Generic Letter Of Recommendation Template

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A letter of recommendation to a college is an approval of a college entrant written to increase your chances of admission. Letters of recommendation are short formal statements aimed at emphasizing positive qualities and explaining why a candidate will succeed in college.

Although friends or family may praise the applicant, the best letters are usually written by teachers or employers.

Generic Letter Of Recommendation Template

This letter should contain important details of the relationship between the recommender and the applicant, as well as highlight the positive qualities of the applicant. It must contain:

Free Letter Of Recommendation Templates & Samples

Although it is easy to write a list of positive results, it is better to tell a story. Simply put, try to show, not tell, why the entrant will be successful in higher education.

Many colleges require applicants to provide letters of recommendation. But while recommendations are not absolutely necessary, they can help justify approval.

These letters are important to what they say, but they also add some standard value to the program just because they are included. Even if the selection committee does not read the letters of recommendation carefully, they are more likely to find that they have been added to the application and that the applicant is the person who can collect the recommendations – a positive feature in itself.

The ideal choice is a teacher, coach, or counselor who should be able to provide important facts about the student, including the ability to describe his or her personal traits, work habits, and skills. In addition, the person chosen by the student must be a person with whom he had a relationship outside of school hours, e.g. B. Part of a volunteer program, sports team, or academic association.

Professional Recommendation Letter

One of the advantages of this is that colleges and universities understand that other activities are subtracted from school assignments in addition to the full curriculum. So when it comes to having one program with a general link over another with an authentic link, the latter is more likely to win the bid.

The letter of recommendation should take up a full page (usually 400-500 words) and contain an introduction, two (2) main paragraphs and a conclusion. The student should be described in such a way as to emphasize both his academic abilities and his personal qualities. A well-written cover letter gives a complete picture of the candidate, which goes beyond his grades and personal resume.

Example №1 Dear Admissions Office, I am very pleased to recommend Peter to Oak Lane University. I have had the pleasure of teaching and coaching Peter for the past 2 years as a member of our school math team, and I have watched him grow into a smart mature young man.

In this example, the student’s admission is recommended by the head of a well-known club (“mathematical team”), which is an outstanding recommendation.

Free College Recommendation Letter Template

Example №2 Dear Admissions Committee, I have the honor to recommend Jake at Faraway College as a high school basketball coach. For the last 4 years, I have watched him become one of the most impressive players in our school, and it was his skills that helped our team have a successful season last year. Without his leadership and discipline, our team would not have achieved such success.

Here we have a coach who immediately represents the student as a leader and a disciplined player. Two (2) important personality traits that a school seeks in a candidate.

The first main paragraph of the letter should contain a positive description of the student’s character and a list of any achievements and awards he or she may have received. This paragraph is the main part of the letter, so it should consist of at least 4-6 sentences.

Example 1: Laura proved to be generous, enthusiastic and helpful both in and out of class. In addition to being one of my best physics students, she was responsible for organizing student events and speaking at the meeting as student council president. In this position, Laura proved to be a confident, well-organized, honest and capable leader. Participated in the peer education program as a tutor. I personally observe this program and can attest not only to Laura’s ability to explain and teach, but also to her patience and deep commitment to helping others. I am also pleased to say that I was able to honor Laura with the AAPT Outstanding Student Certificate for her outstanding performance during two years of study in my physics class.

Sample Recommendation Letter From A Friend

Example 2 When I first met Jordan, I was immediately struck by his maturity and confidence. I had no idea that this young man’s incredible development in five years would impress me even more. Jordan is known throughout the school for his athletic accomplishments in athletics and outstanding performance in the theatrical program. As an advisor to Jordan, I have been able to follow his incredible personal and academic progress, and I can attest that with his triumphant smile and perseverance, there is no mountain he could not climb. Staying after school to get extra help in math and science, Jordan was able to improve his performance so much that for two years in a row he earned the school’s list of honors.

In this example, the school counselor refers to his or her long-standing relationship with the student to describe his or her personal impression of the student’s character, while emphasizing the student’s work ethic and exemplary results in several areas.

The second section of the main part expands the first and emphasizes the student’s participation in school and school groups, as well as provides specific examples of his positive character traits. Try to combine different interests and skills of the student to draw a holistic memorable portrait. This paragraph can consist of 3-6 sentences depending on the number of examples.

Example 1 Cassandra’s personal character is as impressive as her academic achievements. As a speaker, she is able to attract the attention of the whole community, and when she speaks individually, she demonstrates sensitive listening and strong intelligence. Cassandra takes care of her neighbors and is always ready to help her in word and deed. In her third year, she and her colleagues launched a sustainable development program, which now conducts an annual audit of school waste and gives presentations on waste reduction and practice. With her unwavering enthusiasm and sense of humor, Cassandra’s stay in the classroom is a joy for both her teachers and her classmates.

Letter Of Recommendation

Example 2 As the captain of the women’s basketball team, Melinda participated in two national championships and led our school to victory in the district tournament. This year, she was the editor of this year’s school yearbook and demonstrated her ability to entrust work to her assistant editors and organize an effective workflow. Melinda is not only a natural leader and a hard worker, she is also a kind and sensitive person who seeks to positively influence the world around her.

This example uses less descriptive language, but instead relies more on examples related to the student’s extracurricular activities, demonstrating participation, leadership, and responsibility.

The last paragraph can contain from 2 to 4 sentences and has a dual purpose: to summarize the personal recommendation of the author and provide a way of communication for further questions.

Example 1: Peter’s ability to compete competitively under pressure will undoubtedly serve him in a collegial environment. He is an organized, smart and capable young man who will be a great addition to your school. If you have any questions, please contact me at (555) 414-4141 or [email protected] Sincerely, Ian Travis, biology teacher at Far Away High School

Letter Of Recommendation Sample

The above example includes a summary of the student’s positive qualities along with the two methods of contact that are included in the text of the paragraph.

Example №2 In conclusion, Clayton enjoys my respect and the highest recommendations as an exemplary student. He succeeded in everything he undertook, whether it was working on a group project or developing a technical experiment. Clayton’s keen interest in understanding how things work and his natural talent for science lead me to believe that he will become a valuable asset to your class. Please feel free to contact me at the email address below if you have any questions. Sincerely, Mr. John Lewis, a physics teacher at West Island High School

In this last paragraph, a brief description of the college program for which the student is applying. Concretizing, the author clearly shows why a student is a suitable entrant for a particular college or university.

Example 1, Dear Admissions Committee! I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Karen Leyland, a promising student and a wonderful person. I had the pleasure of teaching Karen mathematics in my younger and older years here at Kirby Preparatory School. If it were appropriate for teachers to choose their favorites, Karen would definitely be one of my best choices. She has an unsurpassed position to win, full of drive and perseverance. She is always attentive in class and has a knack for involving the whole class, but most of all Karen admires her unwavering kindness. Karen was the best in her class in her senior year of high school and has consistently been in the top five for the past few years.

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