National Merit Scholarship Finalists 2016

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In the Indian Spring semifinals, Rob Pulliam, Claire Chen, McKenna Barney, Cesca Romero, Michael Omali, Down Lee and Ashley Berry. Special photos for the magazine

The program began with about 1.5 million participants. In this round, the number has been reduced to 16,000. This spring, 7,400 students will be selected as National Outstanding Fellows and will receive a $ 32 million scholarship.

National Merit Scholarship Finalists 2016

Juhe Agrawal, Nathaniel Farnlacher, Connor Jones, Uzma Noor, Daniel Phillips and Hyun John Shin have been announced for the semifinals at Hoover High School.

Viking Update: Congratulations To Our National Merit Finalists

Christopher Brooks, Katherine Hunter, Austin Peinhardt, Stephen Ritchie, Zoe Shore, Peyton Spencer and Blair Williams won the award at the Spanish Park High School.

VHHS National Honor Semifinalists Sarah Carnahan, Sarah Annie Pittzer, Natalie Conway, Erica Wei, Will Matthews, Hannah Bai, Patrick Mills, Andrea Burris and Henry Barrett.

India Spring High School has seven students who qualified for the next round – McKenna Barney, Ashlyn Berry, Claire Chen, Down Lee, Michael Omali, Rob Puliam and Cheska Romero.

Westavia High School semifinals participants include Hannah Rich, Henry Barrett, Andrea Burris, Sarah Karnahan, Natalie Conway, Will Mathews, Patrick Mills, Sarah Annie Piftzer and Erica Wei.

Villa Maria Seniors Named National Merit Scholarship Finalists

Mountain Brook High School seniors Theresa Baren, Dylan Bowen, Sophia Brint, Louisa Collins, Charles Cope, David Creel, Helen Darby, Angela Fu, McKinley Hamilton, Francis Hancock, John Hernonson, Diannennon, Hananamon Hannonman, Benyannon, Benny . Manley, Cook Matthews, Sarah Chandler Mitchell, Elizabeth Nabors, Sarah Nathan, Cole Sammersel, Ruben Sun, Patrick Trammel, John Tucker and Eric Wiggt.

Three students from the Alabama School of Fine Arts, Adam Hever of Hoover, Ake Kankiravatana of Westerie, and the Hoover and Maya Samuels Fair of Westerie.

In order to receive a state scholarship, high school freshmen must pass the SAT / National Work Scholarship. If they reach 1% of the best students who take the exam, they will advance to the semifinals. Students will now be able to complete detailed applications, including their academic, extracurricular, and social achievements, and become national colleagues in the next round of the competition.

Mountain Brook High School National Achievement Semifinals (front, left) Francis Hancock, Luisa Collins, Angela Fu, Tessie Baren and Sophie Brint. Second row: Ruben Sun, McKinley Hamilton, Sarah Winston Nathan, Sarah Chandler Mitchell, Helen Katherine Darby, Brianna Lipp and Elizabeth Nabors. Third row: Jack Tucker, Benjamin Hunan, Dylan Bowen, Luke Hartman, Eric Wiggt and Coke Matthews. Back: Duncan Manley, David Creel, Jeffrey Jones, Patrick Trammel, Charlie Cope and Cole Sammersel. The scholarship, named after the late TI President, President and CEO Jerry Junkins, will be given to the sons and daughters of active, retired or deceased TI employees who will participate in the finals of the National Qualified Scholarship Program. Since its inception in 1996, TI has received 367 Junkins Merit Scholarships worth over $ 1.3 million.

Six Whs Students Are National Merit Scholar Finalists

“These students have shown a passion for excellence and a special work ethic,” said Brian Krutcher, TI’s CEO. “Their academic achievements and other talents set them apart from others, and their involvement in society is a true testament to their interest in changing the world. We are proud of their support as we move into the next phase, and we look forward to seeing what they can do in the future. “

Pictured from left to right: Brian Crutcher, TI Executive Vice President; Paige Rigsby of Chen Garland, Jamaican, Dallas; Carolyn Guan of Lindsey Ho in Thiasha Jovardar Heights, Abel Sen, Abel Sen, Frisco, Ci Tong, Heiley Modi, Heiley Modi of Heiley Modi, Carolyn Guan Sally Junkins, wife of Matthew Chan and the late Jerry R. Junkins of Fremont, USA, former President, President and CEO of TI

The 17 students who have been awarded this year are from North Texas: Varad Agarwala of Plana, Greenhill School Plano West High School Dallas Jiaoming Chen Chen Allen Allen Robert Crawford, Allen High School McLaanoliplanowan University of Texas Midwestern Math and Science Academy Lindy ”Holland Village Ho, Edward S. Marcus High School Plano Casey Hu, Planano West High School Plaza Tiasha Joardar, Plano West High School Carol High School South Ellis Liu Hebron South Highland Highland Mildesville Highland Highland Highland Highland Highland Highland Highland Highland High School Patrick Ondresek, Plane East High School Garland Page Rigby, Garland High School Freedom High School Frisco Habil Sen Plano Si Chi Tong, Plano West High School Plan Kevin Wu, Sts School. Heather Xiao, of Mark and Hakdai School, Dallas, Texas.

Other award recipients include Rachel Tea from GA, Jones Creek High School in Alfaretta, and others. Vineet Kosaray, CA, Hanker High School, Matthew Chan Saratoga, Irvington High School, Fremont, Jokelin Liu, Palo Alta, Henry M. Gunn High School, Palo Alta; Kennebunk Gordon McCollo, Maine School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Corona Dell Left High School Andrew Sh.

Jericho Students Named Semifinalists In 2022 National Merit Scholarship Competition

Less than 1% of high school graduates nationwide each year qualify for the semifinals of the National Employment Scholarship Program. Students will be selected for the award based on the results of the SAT / National Scholarship Qualification Exam, academic achievement, leadership skills, writing skills and extracurricular activities. To qualify for the finals, participants in each semifinal must include reading articles and providing information about extracurricular activities, awards, and leadership positions. Participants in the semifinals must achieve outstanding results, be recognized and recommended by a high school principal, and earn a SAT.

TI is partnering with the National Non-Profit Scholarship Company, a private, non-profit organization. The award was given to Jerry Junkins, who became president of TI in 1988 and held the position until his death in 1996. Her passion for education has helped her create a model startup program in the Dallas area. He also chaired the Citizens Council Education Committee and fought for education reform through Texas school reform and accountability.

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