O1 Recommendation Letter Sample

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As part of your extraordinary ability visa process (O-1 and EB-1), you must obtain expert opinion letters from key individuals. Given the importance of the letters, it is worth taking the time and effort to obtain expert opinion letters that can independently qualify the O visa applicant and discuss the content of the expert opinion letter with the writers to increase the chance of approval. Letters differ from reference or recommendation letters that might be used for employment because they are more detailed and focus on the applicant’s significant accomplishments.

The letter should include an explanation of the writer’s accomplishments, how they know you, and clearly demonstrate that you are nationally or internationally recognized and have made significant contributions in your field. These letters can also be used to provide context to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (“USCIS”) officer reviewing your petition about your critical role in the organization, the significance of your “major” gifts or awards, and the reputation associated with you. Inform the officer of the significance of your accomplishments from a respected insider’s point of view in your field, membership in the organization, and otherwise.

O1 Recommendation Letter Sample

Writing an expert opinion letter for another person is a big responsibility and should be taken very seriously. Before accepting an assignment, make sure you have a clear understanding of what the article will be used for and who will read it. You should also make sure you know what kind of information is expected of you.

Reference Letter Applying Green Card O1 Sample

An expert opinion letter is a letter that provides a statement of support to the applicant with evidence. This letter must provide a well-documented assessment and provide sufficient evidence and information to determine the specific O-1 criteria that apply to the recipient, as well as provide a contextual basis for many of the other criteria listed above.

Expert opinion providers can be former employers, professors or colleagues, clients, editors, critics, curators, etc. Letters from famous people (such as a Nobel laureate or other notable award recipient) can strengthen your case. Articles may come from individuals who are nationally or internationally recognized as experts in the field.

Ideally, you should have 6 strong reference letters. As a precaution, if some are not useful, you should try to get 8.

Introduction An article usually begins by stating the writer’s name and his/her title. You can also provide a one-sentence summary or overview of your opinion about the recommended person here.

O1 Visa Recommendation Letter Sample Beautiful Reference Letter For Immigration Marriage Awesome

Based on the Author’s Expertise First and foremost, the article should establish the writer’s expertise or authority by outlining his/her professional achievements and experience. Ideally, the writer should be an expert or well versed in the recipient’s field and his/her work. The writer must confirm how he/she has met the applicant and is familiar with his/her work.

Familiarity of the writer with the applicant The writer must confirm how well he knows the applicant and/or the applicant’s work. This is usually done in one or two sentences.

Explanation of Applicant’s Acknowledgments, Achievements and Achievements in the Field The writer should discuss the applicant’s work and the accolades, achievements and achievements derived from the work. Judges will be interested in the applicant’s level of recognition, past achievements and achievements, and how the applicant’s work sets them apart from others. This is probably the most important part, so it’s important to provide as much detail as possible. This section should also list any specific projects the writer has worked on or is familiar with with the applicant.

The writer must write about the recipient’s projects/accomplishments and be able to describe them in detail. Some achievements may be repeated in other articles, but in general, it is best for each letter writer to highlight 2-3 important achievements that are specific to their relationship with you.

Letters Of Recommendation

Note that one or two sentences are sufficient to describe the applicant’s skills and abilities. However, it is important to note that USCIS tends to reject content that overemphasizes only skills and abilities and/or subjective statements. Instead, this section should focus on the applicant’s accolades, accomplishments, and achievements and why they are important.

This section may include other relevant information indicating actions related to any unusual ability criteria, such as membership of a panel as a judge, membership in professional associations, higher salary, or re-employment. Corroborating evidence of such activities helps to further strengthen the overall case.

Closing Statement A closing statement that includes the writer’s contact information and other comments that can help establish the degree to which the applicant has extraordinary ability in their field is sufficient to conclude the letter.

Don’t consider the superscripts you use to be strong. Excessive use of stock phrases or clichés is generally unhelpful. Your letter can only be effective if it contains important information about the applicant’s qualifications. Make sure the letter does not contradict or duplicate the rest of the application (CV, portfolio, press letters, etc.) and remember to sign and date the letter and use a professional letterhead if available.

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Remember, these articles are very important. To be more effective, they must be targeted to meet specific USCIS regulatory requirements and are very different from general letters of support or recommendation.

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How To Prepare An Expert Opinion Letter For The O 1 Visa?

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