Ontario Universities Application Centre

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What is Application Management System (AMS) Results Policy “New Culture”? Team Leader and Success Strategic Planning Strategic Planning Strategic Planning New Partner Questions?

3 The OUAC at a View at Established in 1971 as an independent organization under the auspices of the Council of Ontario Universities (COU), we manage the flow of applications from 20 students at Ontario universities: student, legal, medical, rehabilitation science and educational programs and other agreements OUAC COU Holding Association Inc. Is a subsidiary of, which is a registered charity. All funds not required to run OUAC are distributed to universities to support their application process. We are an independent organization; All funds earned in excess of labor costs only support admission services to universities RMC agreements include: Contract awards for specific systems related to the university (undergraduate and graduate applications)

Ontario Universities Application Centre

Ontario Universities Application Centre

4 OUAC in the University of Observations makes all decisions of admission; We facilitate the flow of information to universities and applicants. We work with consultants and provide students with university admissions information (eINFO, Ontario University’s Fair, University Information Program) Admission Information Service (AIS): Allows applicants who are not available. Log in to find out which universities still have specific programs available We maintain an efficient electronic copy system ‘if they find a place in specific programs. This service will be available from 5th June to 25th August 2017.

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Out of: 218, 292 applicants entered 671, 927 selected OUAC collected more than $ 70 million in revenue OUAC sent $ 56 million to universities between 1971 and 2017 OUAC managed: more than 17.5 million applicants (optional)

2014: We contracted Oracle to implement PeopleSoft Campus Solutions (CS). OUAC created the front-end interface, and Oracle Resources created PeopleSoft, a highly collaborative application to quickly bring everything together. 2-year time plan for new AMS design, building, testing and implementation

Strictly Binding – Must Go Live Fall 2016 20 Universities – Rely on Our (and Conversely) Complete Replacement Core System! Combine existing EDI with XML document management and flat file delivery Complexity – Limited page distribution of 900+ (6, 500 elements / combinations!) Note./ .. The original format is 35 to 45 years!

20 Universities – and their resource issues Changing all our main systems in 2 years (including exchanges) PeopleSoft – Complex and new fresh, unique for our XML delivery – and very important deep failure is not an option – impact on applicants and universities. ** Complete replacement except EDI and document management ** Our delivery is the most important part of our system and to ensure that the system is completely changed for itself and many testing universities offer a wide range of testing methods.

Ontario Universities’ Application Centre

Medical School Applications (OMSAS) has been taken indefinitely a low… and yet a major concern is reduce the risk during the operation and get the first cycle XML delivery of 10 universities We are completing the first round No OUAC AMS members missing! The main task is still to get all hands on the floor in Go-Live

Continue streamlining and streamlining Upgrading new steps Aligning organizational structure Transfer to other universities Distributed XML Move OMSAS to new AMS for 2019 cycle; All used XML management Document management and EDI off-the-shelf equipment facilitates the deployment of system design / bridge equipment – Canadian / global capabilities – much work to be done.

Currently in the ninth month of the Director General’s (ED) investigation. There are plans to replace several senior management positions due to the loss of managers due to resignations and impending retirement.

Ontario Universities Application Centre

13 The previous ED strategic plan was implemented; However, this stalled due to the work of AMS and the implementation of the increased medical leave loss of the General Manager of the Executive Director and the current management team has plans to undertake the planning work. Further budgets and operating plans are required

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AMS has made significant changes to the operating system. Upgrading to additional value tools Incomplete new functions (single applicants) add new functionality. Alignment between sections will allow some adjustments

Ontario has made significant changes to the financial support available to undergraduate and high school students. Application Centers have supported this initiative with major system changes. Its implementation is becoming a cycle.

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