Executive Masters Of Business Administration

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Jakes Theological Seminary (JDS) and Paul Quinn College (PQC) have developed a new MBA program for business executives, entrepreneurs and Christian leaders. JDS and PQC will launch the EMBA project in autumn 2022.

Develop your spiritual structure, creative creativity, and business knowledge to develop the skills you need as a change agent in global markets with the online EMBA program at Jakes Theological Seminary (JDS).

Executive Masters Of Business Administration

By Paul Quinn College, this accredited EMBA program offers courses in subjects from economics to strategic business development to decision making. Focused on developing new generations of entrepreneurial Christian business leaders, this Advanced MBA program explores business principles and provides a learning experience. Blend your faith, spirit and scholarship as you learn to use your profession as a foundation for your Bible ministry.

Executive Masters Of Business Administration (emba)

This easy -to -access EMBA program lets you learn effective, evidence -based solutions to management problems as you learn how to present business practices. If you are looking for a senior leadership MBA program led by experienced professionals who are experienced business leaders and religious experts, look no further than JDS.

Management MBA students will receive face-to-face and cutting-edge learning experiences over two years. These experiences include attending the International Leadership Summit each spring, studying abroad during the initial phase of the model, and building or expanding a business.

If you’re looking to advance your career or continue your business education with a program that combines hands-on skills with hands-on experience and hands-on training, you have and Jakes Seminary Online Executive MBA.

Get the knowledge you need to get into this EMBA program for Christian business leaders from JDS coaches who are passionate about your success. With an average of 15 students or less in your business program, you can get the knowledge and spirit support you need to advance your career.

Executive Master Of Business Administration (emba)

You can learn more through the specialized courses offered at the International Leadership Conference to help you make progress in your EMBA growth. You will hear from JDS coaches and guest speakers.

This two -year online EMBA program teaches you how to grow professionally while helping you succeed in yourself and professionally. Learn and cultivate your spiritual strengths with others who share and celebrate your life experiences. Have a full-time or part-time program according to your needs.

After you graduate from this online EMBA program, no matter where you work, you will be ready to work with others around the world in accordance with your biblical principles. The diversity of your group’s world will bring a variety of contexts to your conversations so you can help each other grow and flourish.

In addition to teacher support, you’ll receive peer-to-student encouragement from JDS messages. Current students will work with you until the end of your MBA program when you begin your MBA program. You can apply to be a reporter to help new JDS business students.

Executive Master Of Business Administration (emba) Information Request

Twice a year, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from senior executives and industry leaders. Build additional skills and a Bible foundation to complete the EMBA. You will also benefit from face -to -face study from your study abroad, which is an important part of the EMBA project experience.

JDS Town Halls is a regular event where you can watch topics ranging from religious perspectives to social rights issues to church and community leadership. You will also benefit by learning more about JDS.

Get encouragement and encouragement from JDS Founder and Presiding Bishop T.D. Jakes through virtual reality meetings and group discussions. Bishop Jakes will guide you on your spiritual journey by sharing his religious knowledge and biblical knowledge that came from a multi -faceted work.

Based on biblical values, this EMBA program will help you enhance your personal brand at JDS and your overall career. The online Management MBA program will help Christian leaders like you advance your spiritual calling through intensive training, leadership training, and specialized programs.

Executive Master Of Business Administration

Graduates of most senior MBA programs learn the skills necessary to advance their careers to their current companies or enter positions that will have a greater impact on their fields. .

The JDS Executive MBA will provide you with a variety of ways to increase your career growth and career skills.

Complete your Management MBA online so you can use your leadership skills and biblical perspective to make a difference. If you have any questions after reading about the project, call 469-332-6539 or email [email protected]

Submit your application online today to apply to the Jakes Seminary EMBA program. See application requirements below for details.

Executive Masters In Business Administration Program (emba)

Take the plunge into earning an EMBA degree by applying for government grants, grants, and/or scholarships. Start by completing the FAFSA and using school code: 003602 for Paul Quinn College.

Submit this form if you would like to speak about the online EMBA program for details with an admissions consultant.

The eMBA program will receive 36 credits. The event will launch only one group for each event phase. Only one group will start in Autumn 2022, and students will be enrolled in the completion period (e.g .: Autumn 2022, Winter (if required), Spring 2023, Summer 2023, Autumn 2023, Autumn 2023 , and Spring 2024; Complete 21 credits in Year 1 and 15 in Year 2. Future teams will have a similar schedule.

Christian Ministry or Business? The few who are able to make two gifts will have to push or pull to choose one of these. This study explores what it means to embrace both riches in service to God and to use business and business practices to serve God’s people.

Emas Executive Master Of Business Administration (executive Mba / Emba)_eng

Write the vision and explanation … A new or current business enterprise needs to have a bad plan that takes into account the good times and the bad times. This course reviews different approaches to business implementation and infrastructure planning. Students write their new or expanded business plans to share with a group of business experts for realistic feedback.

How do people view your business? Are your Christian values ​​reflected in everything you do? Were decisions made by Christian example? Students will review global businesses that have experienced identity problems related to their culture and values.

To maintain and grow a business you need to be very aware of debt and income, finances and cash flow. Measurement skills and financial evaluations will cover how to identify new financial sources, increase profits and avoid common financial problems, including human fraud.

Organizational management is the study of the role of different people in a shared environment. Learn actions, skills and motivations. Concern and decision -making can contribute to the success of a business or enterprise.

Usi Emba Executive Master In Business Administration

The 6 -week period is divided into 2 weeks for initial study, including 3 weeks for study abroad, and 1 week for explanation/final exam/presentation time.

2020 is a troubled year. Why would you be a leader or CEO of a business or community organization? Global models of leadership, decision -making or failure, are examined to assist with emergency response plans to protect lives and property in the event of a variety of emergencies or emergencies. Students choose a problem with an impact on research, response and recovery. The final project includes an assessment of the problem behind the body and a dramatic demonstration of how the students will respond.

Decisions based on data save time and money and increase results. This statistical analysis course explores how to use data to enhance understanding with current and potential customers, pricing models, customer feedback, etc., as well as effective communication. of data products and their explanations to the audience.

Businesses can access financial information, financial reports, annual reviews, and more. What do these statements mean? What type of data is needed for any type of decision? This course guides participants into data analysis practices that focus on “how-to” aspects of current and future financial forecasts. Students will also learn key financial metrics that highlight the strengths and weaknesses of financial models, such as large or small amounts of money, withdrawing funds, and non-financial measurement. methods, etc. In addition, this course will focus on the presentation and interpretation of financial data for different audiences, such as brokers, lenders, external auditors / auditors.

Executive Mba Program

How many successful business plans are most successful? Who will replace the founder after retirement, illness, death, or injury? How can an enterprise survive failure? All three of these problems can be minimized through effective business planning and direct perspective from law, insurance, public relations, and so on.

Not everyone does business from a Christian perspective. U.S. or international laws, contracts, and negotiation processes provide protections for doing business legally, but not always. This course reviews the principles of commercial law and contract negotiation. It also covers issues of intellectual property and the wider area.

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