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You may have gotten a good score on SAT or ACT, but you are not sure how to get the most out of it. Or maybe you haven’t taken the SAT or the ACT yet, but you’re questioning how important the test really is. One way to take advantage of your score is to look for a certified SAT scholarship or a guaranteed ACT scholarship. In this post, we will show you scholarships for high SAT scores and scholarships for high ACT scores. You can earn thousands of dollars in scholarships based on your test scores How do you want to know? We will show you where to get ACT-based scholarships and SAT-based scholarships. Scholarships for ACT scores and Scholarships for SAT scores This article focuses on scholarships provided by colleges and universities themselves. Why? Most private scholarships, though lucrative, require a full, college admission application with recommendation and essay. Many small student essays are based on personal circumstances, or the employer of your parents. While we will not disappoint you in applying for them, this post will focus on scholarships that any student can automatically accept from a university based on test scores and GPA or grade level. We will list the most sought after universities and the best opportunities, but this is not a complete list. We will also show you how to find this information for any college you are interested in We will also highlight another source of funding based on exam scores before we reach the list of scholarships for national qualification: National Merit. Earlier posts mentioned that the National Honors Competition recognizes the best PSAT (Practice SAT) score in each state. There are $ 2,500 scholarships that can be earned in the competition yourself, you can also get great scholarships from colleges that are your first choice through national honors. Depending on the school, you can get something from a small scholarship to a full course As a general rule, public universities can pay more for national honors than this For example, you can get full scholarships at the University of Idaho and the University of Oklahoma. At a private college, Loyola University, if you name Loyola your first choice school with the National Honors Corporation, you can earn $ 2,000 to become a national honor finalist. But that is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia Read more about donations to universities here We will now list autonomous scholarships based on SAT / ACT scores, which will provide automatic scholarships based on SAT / ACT scores, and qualifications such as GPA or class status. You do not need to provide additional application information for this scholarship, but in some cases you may have to apply within a specified time frame to ensure a scholarship. Check the websites of each college, which we will link to for full details. In a nutshell, our comprehensive schools are: Boiler University Clemson University Colorado State University Florida A&M Florida Gulf Coast University Georgia State University of Technology University of Arizona University of Mississippi University of Mississippi University of Mississippi University of Arizona University Boiler University offers scholarships based on SAT / ACT scores and grade levels. They are now updating their automated scholarships, but this is a reward from previous years: Annual Scholarship (Estimated) President’s Gold Scholarship $ 20,000-22,000 Provost Gold Scholarship $ 17,000-19,000 $ 15,000 Does Test scores, your qualifications will be calculated based on your GPA and grade level More than 86% of Baylor students receive academic scholarships, and the average prize money is $ 16,000 annually. For more information, visit the Bailey Scholarship page Clemson University If you are interested in getting an academic scholarship at Clemson, you have to apply by December 31st. The current application deadline also applies to SAT / ACT scores, but keep in mind this professional requirement. There should be changes every year Current Requirements and Rewards for First-Year Applicants for Clemson: Scholarship Minimum SAT or ACT Score Residency Scholarship (for State Residents) SAT: 1280 ACT: 27 Top 10% State Scholarship SAT: 1340 ACT: 29 It ranks in the top 10% of the class and will receive at least 1280 SAT (Mathematics + Critical Reading) or 27 ACT Resident Honors honors. Residents with at least 1340 SAT or 29 ACT and those who have not been included in the top 10% of their classes will receive a renewable scholarship. The scholarship page states that students who demonstrate financial need through the FAFSA application will be considered for the renewable grant fund in addition to the scholarships provided. So even if they don’t have a solid number, you can get more help if you need it Read more about the Clemson Scholarship on their website Colorado State University of Colorado has automated scholarships based on GPA and SAT / ACT scores. As they are examining the BAL art for 2021/2022 applicants, they are updating the requirements of the automatic scholarship. The following information is correct for applicants 2019/2020, but some updates will be announced Honorary Scholarships for Non-Residents in Colorado Residential Scholarships. As shown in the chart above, the amount provided based on the SAT / ACT score is increasing, but keep in mind that Colorado evaluates state applications. The prize money will be based on a number of factors and the increase in the prize money will not depend solely on future SAT / ACT scores. Learn more about scholarships for residents and non-residents on their website The University of Florida School of Agriculture and Mechanics offers the FAMU Honors Scholarship Program, which includes courses for at least 1400 students (at least 700 in math) or 32 new SATs for in-state and out-of-state students. ACT (math score of at least 32) and FAMU recalculated GPA of at least 4.0. If you are not shortlisted for an honorary scholarship, you can still apply for George W.W. You can get the Gore Assistant Scholarship or the President’s Special Scholarship The amount of the award varies based on your GPA and test score: Scholarship minimum SAT or ACT score minimum math score FAMU GPA George W. White SAT: 1330 ACT: 29 SAT: 640 ACT: 29 3.75 Presidential Special Scholarship SAT: 1260 ACT: 27 SAT: 600 ACT: 27 3.5 Read more about scholarships on the FAMU Admissions website. The University of Florida Gulf Coast FGCU has scholarships based on GPA and SAT / ACT scores. If you apply by November 1, you will automatically be considered for this scholarship – no separate scholarship application required! Student Housing Needs Minimum SAT or ACT Score Minimum ZIA Award Gold President Florida Resident SAT: 1320 ACT: 28 3.9 $ 5000 President’s Silver Florida Resident SAT: 1220 ACT: 25 $ 3.5 $ 3000 Non-Florida Resident SAT: 1320 $: 15,000, Blue and Green Directors Award Non-Florida Residents SAT: 1220 ACT: $ 25 $ 3.5 $ to consider when taking SAT / ACT by March. Learn more about scholarships and the application process on the FGCU website Georgia State University calculates automatic scholarships based on Georgia State Zia and SAT / ACT scores. They do not disclose eligibility information, but you can earn anywhere from $ 500 one-time scholarship to $ 3,000 renewable scholarship. Texas Tech University This Presidential Scholarship is automatic and guaranteed if you apply by the deadline of December 1 and will be admitted to Texas Tech by June 1. / ACT score As your SAT score decreases, the required grade level decreases – students with 1200+ SAT scores or 25+ ACT scores can get an average 30% grade point average scholarship and students with 1400+ SAT scores or 31+ ACT scores Scholarships can be found in the top 40% of class standards Note that a small increase in ACT or SAT scores can increase scholarships by $ 1,000 or more per year. Read more about scholarships on the TTU website The University of Arizona uses the University of Arizona exam scores and JIA

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