Accredited Online Homeschool Programs

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While there are many homeschooling programs online, each is different in its own way and serves the needs of specific students. Parents should be sure to research several programs and take into account their child’s learning style, homeschool budget, and educational goals.

Enlightium Academy is an online private Christian school for grades K-12. If you have your children at home or want to, you can consider Enlightium as your online private Christian school partner. Enlightium is a next-generation online homeschool that sets the industry standard for quality education. Their teachers pray and care for each student’s academic success as if it were their own.

Accredited Online Homeschool Programs

Enrollment is open year-round and there are several customizable support packages to suit your families’ specific needs. They offer affordable monthly payment plans as well as some discounts.

Online Homeschool Programs Available With Descriptions

Preschool through Kindergarten – ABC Mouse is a great online homeschooling program that covers all subjects in an interactive environment with puzzles, games, printables, songs, videos and more for just $7.95 a month.

Jubilee Academy – Offers K-12 curriculum. Parents have the task of guiding their student. All books and curriculum are included, but be aware of book rental prices that are not always listed. They use interactive media to help your child learn with their accredited Christian online program. They have a learning management system where students can communicate with each other and parents can participate in online forums.

Each year you get 6 courses, each with 180 lessons over 36 weeks. Parents have full control over the curriculum with daily online assignments, a calendar, automatic grading, progress reports and transcripts.

Morningstar Academy and Southern Baptist Academy are also affiliated with Jubilee and offer their own online education programs that can be viewed on their websites. You can choose a course or a full year of online education.

Best Free Online Homeschool Programs

Monarch Online – Alpha Omega Publications now has online homeschooling programs. I wrote a full review of their program, including the pros and cons listed in AOP Monarch.

Grace Academy – This is a Christian accredited curriculum. Get 180 lesson plans, books, workbooks, CDs and videos, all in a safe Christian environment. He also receives help with record keeping, assessments, progress reports, help and portfolios. They also have teaching teams available throughout the day to help answer your questions or those of your students.

They are said to be suitable for new home students and veterans alike. They provide support and structure to new families and take some of the burden of grading and lesson planning off the shoulders of experienced homeschoolers.

Its calendar year is from September to May. You have 30 days to decide if the program is right for you. Then you’re bound for a year. There is also a CD usage fee of $50-$250.

Affordable Homeschool Programs

You can pay everything at once or according to a payment plan. Part-time students pay for the course and full-time students pay tuition. You can get placement tests but they are $19.95 each or 2 for $24.95.

The grading scale is 93% and above for A, 80% and above for B, 70% and above for C and 60% and above for D. You can print their marks at the end of each quarter.

There is a social center for students to socialize with other students during school hours to discuss schoolwork or work. The Joy Directed program area allows parents and students to engage with any other projects or learning activities they have participated in throughout the year.

Tuition is $1,437 per year or $399 per course. In addition, there is a registration fee of $75 per student, $29.95 for student shipping costs, a $7.95 CD administration fee, and a few courses that may purchase additional materials.

Complete All In One Homeschool Curriculum Guide

Time 4 Learning – I wrote a comprehensive review of Time 4 Learning where you can learn all the pros and cons of this online homeschool program. The price is $19.95 per month for the first student and then $14.95 for each additional student, with no additional costs. Its program is designed for preschools up to the 8th grade.

Laurel Springs – This is an online college preparatory home education program that accepts students from K-12. They were founded in 1991 and accept students from all over the world. Their online curriculum is also used by public school students. They are elementary school teachers and offer only curriculum (available for K-6) or standard enrollment.

On their site, they have numerous student testimonials from athletes and actors who use their program. Students with special needs and talents can also get help from them. Scholarships are available upon request.

Laurel Springs is a legally accredited private school, so if your child decides to return to a public or private school, the credits will transfer. Students can also take classes with them AND attend a public or private school. National Honor Society and honors courses are also available. There are placement tests to help you know where to place your student, but they cost $150.

Best Online Homeschool Programs

In high school, students are expected to work approximately 20 hours per week to complete coursework. They also provide college counseling and help choosing courses for high school. Students can use the Personal Projects Portfolio section to track their activities and community service.

The cost is $2,000-$3,000 per year for K-8 and $950-$1,500 per course for high school as it is an individual course. Students can also take one course at a time if they choose. Their online homeschooling programs are one of the more expensive options, but they seem to be individualized and well accepted by high schools and colleges.

Zion Academy – Zion Academy of America is another nationally accredited private school that has been in business for 20 years. They provide a K-12 college preparatory curriculum where all of their students are homeschooled.

Their calendar year runs from September to May and they offer diplomas, transcripts, archiving and an annual report. For an enrollment fee of $295 (can be reduced by $100 with a promotional offer) and a monthly fee of $160 per month per student, they receive 5 core classes. Additional classes can be purchased for an additional fee. The annual cost is $1,440 per year.

Best Online Homeschool Programs Free 2022

They don’t just let you buy a resume from them. The books you use are part of your online curriculum and all books and materials will be returned by the end of the year. It’s hard to know if it’s really an online homeschool program or not because they use books as their curriculum.

Bridgeway Homeschool Academy – I am also an accredited K-12 homeschool academy. They have different resume options from different publishers and they say you can create your own resume with them. I think their high school program is the only program that is truly online.

There are no hidden costs and the entire curriculum is included in the cost of the school. For Kindergarten and Kindergarten, the cost is $595. For grades 1-8, the cost is $1,095-$2,125 depending on how many courses you take. The cost of online high school is $2,195. All grades require an annual registration fee of $145. They also allow dual enrollment so your high school student can earn high school and college credits at the same time!

Online Science Course – Supercharged Science, also called e-science, has great online science courses taught by a real scientist who loves kids and uses videos and experiments to engage kids in science and learning!

The 8 Best Online Christian Homeschool Programs Of 2022

As you can see, there are several options if you choose an online homeschooling program. I hope this information has helped you feel more confident about making informed decisions for your family. Many people choose an all-in-one or multi-subject curriculum for their needs. These all-in-one curriculum packages are usually a great choice for beginners or families who are juggling different educational options for their children. In addition, they can be useful for residents, families on a budget or just parents to have peace of mind that all the key topics are covered! Let’s talk more about what this all-in-one curriculum includes.

There is often confusion about the term “all-in-one” curriculum, especially since other terms apply to this type of option. If you’ve heard the term “box resume” or “multi-topic resume,” this is the same type of resume as an all-in-one. In short, the all-in-one curriculum covers the core subjects. This usually includes math, language arts, social studies, and science. However, you will want to check the description to determine the exact topics covered in your resume purchase. In particular, some curricula may incorporate all subjects at once in each lesson as a unit study, while others have separate textbooks to work on each subject. Be sure to consider which style might work best for your family and clarify this with your resume provider.

For some, a multidisciplinary curriculum is very suitable, for others, on the contrary, useless. it is a

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