Adele Pecora, Lynch’s quarter-century of educational experience and master’s degree in technology systems management complement the district’s plans to expand STEM programs and a personalized learning digital initiative that provides students with laptops for use educational.

While touting the district’s strong course offerings and activities, Lynch argued that the national study does not apply to Long Island, a region where STEM is thriving. “On Long Island, STEM is big,” Lynch said. “It would be hard to go to any school district website and not find something about a STEM program at some point at the elementary or middle school level.”

What Is Stem Education And Why Is It Important For Kids?

Currently, New York State public schools are introducing a new statewide science curriculum. Lynch explained that this approach to science in education shows students the skills they need to tackle certain subjects, such as physics and biology, that can be applied outside the classroom.

“They make a concerted effort to see the connection between the science students are learning and how it affects them and their environment,” Lynch added.

In Wantagh, the assistant superintendent Dr. Mark Ferris said. He compared it to a more traditional educational program in which, year after year, students collect information and regurgitate it on multiple-choice tests.

“It’s not necessarily about memorizing definitions,” Ferris said, “it’s really about understanding them — the concepts behind these things. To do that, you have to put these kids in situations.”

Stem Education: In Pandemic, Season For Sharing Helped Kids At Home

One such scenario in a typical STEAM lab tasked children with protecting Lego figures stranded on an island. Ferris explained that in that lesson, students were given materials and grouped together, but not much instruction.

“Some kids build a bridge, some kids build a catapult,” he added with a laugh. “But through that problem solving and being willing to fail, and learning through failure, you discover some things that even the teacher wouldn’t have thought of.”

Those failures, Ferris acknowledged, don’t sit well with kids or teens who are experiencing something in STEM for the first time and want to “be good at it.” They may conclude that they are bad at a subject and move on based on that initial judgment. Whether it’s an academic subject, a technical skill or a sport, Ferris said, the district’s ultimate goal is to teach students that struggle is part of learning and success.

“If you teach kids that failure is okay and that you can use failure to succeed, you might see more kids go into STEM fields,” he said.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (stem) Program

The global pandemic has threatened many of the businesses he relies on every day, but don’t let it take away your local news source. Now more than ever, we need your help to ensure that only the best in hyperlocal community journalism reaches you. Please consider supporting the Herald with a small donation. It can be a one-time or monthly donation to ensure we are here during this crisis. To donate or for more information, click here. The Arizona Science Center was forced to close its three-story building in downtown Phoenix at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The lockout ended entry to some 300 exhibition halls. Field trips from schools near and far have stopped completely.

In July 2020, the Center launched Connect, an online portal for programs focused on STEM teaching and learning. Connect has become a major learning resource for more than 20,000 Arizona students and teachers in the last fiscal year.

“It’s necessary to be able to continue to support STEM at home,” said Sari Custer, director of trivia for the center. “Because even if you’re familiar with teaching, a lot of teachers and parents, especially, aren’t comfortable teaching science, technology, engineering and math subjects.”

The program is designed to help students from low-income families, a group historically underrepresented in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Stem Field Trips

The nonprofit organization received a grant from the Arizona Republic’s Season for Sharing campaign, which supports programs for at-risk children and families, helps teachers and students, and provides services for seniors.

Last year, Season of Sharing raised $2.1 million and donated more than $30,000 to organizations working to bring STEM education to students:

From the comfort of their home, students log into the Connect platform and participate in a variety of activities and demonstrations that enhance their understanding of STEM curricula.

Chemistry courses allow students to observe chemical reactions using common household items. The students detonate rockets fueled by Alka-Seltzer. Demonstrations show the survival skills of various animals and insects.

Stem Education Programs For All Ages

“The idea is that anyone can do STEM,” Custer said. “Everyone can get involved in science. Finding relevant activities is very important.”

However, STEM education comes with privilege, Custer said. Students from low-income families may disproportionately encounter more barriers to learning and excelling in STEM fields.

Schools are increasingly segregated by income, creating “STEM deserts” for students from poor families, according to a report by the Education Commission of the States, a nonpartisan interstate coalition on education policy.

In 2015, more than half of students in poor schools did not participate in science activities at least once a week. 61 percent of students in well-off schools experienced it at least once a week. The report also found that only 26% of poor high schools offered access to computer classes, compared to 62% of their wealthier counterparts.

Schools Are Full Steam Ahead On Stem Programs

“Our mission is to inspire, educate and engage curious minds through science,” Custer said. “So a program like Connect is possible to foster that passion and help create this pool of future STEM workers and future science enthusiasts.”

Although some activities and course materials are pre-recorded videos, instructors regularly conduct live demonstrations and classes. The center has anywhere from four to 16 employees working on the program at any given time.

“Everything we do has costs associated with it. We try to keep our costs as low as possible and make programs accessible where we can,” she said. “That’s where support like grants really come in to help offset those costs.”

Connect is also for teachers. Nearly 1,500 teachers have participated in professional development programs using the Connect platform, such as the center’s science teacher residency program. Of the hundreds of teachers enrolled in Connect, 65 are currently able to take the courses for free.

Best Online Stem Classes For Kids 2022

Custer said Title 1 schools and schools in rural areas of the state that receive federal funds to serve low-income students are increasingly taking advantage of Connect. The center works with several school districts to further integrate learning materials.

“I think diversity in STEM is also very important. We see a diverse workforce adding to that richness,” Custer said. “We can better solve problems with all the different perspectives and by thinking about things differently.”

With the help of Republic readers, Season for Sharing has raised more than $70 million for Arizona nonprofits over the past 28 years. Help us continue to help our neighbors in need.

When you donate to Season for Sharing, you help nonprofits that support education, feed the hungry, and help families in need. Republic covers all administrative costs, so 100% of donations go back into the community.ion is much more than a “eureka” moment. Ion is a mindset that encompasses collaboration, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and creative problem solving.

Mcneese Partners With Calcasieu Parish School Board And Citgo To Bring Stem Education Program To Elementary Students

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